Immortal Blade Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Immortal Blade – Idle Vertical RPG is a brand new game for Android by Glory Play. Read on and check out Immortal Blade guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Immortal Blade - Idle Vertical RPGImmortal Blade is a brand new Idle RPG for Android, published by Glory Play on Google Play Store. In the game, you build the character who fights the enemies in a variety of game modes; PvE, PvP, Dungeon, Boss, etc. The goal is to make the character stronger so that you can slay down the powerful bosses and progress further. If you have just started playing this game, then you are on the right page. This Immortal Blade guide teaches you all the fundamentals of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Immortal Blade tips, cheats & strategies that may help you progress fast. So without any further ado, let’s dive in.

Immortal Blade Guide: –

In the upper-left corner of the screen, tap the character avatar -> this will take you to the character’s profile. There you can check the character’s level, HP/MP status – also, it displays the amount of HP needed to reach the next level. For example – to reach level 69, you need to grind 67000 EXP.

You earn EXP by slaying down the enemies on the PvE Map. Your character fights or slays down the enemies automatically. All you have to do is make him stronger by raising his level, equipment quality upgrades, etc. Whenever the character defeats an enemy, you will earn EXP or other items such as gear, coins, and more. And, the loot messages are displayed in the bottom-left corner of the game screen.

In Immortal Blade, you progress through the stages. At high-level stages, the game grants more EXP and loot. So you have to keep completing the stages. At each stage, you fight the waves of enemies and after reaching a certain point, you will have to challenge the boss. Defeat the boss in the challenge to reach the next stage.

On the bottom-right side, there is a stage meter. When its gauge is full, tap the demon icon to challenge the boss or tap the auto button to challenge the boss automatically. You will earn diamonds, EXP, and gears from the boss fights.

Game Modes: –

  • PvP – Fight other players for gears, items, Sin points
  • Dungeon – Fight enemies for red gears, Pet EXP, Dragon Patch, Feather, Space Stone, Cast Spar, EXP
  • Boss – Fight the boss for high-quality red gears
  • PvE – Grind EXP, gold coins

So this would be all in this Immortal Blade guide for beginners. Let’s have a look at our top Immortal Blade tips, cheats & strategies to master the game.

Immortal Blade Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Always Have The Best Gears Equipped

The character in Immortal Blade can equip lots of types of gears, which impact his stats. As you progress through the game or fight the enemies in boss/dungeon game modes, you will acquire the high-quality gears. Make sure that your character is equipped with top-class gear all the time. He can equip a weapon, helmet, bracer, ring, cloth, necklace, belt, shoes, etc. Each equipment grants him additional attribute stats. For example – Weapon impacts the attack power, cloth impacts the HP and DEF. In the footer menu, tap the character helmet to open the character menu.

There you can change the gears. Tap on gear to check its stats – tap the replace button to replace it with another gear.

2.) Make The Character Powerful

There are many ways to improve the character’s stats; HP, DEF, ATK, etc. Improving these stats makes the character stronger and you will be able to strike down the monsters in difficult stages. Let’s take a look at all the ways to improve the character’s power(CE) –

  • Level him up
  • Equip the top-tier gears
  • Activate pet
  • Imrove treasure; Dragon
  • Evolve
  • Upgrade Wing
  • Equip better outfit
  • Upgrade all the skills
  • Enhance the gears
  • Refine the gears

3.) Smelt The Low-Quality Gears

Head to the bag menu in the game. There you can smelt the gears and obtain enhancement stones or other items. We would recommend you to smelt the useless/low-quality gears and get enhancement stones, which you can use to enhance high-quality equipped gears.

4.) Play The EXP Dungeon To Level Up Fast

If you want to level up quickly in Immortal Blade – Idle Vertical RPG, then EXP Dungeon mode would be the best choice. Tap the Dungeon mode icon on the bottom-right side -> Exdungeon -> EXP Dungeon -> play this mode to earn loads of amount of EXP in no time and level up quickly.

5.) Complete The Daily Tasks

At the top-center menu, tap the daily tasks scroll to check the daily missions. Complete them asap and get valuable items that you can use to make the character powerful.

6.) Use The Special Skill To Inflict Massive Damage

In the bottom-right corner, there is a volt symbol – its gauge fills gradually as the character’s anger increases. Once it’s full, tap it to cast or unleash powerful energy that inflicts massive damage to the enemy. Make sure to use it in the boss fights or at the right time when fighting against other players or enemies.

So these are the top Immortal Blade tips for the beginners. Do you have more tips to share? Comment below.

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    • Pity but this game a clone if LoB. Missing alot of stuff from bestlord summoning pets to fourth class and more item slots for gear. They won’t be able to update this game to match LoB as they don’t have the file’s. Oh and it’s also missing Samsara and other character progression area’s.

  1. as i commented above, if you select the first option on evo level up, you will lose levels in exchange for evo. You can do it 3x daily. The points given depends on your level.

  2. The first icon to level up your evo will make your level -1, it gives 61700 points per click, and each click will deduct 1 level from your char. It’s like in exchange for free points for evo, you give up your char’s level. The second one gives 30,000 points to evo and you can buy it up to 20x per day. The third one gives 300,000 points to evo and you can buy it up to 4x per day.

    I hope this will help.