Idle Supermarket Tycoon Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Idle Supermarket TycoonIdle Supermarket Tycoon is an idle game for mobile by Codigames. Let’s have a look at our Idle Supermarket Tycoon guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Codigames’s latest Idle game title Idle Supermarket Tycoon has just released on mobile app stores. Unlike other Idle games, Codigames’s idle games titles offer a unique concept and prestige system. In this one, you will manage the supermarket and grow it by constructing departments, upgrading the departments, parking, and many more things. Everything is simple and easy to understand. If you have not played this type of game before, then today’s Idle Supermarket Tycoon guide and Idle Supermarket Tycoon tips, cheats & strategies will help you in progressing fast. If you have any questions, drop in the comment section below! Let’s get started!

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1.) Supermarkets

⇒For the first time, you open the supermarket in a residential area. Since that area has a low customer base and the demand for the products is low, people would not spend too much money on expensive items. In short, the profit would not be huge. To earn more profit and establish supermarkets in popular cities you need a huge amount of money.

⇒The game cycle -> Earn a certain amount of money -> sell the current outlet -> move to a popular city and open a new supermarket. That’s the prestige system. You can not go back to the previous outlet though.

⇒At the top-right side, tap the ($) sign -> here you can see the list of cities that you can unlock. To upgrade to the next city, you will need a set amount of money. For example; To start the business in a small city(from a small village), you need $5.00q. And, the list goes on; Miami Beach, Beverly Hills, Paris, Landon, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Newyork, Moon.

⇒When you shift to a new place, you will have to start everything from scratch; build departments, upgrades, cash will also reset, parking slots, and all the temporary upgrades. But you will earn a profit multiplier boost: –

  1. Small Village – X50
  2. Small City – X100
  3. MIAMI Beach – X100
  4. Beverly Hills – X100
  5. Paris – X250
  6. Landon – X300
  7. Tokyo – X400
  8. Hong Kong – X400
  9. New York – X400
  10. Moon – X1,000
  11. Mars – X2,200

2.) Idle Supermarket Tycoon – Supermarket Buildings/Departments

By building multiple products departments in the supermarket, you can attract customers with the same tastes/preferences. It will boost the sale and the profit amount will rise gradually. There are several departments you can install in the supermarket –

  1. Produce Department – Deals in fruits
  2. Bakery – Deals in sweets
  3. Butcher – Deals in meat
  4. Seafood – Deals in fish
  5. Clothing – Clothes
  6. Perfume Department – Perfumes
  7. Electronics – TV, Refrigerator etc.
  8. Telecom Department – Mobile
  9. Jewelry – Gold, Ornaments
  10. Car – Deals in cars
  11. Real Estate AG.

What’s the best department in Idle Supermarket Tycoon? Every new department you build would perfrom better than the previous ones. For example – Real Estate > Car Dealership > Jewelry > Telecome > Electronics > Clothing > Seafood > Butcher > Bakery > Produce Department.

Tap the management room in the supermarket -> here you can see the departments details.

3.) Increase In Profit – Dept. Upgrade and Employee

⇒As you know, In Idle Supermarket Tycoon game, each department sells a different type of product. The price of every product varies. To increase the profit, you can upgrade the department by investing a small amount of money. A new product will get unlocked after certain levels.

⇒If the demand for a product is very high, then more people will visit that department. To serve more people, you should hire an employee. You can further improve the serving facility by upgrading employee or increasing the employee salary.

⇒Tap on any department to see the information; employees, base price of the product, consumers served per minute, total product value. The total product value increases as you upgrade the department.

4.) Parking – Idle Supermarket Tycoon

All the customers visit the supermarket by car. If all the parking slots are occupied, new visitors will not be able to shop in the supermarket. So it would be better to upgrade the Parking department. Tap the parking display board(it displays the number of empty slots) -> upgrade.

5.) Attracting More Customers and Cashier System In Idle Supermarket Tycoon

⇒You can attract customers by advertising. Tap the parking display board and upgrade the advertising department.

⇒The cashier system is also important. As you know all the customers visit the supermarket by car. Their cars will occupy the parking slots until they checkout at the cashier counter. To make the process fast(in and out), you should upgrade the cashiers. Also, upgrade the employees, increase their salary.

6.) Epic Upgrades

All the normal upgrades; department, employee, parking are temporary. You will lose everything when you shift to a new place. But the epic upgrades boost is permanent. Unlike normal upgrades, for epic upgrades, you need gems.

The gem in Idle Supermarket Tycoon game is the premium in-game currency. You can earn it by watching the video ads, completing the missions.

7.) Offline Income – Idle Supermarket Tycoon

Your supermarket works even when you are not playing the game, but only for 2 hours. After that, no more offline income. You can increase the time(2 hours to 10 hours) by hiring a manager. It will cost you real money.

