Jade Sword Gift Codes To Redeem Rewards

Started playing Jade Sword and wondering how to get and redeem the gift codes? Read on for the Jade Sword Gift Codes to redeem gift packs

Jade Sword Codes To Redeem GiftLike most of the new modern mobile games, the devs of Jade Sword have also added a “code” function in the game that lets the player “redeem codes” for exclusive rewards. To redeem the gift code, the player needs to tap the “welfare” option at the top-menu list. Then, you need to choose the “benefit” option -> packs -> enter the “gift code” and free rewards. The process to get the codes is different from other mobile games. 

Jade Sword Gift Codes To Redeem Free Packs: –

To get the gift code, you need to follow two simple steps. 

The first step is to visit the official developer site of the game; http://4399en.com/gift. This link will open another tab that opens the gift code page. On that page, you need to find the “Android” or “iOS” gift codes – depends on the OS you are using. Tap the “get gifts” button and it will ask you to login with the account(you need to log in with the account that you are using in the game; FB, Google, or Custom). Once you get the code, follow the process above and redeem it in the game for free rewards like an idle card, coins, bind ingots, etc. That would be your 2nd step. 

Note – they will issue the unique code, which can only be claimed by you. And, one code works one time only. 

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So this would be all in this post on Jade Sword Code to redeem guide. 

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