Idle Frontier Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy!

Idle Frontier: Tap Tycoon is a brand new Idle game for mobile by Kongregate. Let’s have a look at our Idle Frontier guide, tips, cheats & strategy

Kongregate has just released Idle Frontier – Tap Town Tycoon game worldwide for Android and iOS players. In the game, the player constructs the buildings in the town, produce resources, and trade for the money. In today’s Idle Frontier guide and Idle Frontier tips, cheats & strategy post, you will learn the game basics, about heroes, In-game currency, and some useful tips & tricks. Let’s get started!

Idle Frontier Guide

Idle Frontier: Tap Town Tycoon⇒Let’s learn the game cycle – In the town, you will have to build the shops, stores, etc. to produce the resources. For example – General Store is the first building that you can construct at the starting of town. The tailor shop, Fur shop, carpenter, and the list goes on. The cargo from the trading post collects the resources from every shop(the capacity is limited) and drop on the dock. Then the ship at the dock collects those resources and sell in the market for Idle money.

⇒By hiring the manager, you can automate the production – without the manager, you will have to tap the building icon every time to start the production or to collect the resources.

⇒Town -> At the top of the screen, you can check the goals. Complete these goals to discover a new town and get coins bonus. However, every time you move to a new town, you lose the progress, Idle coins – In short, Idle Frontier starts from scratch. Gold, Managers, Manager Upgrades, and Pie – these things are permanent. You don’t lose them even if you move to a new town.

Idle Frontier Managers Guide

Managers can automate the work in a building. For every building or shop or store, there are specific managers. For example – For the Carpenter shop, Annie, Ned, Melvina, and Otus are the managers. Tap the manager spot next to a building to check all the managers. All the managers should be on level 1 or higher to get hired. When you get the manager, he/she would be at level 1 by default.

To get the manager or manager cards – complete the goals and get the reward chests, which contain manager cards, Pie, etc. Or go to the shop(tap the menu button at the bottom center) -> open the free crates or purchase manager cards using the In-game currency “Pie”.

Gold and Pie

Gold is the premium in-game currency in Idle Frontier. You can use it to buy premium crates to draw manager cards. Obtain it by completing the sponsored offers or using real money. Pie, the basic in-game currency, used in upgrading the managers or to make crate purchase in the store. You can obtain Pie by watching the video ads, by ranking up the businesses, from the crates, etc.

Idle Frontier Cheats, Tips & Strategies!

1.) Keep The Level Of Businesses, Cargo, Ship Balanced

You can upgrade the businesses, the dock, and the trading post using the gold coins. Upgrading the businesses will produce more items at a time, upgrading the trading post allows you to pick more items at a time, and by upgrading the dock, you can sell more items at a time.

You have to keep the level of these businesses and the trading post, dock balanced. For example – Suppose, the general store is producing 1M(1 million) items at a time. But the maximum capacity of cargo is restricted to 500K items at a time. And, the dock is capable of selling 300K items at a time. This is all mess – you should keep the capacity in mind. First, check the number of items produced by all the businesses in the town. After that, check the cargo capacity(above the trading post building, you can check the capacity). The cargo should be able to pick all the resources in one round. If not, it will take more rounds to pick remaining stocks.

The next part is the ship level. Upgrade the ship to sell all the collected cargo in one round. This will help you to progress fast.

2.) Tap The Granny

Idle Frontier: Tap Town TycoonOn the opposite side of the dock, there would be a house. You will see a Granny or an old man next to it. Tap the Granny and she will give you Pie if you watch the video ad.

3.) Boost The Earnings

At the bottom-right corner, tap the boost button -> watch the video ad to get free earnings booster.

4.) Tap The Birds

Idle Frontier: Tap Town TycoonNow and then, you will see birds flying on your screen. Tap them to collect free coin bag. Use coins to upgrade and rank-up all the businesses.

5.) Check The Store

Make sure to check the store daily – you can buy manager cards from the store using the Pie. Buy the cards, upgrade the managers, and boost the earnings. Also, don’t forget to claim a free crate every four hours.

6.) Complete The Goals, Move, Hire

Focus on completing all the goals listed at the top of your screen. And, move to the new town to unlock new businesses. As soon as you move to a new town, focus on automating the things. Hire the managers for every business store as soon as possible. Also, it worth moving as you get a premium crate every time you move to a new town.

So these are some basic Idle Frontier tips for the beginners. If you have more tips to share, feel free to comment below!

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