So this would be all for now as Idle Supermarket Tycoon guide. If you have any question, please drop in the comment section below. Let’s have a look at our top Idle Supermarket tips, cheats & strategies!

Idle Supermarket Tycoon Tips & Tricks

  • Pay attention to the stats

⇒Tap the management room in the supermarket and head to the 2nd tab-> stats. Here you can check the profit per customer, the number of customers in the queue, customer capacity, parking usage, checkout time, and the best departments. Green – Good. Blue – Good. Red – Not good. Remedies: –

  1. You can increase the profit by upgrading departments
  2. Upgrade the advertisement tech to attract more customers
  3. Increase customer capacity by upgrading employee, increasing their salary
  4. Upgrade parking to improve parking facility
  5. Reduce checkout time by upgrading the cashier counter
  • Complete the Ad Campaign

⇒At the bottom of the screen, tap the play button and on the next screen, the game will show you the Ad campaign details; watch the video ad to increase income by 2 times. Watch 6 video ads to get 30 gems. You can use these gems in epic upgrades.

  • Attend the VIP Client

Now and then, a VIP car visits your supermarket. Tap it -> watch the video ad -> you can earn gems or millions/billions/trillions of cash. That’s insane.

  • Dispatch Delivery Trucks

Now and then, delivery trucks appear on the backside of the management room. Tap these trucks for instant cash.

  • Complete the missions

At the top-right corner, tap the mission button(i) -> complete missions for gems, cash.

  • Move to a new city

For more profits, you should change the city. Grow supermarket -> earn profit -> sell -> buy new -> repeat.

So these are the top Idle Supermarket Tycoon tips for the beginners. If you have more tips to share, comment below! 😀

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63 thoughts on “Idle Supermarket Tycoon Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies”

  1. Das gemeine ist das kein Ende erreichbar ist.
    Bin schon lange bei Fantastillionen aber die letzten Anforderungen sind quasi Fantasie ….. schade

    • Once you completed that area and then buy new area then your previous area will be sold out that’s why you can’t get there,it’s like when you move to other house you must sold that house first then go to new one???

  2. Also just incase if anyone wanted to know:
    Septemdecillions or Septumdecillions (cant remember)

    thats as far as ive got lol

  3. The best way to earn money from this game, is to upgrade to the next location asap. the money you get from just one customer each time you upgrade is ridiculous. Another tip is to always watch the 30 second ads to give yourself a boost in money and gems…remember also that if you keep upgrading the high end departments, (mainly the car dealership and the real estate agency) the VIP money you get goes sky high at some points, where youll end up using their money to move to the next location…it does get easier to upgrade everything the more you move locations. The more money you earn per minute in the top left corner of the screen, the more the VIP gives you. You need to get to at least New York or the Moon to be at a point where one customer is enough for you to buy every department straight away and upgrade like crazy into the best commodity of that department…ive only recently just been able to hit the stars of the car dealership and the real estate agency and im nearly able to move to NANEK, although you earn X2200 on Mars and on MAMEK, MANEK and NANEK you only earn 2000, 2000 and 2100 respectively, it still is best to get to the next location asap.
    Just need to get to KAMEK and make 2500!

  4. Confused on which department to upgrade…the one that shows best or the less profitable to make it more profitable

  5. Unlike other idle games, i have found that there is no ‘Prestiege’ option. I have been stuck on the miami beach level for abput 3 weeks now (mainly because im using my money for department upgrades in attempt to gain more income to be able to reach the next level. The only way to start over is to erase your data but thats not considered prestiegeing. Please add an option to do that with some sort of bonus, or if its there can somone post a step by step menu acsess tutorial or instructions, otherwise its just idle…haha an idle game being too idle. Thank yoi

  6. anyone know how to get those “VIP card offers” that appear at the bottom left of the screen? keep getting an icon with a 24-hr countdown clock, and they cycle in order of level – Blue, then Gold, then Platinum or Ultimate, something like that. if you click on the icon it shows you what that one gets you, for example the Gold one gets you 1000 gems, a general manager, Meat R&D epic upgrade x10, and Provider Agreement epic upgrade x10. i think the top one gets you 4000 gems plus epic upgrades. i’ve tried tapping on everything in the window but nothing ever happens, and i can’t find anything about how much they cost either… anyone know about these?

    been playing less than a week now and love it other than that, plenty of free gems to be had and sufficiently rapid advancement to avoid boredom while not being too easy, and i can spend a few minutes or a few hours and still be happy. yay!

    • @Me That’s the premium offer and gives you some buffs as well as in-game cash. For example; The VIP Gold card gives you 1000 gems, general manager, and some buffs. It will cost real money.

  7. I like the game I wish it had a button that you could skip levels, it’s a pain in the ass to push the button 2000 times per department. I beat the updated version of the game without spending any real money. It does stop at sexdeocillions 9 999 which is 9 999 and 16 zeros. And London is the last city you can currently get to

  8. The 1st cashier stopped working and has a line of 10 people. Also the VIP cars, buses, and the action where the employees work faster for a time won’t let me watch the ad to get the reward.

