Jade Sword Game Guide: Tips, Cheat Codes & Strategies

Jade Sword game is published by 4399en game on mobile app stores. Read on for Jade Sword game guide, tips, cheats & strategies walkthrough, cheat codes

Jade Sword Game Guide Cheat Seria Codes Tips4399en game, well-known for Yong Heroes game, recently published a brand new idle MMORPG called Jade Sword on Google Play Store. In the game, the player creates the character and embarks on an adventurous journey full of love storylines, monster invasions, and challenging missions. It has a variety of PvE game modes where you fight the A.I., PvP game modes that you can play with other players or friends. Also, there is a lover/marriage system that allows the player to tie the knot with a friend. If you are new to the game, then you have come to the right page. In this post, we have shared a Jade Sword game guide that covers the basics and a few Jade Sword game tips, cheats & strategies that help you level up fast and get stronger. So let’s not waste any time and check out the main content. 

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First things first – your objective in the game is to raise all sorts of character’s parameters so that it can eliminate all the powerful foes and players in PvE and PvP game modes. The sum of all these parameters determines the combat power – CP of the character that you see in the upper-left corner. These parameters are armor, defense, HP, accuracy, ATK, Evasion, and more. And, there are several ways to increase these attributes; like arming it up with the higher-tier gears, glyph, enhancing the pets/mounts, and many more. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Jade Sword cheats, tips & tricks – 

Ingots In Jade Sword Game

There are two types of ingots in the game; paid one and the bind ingot. You can get bind ingot by playing the game; quests, events, daily tasks, and more. Tap the shop button at the top menu -> bind ingot -> there you can spend the bond ingots for a bunch of precious items. For the normal ingot, you will have to top up with real money. 

Progression Guide To Newbies

We recommend doing the main quests in the early game. On the left side of the screen, touch the quest and your character will start doing in automatically. Other than the main quests, you can do plenty of things in the game: –

  • Dailies; there are lots of game modes in the game that you can play a certain number of times a day. For example – bounty tasks, world boss, gear stage, and more. You will also earn the vitality points that you can use in upgrading activity halo. Tap the “daily” button from the top menu list -> check out all sorts of quests and do daily. 
  • Fight the bosses in the boss battle to farm gears
  • Play the stage mode
  • Join sect and participate in the sect events or activities
  • Go Idle and grind EXP

Get High-Quality Gears In Jade Sword Game

The best way to get high-quality gears for free in the game is by beating the boss. Tap the “boss” button from the top menu list -> each floor, you will find different-different bosses with different strength and gear drop rate. The more powerful a boss is, the better the rewards you get. 

Level Up Fast To Unlock New Functions

To unlock new features or functions such as lover system, PvP arena, Transfer, Gear Refine, and more, you need to reach a certain character level. Follow these tips to level up fast: –

  • Main quests – grants a massive amount of EXP to the character. Focus on completing them.
  • Stage – play the stage mode and get EXP and glyphs
  • Dailies – do the dailies to earn EXP 
  • Go Idle – visit the location with high power monsters and start eliminating them for EXP(tap the location name in the upper-right corner to open the map)

Get Powerful And Become The Boss

  • Enhance the gears
  • Inlay gems to the gear(tap the menu button in the bottom-left corner -> enhance)
  • Glyph – equip the glyphs to increase ATK, HP, and other parameters of the character
  • Level up divine general
  • Upgrade the pets
  • Level up the mount
  • Upgrade the wings
  • Level up the character

Grind In The Stage Mode & Daily Events

In the top-right menu list, tap the “stage” button -> there you will find two tabs; glyph scroll and mount stage. In the glyph scroll mode, you farm EXP and the glyph material. From the mount stage mode, you can earn pet and mount upgrade material. 

From the daily events, you can farm coins, ingot, and other in-game items. 

Redeem Serial Code To Get Gift Packs

Jade Sword Serial Codes can be redeemed for the gift packages. Tap the “welfare” option at the top menu list -> benefit -> pack -> there you can enter the serial code and get the gift packages containing valuable items. You can get the serial codes from the developer’s website – http://4399en.com/gift. Open it and log in with FB or Google account -> get gifts -> you will get the serial code. Redeem it by following the above method. 

So that’s all for now in this post on Jade Sword game guide, cheats, tips & tricks for beginners. 

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