The Farm: Sassy Princess Cheats: Guide, Walkthrough, Codes, Tips & Tricks

The Farm: Sassy Princess is a new game for Android & iOS platforms by DAERISOFT. Read on for The Farm: Sassy Princess cheats, guide, codes, tips & tricks

DAERISOFT, one of the popular mobile game developers, well-known for Earth Wars and The Underworld Shelter games, recently published a casual farming game called The Farm: Sassy Princess. The game is about a princess who lives the kingdom and pursues the farming in the town to make a living. The in-game currency is called Pam. You will use it to shop the seeds, upgrade skills, buy tools & equipment. If you are new to the game, then you are on the right page. This The Farm: Sassy Princess guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of The Farm: Sassy Princess cheats, tips, tricks & strategy that would love to read. Additionally, the information on how to get and redeem the coupon codes. 

Quick Navigation: –

The Farm: Sassy Princess Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies: –

First things first – in this game, you progress day-by-day and season-by-season. For example – spring, summer, autumn, and so on. In each month of the game, you must pay the rent to the owner of the land. He increases the rent every month – so you would be working hard more as compared to the last month – to earn more Pam. If you fail to pay the rent, you will face penalties. Starting Walkthrough – the princess leaves the kingdom castle with a hoe. Open the map and meet Elder, the NPC to learn about farming. Then you will go to the clothing shop and meet Anna to buy suitable clothes for farming. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all The Farm: Sassy Princess cheats, tips & tricks featured in this walkthrough guide – 

Use The Map For Navigation

The Farm: Sassy Princess Guide Tips Cheats WalkthroughThe map is not quite large – but, you might want to know the special spots so that you can move there quickly. Tap the “map” button in the top-left corner to open the map: –

  • Home – here you can grow crops, sleep to pass the day, save items in the warehouse for Burke, put hay, and fill up the water tank
  • Pablo Elder – the guy who teaches you how to farm. Keep visiting him for the quests
  • Clothing shop – buy clothes to increase stats for the character
  • Shop – here you can buy the shop seeds and the farming tools such as a hoe, watering can
  • Inn – here you can meet Bulk and Burke. Drink Juice or buy items from Burke; Chili, Strawberry, Potato, Peanut, Tomato, Cucumber, Oriental Melon, Banana, Cherry, Watermelon, Carrot, Apple, Sweet Potato, Grape, Pear, Radish, Tangerine, Chestnut, Kiwi, Cabbage
  • Cow – meet Edward, the NPC. Dulce – talk to him to level up the skills. 
  • Sam – NPC house. Sometimes, they give you the quests and you get reward; seeds or Pam
  • Hans – NPC house. Sometimes, they give you the quest. You can gift them and increase the affinity for special rewards
  • Fishing Spot – next to the Inn, move to the duck boat and use the fishing rod to fish

Consume Food Or Sleep To Recover HP

The Farm: Sassy Princess Guide Tips Cheats WalkthroughAs you water the plants, dig the ground, and do the actions, HP will be consumed and the character gains EXP to level up. To recover the HP, you can either eat the food or go to sleep. Tap the book in the top-left -> inventory -> tap the item -> eat/consume. Or you can buy the items from the Inn/Bulke. 

Sleeping is another way to recover the HP in The Farm: Sassy Princess game. Go to the house area -> move under the umbrella -> tap the OK button -> go to sleep. 

Farming & Progression In The Game

It’s best to farm on the “house” area on the map. Use the hoe to dig the ground, plant seeds, water them, and wait a few days until they ripen. Harvest once the plant is grown. Head to the shop -> talk to Marry -> buy seeds from there. You can also get the seeds by completing the NPC’s quests. 

Buy Better Tools In The Farm: Sassy Princess

The Farm Sassy Princess Guide Tips Cheats WalkthroughUsing Pam, you can buy premium quality Hoe, Pickaxe, Blade, and Water Can. With better quality gears, the character will enjoy buff like more EXP, Speed, Reducing the water spend, etc. Go to the shop on the map -> interact with Marry on the tools table -> shop -> buy tools with Pam. 

Sell The Crops And Make Money

Crops are usually sold at a higher price than its seed value. You can either put the harvested crops in the warehouse and wait for Burke who visits the house every week. That way, you get more value for the crops and make more money. Or you can sell the crops anytime to Burke. Visit Shop and talk to Maria -> shop -> go to the red color $ tab -> select the crop -> sell. 

Prepare For The Rent In The Farm: Sassy Princess

Every 30 days, you must pay the rent to the Froggie guy else you would end up with a penalty. Tap the book in the upper-left corner -> go to Q/Quest tab -> rent this month. You must have that specific amount on the last day of the month. 

Talk To The NPCs 

On the map, there are many characters with whom you can interact. Gift them the items to increase affinity, complete their quest for seeds. 

Get The Freebies 

On the top-left side, tap the video button – watch video ads for more stats, PAM, and seeds. 

Redeem The Coupon Codes

Daerisoft announces the coupon codes every week on the YouTube channel. Tap the book button in the upper-left corner -> go-to gear/settings -> tap the pink color coupon code button. Enter the code and redeem rewards. 

So that’s all for now in this post on The Farm: Sassy Princess guide, tips, cheats & strategy for beginners. 

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