Idle King cheats: guide, tips, and strategies

New to the Idle King Tycoon Clicker game? Check out these Idle King cheats and tips packed with a guide to help you become the king of the world

Idle King cheats tips guide tycoon clickerIdle King cheats, tips, and guide: – 

This post covers “how to play Idle King Tycoon Clicker”, about the workers, fights, and other aspects such as barracks, troops, equipment, in-game currencies, and much more. So, let’s not waste any time and get straight to our Idle King cheats, tips, and guide:  –

Get Started With The Basics Of Idle King Tycoon Clicker

In the Idle King game, you have to save the princess from the enemies. As a king, you have the power to hire the workers who work in the field and yield gold coins for you. With the gold coins, you can unlock and upgrade the troops that fight the enemies outside the castle. Defeat all the enemies and their bosses to save the princess and become the king of the world! 

Progression Guide For Newbies

You progress by defeating the enemies and their bosses. At the top of the screen, you can see the current battle stage or progress. At each stage, you will encounter a certain number of waves of enemies. After eliminating all the waves, the boss will appear. To proceed further to the next stage, you will have to defeat the boss – but, the boss battles in Idle King game are not easy as they are time-restricted. You must eliminate the boss within a certain time duration. And, as you proceed to high-level stages, these battles will be more difficult.Idle King cheats tips guide tycoon clicker 

Tips To Increase DPS In Idle King

DPS – damage per second, can be improved by improving the troop army. On the castle wall, tap the troop button -> this will open the barracks menu; there you can improve the troops and “finger”. Finger – by upgrading the finger, you will be able to inflict more DMG on the enemies by tapping the screen. Troops – troops like Sir Lancelot, Galahad, Robin, and more fight automatically. Even if you don’t tap the screen, they will continue to combat. But, it’s advised to use your finger or tap the screen for more firepower. 

Spend the gold coins to upgrade troops as well as tapping DMG. This will increase the level of that troop; at certain levels, equipment slots in Idle King game are unlocked. There would be a green color icon on the equipment slot -> tap it -> start crafting/improving the equipment to increase DPS. 

Harvesting Gold In The Field

Inside the castle, you have fields where you can assign the workers to harvest the gold. You can improve the fields by spending gold and harvest more gold in less time. At the top-left corner, the game displays the total gold yield rate per second. To improve it; upgrade the fields and collectors. Make sure that both these departments are balanced. For example – if you are harvesting 100K gold per round from a field, make sure that the collector is able to collect all the gold in one round. You can raise their capacity by making upgrades. 

Use The Manager’s Skills

At each field or collecting side, you can assign a manager to automate the task. Without a manager, one has to tap the workers every round. Managers in Idle King Tycoon Clicker game have skills; tap the volt button over their head to activate the skill and increase the speed of workers. 

Guide To Idle King Game Currencies

The two currencies that you use the most in this game are; green diamonds and gold coins. Gold coins are yield from the field. Diamonds can be obtained from the chest or go to the shop, watch a video ad, and get free diamonds. You can use diamonds for gold purchases.  

Earn Chests In Idle King Tycoon Clicker

By completing the tasks, you can earn a chest containing loads of gold. On the right side of the king, tap the chest button to open the task menu. Complete the tasks and get free chests. Idle King Tycoon Clicker

Tap The Flying Balloon (Thieves)

Now and then, on your screen, a flying balloon (thief) passes. Tap it and collect free gold coins or diamonds. 

Activate The Mega Boost

If you want to speed-up the game progress without any sort of cheat, do activate the mega boost.  At the bottom-center, you get this option; mega boost. Tap it and watch a video ad for a free speed boost. 

Expand The Field To Unlock New Troops

To unlock new troops in Idle King Tycoon Clicker, you will need to expand the field. You will be able to expand the field once you have defeated a boss; at the top, check the stage progress – a boss appears at the end of the stage. Defeat him and get to expand the field. 

Move To The Next Kingdom

Go to the map -> there you can check the list of kingdoms that you can conquer. 

So that’s all we got in this post on Idle King Tycoon Clicker cheats and tips with a guide for beginners. Do you have more tips or tricks to share? Comment below!

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