Idle Inn Tycoon cheats & tips: guide to making more profit!

Idle Inn Tycoon is an inn empire mobile game by OUTLOU:D Games. Read on for Idle Inn Tycoon cheats, tips, and guide to get rich quickly!

Idle Inn Tycoon Cheats Tips Guide

Idle Inn Tycoon Cheats, Tips, And Guide: –

This game takes you to the medieval times where you get to run an inn; visitors come to your inn, stay there for a couple of days, and you make money by charging them. Devs have done a great job in designing this medieval theme based idle game! This post covers “how to play Idle Inn Tycoon”, tips to make more money, progress fast, and other aspects such as landmarks, taverns, stars, pet cards, and more. So let’s not waste any time and check out the walkthrough guide packed with tips & tricks!

Getting Started With Idle Inn Tycoon Basics

(1) First things first – you earn money from the visitors that are staying in the inn. If you don’t have any room for the visitors, they would not wait there and leave immediately. What you can do is build more rooms; there are single rooms with a single bed(one person), double room for couples and friends who share the room with each other. The more rooms you have, the more visitors can stay in the inn – and, more visitors = more money. 

(2) In-game currencies: In Idle Inn Tycoon, there are three currencies; gold coins that you get from the visitors staying in the inn. You can build new rooms, hire staff, make upgrades to the room, kitchen, desk, etc. with the gold coins. 

Another in-game currency is “magic”. To build rooms, make upgrades to parking, you will need magic. These specific upgrades require a certain number of magic points. At the top of the screen, you can see the total number of magic points that you have. 

And, at last, the third currency in the game is “gems” – these purple gems are hard to earn. You can use these purple gems to get the pet chests containing pet cards. These pet cards provide passive bonus effects to the inn. 

(3) As of writing this, Idle Inn Tycoon features four taverns; you start with Fat Boar Inn, then move to Black Knight In, Drunken Fish Inn, and Happy Monk Inn. To unlock new taverns or inn, you will need to have a certain number of stars. And, please do note that the gold coins or money you earn from a particular inn would not be shared with another inn; there is no way you can transfer the inn’s money to another inn. You start from scratch in each inn!

(4) Stars are earned by making improvements to the inn. You will need stars to unlock landmark, taverns, etc. 

All The Ways To Make Money In Idle Inn Tycoon

To make more money in Idle Inn Tycoon, “upgrade the rooms”, “parking”, “kitchen”, “bar”, and watch the video ads. Upgrading rooms; tap on a tavern room to open the room upgrade menu. This menu showcases the list of items in the room that you can upgrade with coins. For example – bed, table. decor, extra items, toilet, fireplace, magic ball, bath, sink, and premium items. Parking; upgrade the bridges and stables. Kitchen; cutting table, drinks, table, kitchen decor, food, etc. Bar; drinks, bar chair, bar decor, etc. 

How To Get 5-Stars In Idle Inn Tycoon?

You can make your tavern/inn from 0-star to 5-star by making improvements. All you need to do is max out all the upgrades to all the rooms and services. For example; in the first inn, you have these things to upgrade: –

  • Single Room; x2
  • Double Room; x6
  • Front Desk
  • Magic Generator
  • Cleaners Room
  • Kitchen
  • Bar
  • Parking

Staff Workers In Idle Inn Tycoon

To provide the best service to visitors, you must hire the staff workers for all the service stations. For example; Barmen at Bar, Administrators at the front desk, Cooks at the kitchen, cleaners at housekeeping, and so on. Also, you will need to pay them wages daily – otherwise, they will leave. 

Tips To Make Profit In Idle Inn Tycoon

Look at the top-right side of the screen; find the statistics icon. This opens up the management menu; under the statistics tab; you can check income and expenses. For example; income from the room, services, parking, expenses on salary, and advertising. 

To make more profit; (1) do not hire extra employees. (2) Spend less on advertising. (3) Upgrade the rooms and services kitchen, bar, etc. 

Keep An Eye On Very Important Patron

Idle Inn Tycoon Cheats Tips Guide

A VIP character often shows up in the inn; tap on it -> watch the video ad to get extra bucks. 

Do The Quests To Earn Gems

Tap the (i) button in the top-right -> check the missions -> complete them for gems. 

Get The Pet Cards In Idle Inn Tycoon

Save gems -> go to the shop -> there are three pet chests in the shop; basic, stuffed, and wealthy. Spend gems on these chests to get pet cards. There are common pets, rare pets, epic pets, and legendary pets. Higher grade pets grant more bonuses. For example; the MS Rainbow pet card boosts Income. 

Launch A VIP Campaign

At the bottom, tap on the play button with x2 bonus option -> watch the video ad and boosts the income. 

Time Lapse Cheat In Idle Inn Tycoon

Sadly, this cheat does not work in this game. 

So that covers the Idle Inn Tycoon cheats, tips, and guide for beginners. 

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