DC Unchained Guide Tips And Strategy To Progress Fast

DC Unchained Guide TipsDC Unchained by FourThirtyThree Inc. finally released worldwide for mobile devices. Our DC Unchained guide and DC Unchained tips will help you to progress fast in the game; character guide, level-up fast, unlock new iconic heroes, how to use exchange feature, cards guide, battle tips, and much more at one place

DC Unchained, an action RPG for Android and iOS by FourThrityThree Inc. is now available to download. One of the best things in DC Unchained is its iconic characters and their epic skills. The game features a variety of content; missions, Unchained mode, AI battles, quick play, guild, PvP, and much more. In this post, we have covered DC Unchained guide and DC Unchained tips for the beginners. Let’ start without wasting time!

DC Unchained – Get Started

As usual, DC Unchained game starts with a tutorial in which you learn about the game; how to play DC Unchained, missions, recruit new character, and much more. Don’t skip the tutorial, because, completing the tutorial rewards you 100 gems and gem is one of the rare items in DC Unchained game. After the tutorial, you can manually manage all kinds of things.

At the beginning of the game, most of the features are locked.

DC Unchained guide -> To unlock or access all features or modes, the player has to level-up his/her profile. The very first step you have to do is complete the story missions.

DC Unchained Tips -> To level-up your profile, you need XPs. XPs can be obtained by getting victories in the various types of modes. Complete the story missions first and earn XP. Level-up your profile and unlock new modes and features.

DC Unchained Characters Guide

DC Unchained game features a lot of characters, you can check the list of best characters here. The player has to choose the best heroes & villains for the battle. In this part, we will talk about how to unlock new characters in DC Unchained game, how to increase their strength and some DC Unchained tips.

1.) How to unlock new hero? 

⇒ You need character unlocker card to unlock or recruit a new hero. What is character unlocker? An item used to recruit a character.

⇒ How to get character unlocker card? There are many ways to acquire this card; you will get it as a reward at the beginning of the game, complete the beginner guide to get 1 character unlocker item, through victories. Tap on the menu -> Guide -> complete all the tasks mentioned under the beginner section and you will earn a character unlocker card.  – DC Unchained tips

⇒ If you have, go to the family section -> tap on a hero you want to unlock -> purchase -> confirm.

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2.) DC Unchained Guide -> Increase the character’s strength

The main stats of your characters are; HP, Power, Vitality, Mentality, Technique, Agility. Attributes; Attack Power, Accuracy, Critical Hit, Evasion, Mental Defense.

DC Unchained Tips⇒ To slay down the powerful enemies and boss, you have to improve your character’s stats. There are many ways to improve your character’s performance and stats;

  • Rank-Up
  • Level-Up
  • Get New Skin
  • Unlock New Covers
  • Set Up Tactics
  • Equip Gears
  • Choose Best Active and Passive Skills
  • Equip Valoriums

Rank-Up -> Why to rank-up and how to rank-up? – DC Unchained Guide

Ranking up a character increases the various attributes; HP, Power, Defense, Critical Hit Rate, and much more. So if you want to defeat the powerful boss in the battles; you should rank-up your best character. -> DC Unchained Tips

How to rank-up -> First of all, you have to level-up your character to a certain level. For instance, to increase the rank of Joker, you have to increase its level to 10. Next time, level 20 and so on.

Requirements -> You need family cards to rank-up your character. I have explained the card guide below.

Once you meet all above requirements, go to the family section -> tap on a hero -> increase rank -> confirm. This will boost up the performance of your character.

Level-Up -> DC Unchained Guide

Level-Up is required to unlock new skills and rank-up. There are two ways to level-up a character in the game.

  • Use the booster; EXP book
  • Include that hero in your team for the battle

Using EXP book, you can easily level up your character. EXP Book can be obtained as a reward, by getting victories, through various achievements. To use EXP Book -> go to hero section -> tap on the up arrow next to upgrade -> choose the quantity and confirm.

Skin -> DC Unchained Tips

Another way to power up your hero is by acquiring the new skin. You can acquire skin for your character in exchange for family gold cards or skin ticket. The new skin unlocks powerful active skills for that specific character.

Covers -> DC Unchained Guide

Cover Art increases the HP and Mentality points of a character. You can produce it in exchange for gold.

Skills -> DC Unchained Guide

Each hero has own active and passive skills, used in the battle to deal extra damage or gain power. You can unlock new active and passive skills by leveling up the characters. The player can choose the maximum of 3 active skills and 2 passive skills.

DC Unchained Tips -> To increase the performance of active skills, equip gears.

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Valorium Guide – DC Unchained Guide

In this part, we will learn about the valorium items and how to use this feature to enhance the grades of a particular hero or villain. What is Valorium?

These items increase the stats of characters; critical hit damage, accuracy, attack power, evasion, and much more.

You can get these Vaorium items by getting victories in the battles or as a reward. To check these items -> tap on the menu -> inventory -> valorium ->there you can see all the valorium items you have.

To equip these items, go to the family section -> tap on a hero or villain -> Valorium -> at the bottom of the screen -> hold down on an item and drag & drop to a slot.

DC Unchained Tips -> Equip Valorium in the slot of matching the color to receive slot bonus. For instance, you have a blue color valorium item, then drop it on the blue color slot to receive the bonus.

DC Unchained Guide -> Cards Guide

In this part, we will learn about the family cards and how to use them and how to acquire these cards in DC Unchained game. What are family cards?

In our previous post, we have explained about the families. There are six types of families and there is a separate card of each family. For instance, Batman family card can be used or utilized on Batman family members; Joker, Batman, Catwoman.

What is the use of cards? These cards are required in upgrading skills of a specific family member or in ranking up. There are two types of cards;

  • Silver card
  • Gold card

Silver cards can be obtained by getting victories in battles, as a reward, from the boxes. Acquiring Gold card is not easy.

In short, you use these cards in upgrading and in increasing the rank of a specific member.

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How to use Exchange feature? – DC Unchained guide

You can use this feature to exchange cards. For instance, you have Batman Family cards and you want Superman Family cards. Tap on the menu -> Exchange – > Silver or Gold -> Select a card you want to get -> for instance, I want Batman Family Cards and I have Superman Family Card, then I have to choose Batman Family Card -> now select the number of cards you want -> if I want 5 Batman Family Cards, then I have to sacrifice 10 cards of another family. It will cost you a huge amount of gold. – DC Unchained guide

Miscellaneous DC Unchained Tips Tricks

  • Choose the leader wisely; Your leader’s strength and attributes impact the team power
  • Before you start the battle, take a look at the recommended strength. If it’s more than you actually have, then increase your team power first
  • Passive skills are great; go to the hero’s skill section and check equipped skills and learn how to activate them fast during the battle
  • Switch between characters; at the top left of the screen, tap on a character to replace with the current. If your HP is low, tap on the green heart to recover HP
  • While moving forward, look for boxes, these boxes contain SP and EX boosters; increase SP And EX points.
  • Add supporter to your team
  • Upgrade your skills
  • Join Guild
  • Increase your character’s rank
  • Level-Up the characters
  • If you have enough gold, go to the shop -> spend some gold to get rare Valorium items & other boxes
  • You can use Mileage to get skin ticket and family gold card ticket
  • Claim your daily box from the menu

So these are some DC Unchained tips and DC Unchained guide for beginners. Also, see – DC Unchained cheats- best heroes. Download DC Unchained game – here(Google Play Store). Also, check -> Top new Android games today

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