  9. I’m on the Moon but earnings are going up really slowly and I’m looking at days and days of saving just to upgrade one of the four departments that’s not at max level. Anyone found any tips to speed this up?

  10. About the “Market being closed” – when you close the game it will only earn money for 2 hours, unless you pay for the manager that increases it up to 10 hours. So after 2 hours, u will stop earning that residual income until u open the game again, hence saying “market is closed”.

    Hope this helps

  11. Is there a limit on ads/day?
    I can no longer watching any videos half hour into game.
    Rebooted game and first video loads as ‘playable ad’ but doesn’t play. After that you click video buttons as they arise and doesn’t do anything at all.

  12. I dont understand why my customers leave with an angry face, im in london, every cashier, employee salary, and parking is fully upgraded to the max. I don’t understand why they leave angry.

    • @Alex Use gems for epic upgrades. AT the bottom of the game screen, tap the diamond card button -> scroll down and read the details of the epic upgrades.

  13. My earn rate is 1.512U per min. So my earning should be 90.72U in one hour but it never happens.

    In one hour it only gives me 2U.

    • @Ismail The income per minute varies. The one that the game displays at the top-left are the estimated earnings. If you calculate it in hours, you will get the accurate results.

  14. I’m currently earning 1.512U/min after the Ad Campaign booster. So in 1 hours I should earn 90.72U but that’s never the case!!!

    I always end up earning only 3/4U.

    Can you explain please?

  15. I have had the app for a little while now and I need to go to Paris. I have 4 udecillion dollars but it still won’t let me in. Also people have it where it says it cost 6.4 D but for mine it says it cost 4.000D
    ??? ????????

  16. I can’t get the playable ads to work on this game, the regular ads work but not the playable ones and I have an android. Anyone have any ideas?

    • Millions

    • @Anonymous You can spend those diamonds on epic upgrades. At the bottom of the game screen, tap the wrench button -> you can spend diamonds here. It is mentioned in the above guide.

  17. I just purchased the manager but last night the amount that I received wasn’t 10 hours worth. Do I need to do anything so the manager will go on “duty”?

  18. I have a Android Galaxy 9 and I want to restart the game. I love the game but I always like to restart games once I get the hang of it. Ive done what a comment said to do on this thread but it didnt work for me. Are there other ways to completely restart this game?? Thanks in advance!

  19. It was fun while it lasted. In the last week and a half, I have gotten to 43 Decillions. Now they expect me to take HOW long to get to 6400 decillion. 6.400 duodecillion?
    Unless there is a way to speed this up, I am not playing this game for the next 6 months to go up 1 level. Completely unreasonable

    • To unlock Paris, you need 6.400D. That 6.400D is not 6 Decillions. It’s 6 Duodecellions. d = Decillion. D = Duodecellion. DONT GET CONFUSED IN LETTERS d, D, s, S, q, Q.

  20. I’ve been playing this game for a few weeks and I am currently in the Beverly Hills city and the price to move to the paris one is 6.400Decillions and i have 28Decillions and it wont let me move? The button to buy the Paris city is grey not blue???? HELP!

  21. I am currently on small village and I am trying the purchase the electronic dept for 1Q and I have 1Q but it is not allowing me to buy it…. Help?

    • @Rachel To buy electronics department, you need 1 Quintillion.1q and 1Q are different figures. 1000 Quadrillions = 1 Quintillion. At the top of the screen, check either its Quadrillion or Quintillion.

  22. @christie @jack
    You may be a little confused about the currency due to the letters. For example, one place I bought was 5.000Q. I had 5.000q and it wouldn’t let me buy it. That’s only because the letter. Like s and S or n and N. It differs by the size of the letter. 🙂

  23. Fun tip on ads. A lot of them have the little i in the circle while. Click it, then it should let you hide the ad but you still get the rewards. Anytime there’s just an X too. It says the you’ll lose your rewardsnid you close but you won’t. Speeds things up a bit ?

  24. I am trying to move to Paris and I have a enough money to buy it but it won’t let me, is there anything that I am supposed to do before I move on?

  25. I’ve gotten pretty far and I really enjoy the game but I want to start over. I uninstalled it and tried reinstalling but it kept my old data. Any ideas?

    • @Rachel Try this (Android)-

      Open Google Play Games app -> tap the menu button (top right corner) -> settings -> scroll down and tap on delete profile and game data option. Search for the Idle Supermarket Tycoon game and hit the delete button next to it.

      Go to settings, apps, Idle Supermarket Tycoon and clear its data. Open the game and check this method working or not.

  26. I have been playing the last three days. And today it said idle supermarket was closed and now the game will not open. Any ideas why it stopped working?