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Idle Evil Clicker is a hell tycoon simulation game for Android and iOS by AppQuantum. Check Out Idle Evil Clicker cheats, tips, guide & strategies!

Idle Evil Clicker: –

AppQuantum’s Idle Evil Clicker game features a unique concept as compared to other Idle Games. In the game, you build torture devices and collect/farm souls. You can use these souls to get more profits, for automation, upgrades, and many more things. It’s the basic in-game currency. You can even hire the demons on each slot. In today’s Idle Evil Clicker guide and Idle Clicker cheats, tips & strategies post, you will learn all the basics of the game.

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Idle Evil Clicker Guide

Idle Evil ClickerLet’s start with the basics first – As stated before, you will build the torture devices on the available slots to reap souls. For the first time, the first slot you get is free. Now, the farming part- To farm the souls from the torture devices, you will have to either tap it over and over again or hire a demon. The (“Soul”) is the basic in-game currency in Idle Evil Clicker that you will need to build and upgrade the torture devices or slots. If you hire a demon, you will not have to tap it over and over again to collect the souls.

Hiring a demon is not a tedious task – all you need to do is buy the automated upgrade for that particular spot. At the upper-right corner of the screen, tap the flame button -> under the flame tab or souls tab, you can check the upgrades. Keep buying the upgrades and you will eventually contract the automated upgrade. In the upgrades tab, you can find other upgrades too – such as demon works fast, all profit, etc.

Upgrading the torture devices – As you know that torture devices help you reap souls. If you want more souls or increase the production of souls from a particular spot, you should upgrade it. To do that, at the bottom of the screen -> tap the hammer button -> tap the upgrade board to level up or upgrade a specific spot.

Idle Evil Clicker Guards

Guards grant a special bonus boost to the player for a few hours. During these hours, you will reap more souls. On the bottom-left side of the screen, next to the torture devices slots, tap the guard board -> summon the boss. You can unlock more guards in the Idle Evil Clicker game by collecting their puzzle pieces. You get the puzzle pieces from the chests.

Boss, Apples, Chests, Puzzle Pieces In Idle Evil Clicker

The boss function gets unlocked once the player buys six slots. From this scene onwards, the game starts a tutorial in which you learn how to summon the boss, about the apples, etc. Soon after the tutorial, other functions in the game such as chests, collection(puzzle pieces), daily quests, prizes, the spin wheel gets unlocked.

The Boss –

Idle Evil ClickerAs stated before, you can summon the boss once you have six slots or six torture devices in the hell. After that, you can summon the boss and get the apples. When you tap the boss, the game will show you the number of apples you can get. After reading the numbers or apple rewards, you can either summon the boss or wait for it until you get more apples. If you want more apples from the boss, progress a bit more – collect more souls, upgrade the slots, etc.

Chests –

Idle Evil ClickerYou may get the chests by watching the video ads. There are lots of boosters in the game that you can get by watching a video ad. Sometimes, the game gifts you a chest as a bonus upon watching these video ads. This chest contains the puzzle pieces. You can also buy these chests in exchange for diamonds. Tap the collection button on the top of the screen -> go to the third tab -> open the chest or get the chest in exchange for souls or diamonds.

Puzzle Pieces ->

You need puzzle pieces to unlock new guards, locations, and demons. In the collection menu, go to the second tab to check all the puzzle pieces that you own. You get these puzzle pieces from the Idle Evil Clicker chests.

Apples ->

Apple is the prestige currency in this game, which you get from the boss. If you summon the boss, the progress will reset(all the torture devices) and you will start from scratch. But, as a reward, you get the apples. These apples provide a bonus to the player(more souls production). For example – If the bonus is @6% and you have 129 apples, then the bonus would be 774%. You can also spend these apples in premium upgrades(tap the flame button at the top-right corner – go to apple tab).

How to get gems?

Gems have lots of uses – you can buy chests, get premium bonuses in the upgrades menu, do the time travel, etc. Now, how do you get the diamonds ->

  • Tap the flame button at the top-right -> go to the +cash tab -> watch the video ad and get free gems
  • From the daily prizes
  • Complete the daily quests
  • From the Wheel of Sins
  • By participating in the events

So that would be all in our Idle Evil Clicker guide for the beginners. Let’s have a look at our Idle Evil Clicker cheats, tips & strategies!

Idle Evil Clicker Cheats, Tips & Tricks: –

  • Focus on gridning more souls
  • Get free spins
  • Invite the friends for refer bonuses
  • Open the chests/crates
  • Summon the boss and earn apples
  • Participate in the events
  • Solve the puzzles for gems
  • Tap the hell bat

1.) Focus On Earning More Souls

Well, that’s your main objective. The more souls you earn every second, the more quickly you will be able to unlock all slots and access the boss. And, to do that, you should focus on the production of souls. Follow these simple ways to get more souls: –

  • Buy the upgrades
  • Hire demons(Automated upgrades)(Tap the flame icon in the upper-right corner -> get the soul collecting auto upgrades).
  • Upgrade the slots/torture devices(every new slot generates more soul as compared to the previous one). Upgrade the most valuable slots first
  • Assign the guard
  • Inspect(Tap the guy wearing glasses and then start swiping)

2.) Claim Free Spins

Once you unlock the boss function, you can access the wheel of sins. Spin the wheel and you may get diamonds, souls, or chests.

3.) Invite Friends To Get Bonus And Pieces

If your friends are playing the Idle Evil Clicker game, then you should add them as a friend in the game. All you have to do is connect the game to Facebook and invite friends. Every successful invite gives you a bonus(reap more souls) and puzzle pieces(the quest).

To invite the friends, tap the demon button -> then tap the board(heart icon) -> log in to Facebook -> invite friends.

4.) Open The Chests

By watching the video ads, you may get the chests. Make sure to open those chests(In the collection menu) and get puzzle pieces. You can unlock new locations, demons, and guards by collecting all the pieces of a puzzle.

5.) Summon The Boss, Get Apples

As stated before, each apple gives you a bonus boost. To check the bonus, tap the (?) next to the apple status bar(at the top-left) -> there you can see the total bonus. So to get more bonus, you should try getting more apples. So don’t hesitate to summon the boss. Yes, it resets your progress – but to unlock all the slots, you will need lots of souls; In aa, bb, and so on. And, without the apple bonus, it can not be possible. So try getting more apples and make the progress fast.

6.) Participate In The Events

The Idle Evil Clicker game releases new events from time to time. For example – at the time of writing this post, the event named Halloween is going on. Tap the world/circles button at the bottom-right corner – there the game displays all the locations where you can start hell tycoon. On that screen, find if there is an event available. The event lasts long for a few days; during this event, you will be given a temporary hell tycoon factory where you can torture the people and earn souls.

Harvest as many souls as you can during the event and progress further by building more torture devices. At certain milestones, you will get the reward; gems and the chests.

7.) Solve The Puzzles

Idle Evil ClickerDaily, you may get the puzzles to solve. Solving puzzles give reward to the player. So log in to the game daily.

8.) Tap The Hell Bat

Idle Evil ClickerNow and then, a hell bat appears on the screen. Tap that and watch the video ad for more rewards.

So these are some basic Idle Evil Clicker tips for the beginners. Feel free to share your tips or tactics or questions in the comment section below.

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