Kingdom of Heroes Tier List: Best Heroes Guide(November 2020)

This Kingdom of Heroes Tactics war tier list showcases the best Kingdom of Heroes characters list that you can use to build the best team tactically(November 2020)

Kingdom of Heroes Tactics War tier list best heroesKingdom of Heroes Tier List (November 2020): Tactics War Tier List ⇓

Published by Neowiz on Android & iOS, Kingdom of Heroes Tactics war is the latest tactical RPG with lots of heroes to collect, add in the line-up, packed with game modes such as Tower of Arrogance, Rune Dungeon, PvP Arena, Awakening Valley, Rift Dungeon, Guild Raids, Alter Realm, PvE, and much more. If you are new to the Kingdom of Heroes Tactics war, then you might be curious to know what heroes are the best to build the best line-up. In this Kingdom of Heroes Tactics war tier list, we have listed the best 5-star and 4-star heroes that you can try in the hero line-up. Do make sure to build the heroes by equipping the right runes. Now, let’s check out the tier list: – 

Kingdom of Heroes Tier List: NEW HEROES⇓


  • Tier: N/A Tier
  • Grade: 5 Star
  • Fighter
  • Fire


  • 5-Star
  • Tier: N/A Tier
  • Wizard 
  • Dark

Aryan & Arawn

  • 5-Star
  • Tier: N/A Tier
  • Priest
  • Tree


  • 5-Star
  • Tier: N/A Tier
  • Archer
  • Light


  • 5-Star
  • Tier: N/A Tier
  • Fighter
  • Dark


  • 5-Star
  • Tier: N/A Tier
  • Guardian
  • Dark


  • 5-Star
  • Tier: N/A Tier
  • Wizard
  • Light

Kingdom of Heroes Tier List: Tier 1 Heroes⇓

Tier 1 Heroes are the best ones. You might want to reroll for one of these heroes at the start of the game. You can check the reroll guide here. These are the tier 1 heroes – 

IngwayKingdom of Heroes Tactics War tier list best heroes

  • Role: – Guardian/Tank
  • Tier: #1
  • Green Element
  • Rune Build: -Charge/Life/Havoc

Ingway is one of the top-tier heroes in the Kingdom of Heroes Tactics war. You can select him in the beginning – with you 5-star hero select summon chest. Here’s the skill info –

  • Skill I – attacks enemies, transfer debuff from yourself to the enemy, provoke enemies
  • Skill II – attacks enemies, blocks HP recovery of enemies, continuous recovery(self)
  • Skill III – increases accuracy, chances to counterattack 
  • Others – recovers HP lost when Ingway does not have any debuff at the end of the turn


  • Role: Priest
  • Tier: #1
  • Gabriel’s leader skill makes her one of the top-tier picks in PvP
  • Light Element
  • Rune Build: Charge/Life/Earthquake
  • Leader Skill – increases all allies’ HP in PvP Battle
  • Strengths: stuns the target, reduces the enemies’ defense, grants shield to an ally


  • Role: Priest
  • Tier: #1
  • Strength: – at the end of the turn, every active buff on the hero(Lakshmi) recovers the HP of all allies
  • Strengths: reduces the enemy’s speed, increases own speed, increases the defense(self and allies), removes debuffs, increases attack(ally), grants immunity(ally)
  • Rune Build: Swift/Life/Vampire


  • Role: Tank
  • Tier: #1
  • Hildegard Rune Build: Vampire/Life/Earthquake
  • Leader Skill – increases all allies’ attack with water attribute
  • Strengths: reduces damage taken, removes debuffs(self, ally)
  • Skill I – attacks enemies; chances to reduce their defense
  • Skill II – attacks enemies; chances to provoke them and increase their skill CD


  • Role: Fighter
  • Tier: #1
  • Esperanza Rune Build: – Swift/Charge/Havoc
  • Strengths: increase attack(Self), CRI rate(self), and mobility(allies)
  • Skill I – slashes enemies within a zone
  • Skill – massive strike on the enemy


  • Role: Priest/Healer
  • Tier: #1
  • Blue Element
  • Rune Build: Life/Swift/Charge
  • Ability I – shoots fire arrows at the foes within a zone. 
  • Ability II – Vivian and surrounding allies gain debuff immunity and increased DEF for a few turns
  • Ability III – recovers HP (ally). 
  • Others – Vivian disples x1 debuff from the ally with the lowest HP and gives them continuous recovery


  • Role: Mage
  • Tier: #1
  • Dark/Purple Element
  • Rune Build: – Havoc/Charge/Prophet
  • Skills: – reduces enemies’ mobility, inflict continuous damage on enemies, blocks buffs for enemies
  • A great debuffer 

Vivian is one of the best healers in the Kingdom of Heroes Tactics war. This hero might not help you in the early game – but, in the late game, you are likely to use her in the line-up for healing effects. Another great character to reroll for. Also, the best healer in our opinion. 

So these are the best six heroes that we have featured in the Kingdom of Heroes Tactics war tier list: tier 1. 

Kingdom of Heroes Tier List: Tier 2 Heroes⇓

Tier 2 heroes are slightly less powerful than the tier 1 heroes. But, strategically using them in the team can unleash more potential – that can match the power of tier 1 heroes. Here’s the list of tier 2 heroes: –

ClaudiaKingdom of Heroes Tactics War tier list best heroes

  • Role: Fighter
  • Tier: #2
  • Green Element
  • Rune Build: Charge/Havoc/Swift
  • Ability I – quickly attacks a target opponent. Successful CRII hits raise the SPD for x2 turns
  • Ability II – attacks enemies in a line, stun effect when the hero strikes a successful CRIT hit
  • Leader Skill – increases all allies’ SPD with Tree attribute

Claudia is one of the best DPS heroes in the KoH Tactics war. Also, one of the best heroes to reroll for. With the DPS skills this character has, one can inflict a high volume of damage to the enemies. Pretty good in the early game, mid-game, as well as late-game. 


  • Role: – Mage
  • Tier: #2
  • Green Element
  • Rune Build: Charge/Havoc/Speed
  • Skills: – absorbs the life force of foes in the target area + lifesteal. Reduces the speed of enemies + reduces their action gauge. 


  • Role: Ranged
  • Tier: #2
  • Light Element
  • Rune Build: – Havoc/Charge/Revenge
  • Skills: – reduces target’s defense, uses lightning to inflict damage, continuous recovery on successful CRI Hit.

Kingdom of Heroes Tier List: Tier 3 Heroes⇓

Tier 3 heroes are overall great and do well; average performance to good performance possibility: – 


Kingdom of Heroes tier list tactics war

  • Tier: #3 Tier
  • Grade: 5-Star
  • Skill I: Aria conjures fire to attack enemies within a target area. This attack will always have an advantage over the enemy’s element. Successful hits have a 55% chance to inflict continuous damage on enemies hit for x2 turns
  • Skill II: Aria wants to be like her target of interest. Copies all buffs from a target enemy and recovers her action gauge by 50%
  • Skill III: Calls upon a massive pumpkin to attack enemies with a target area. Successful hits have a 60% chance to inflict x1 continuous damage and increase the glancing rate of enemies hot for x1 turn
  • Skill IV: Aria becomes more determined to cause trouble when in an unreasonable situation. If she has more than x1 debuffs at the beginning of the turn, all of Aria’s CD is reduced by x1 turn


  • Tier: #3
  • Friede Rune Build: Charge/Life/Havoc
  • Skill I – attacks enemies; chances to reduce their speed
  • Skill II – attacks enemies; chances to reduce their defense
  • Others: + attack, CRI rate, recovers action gauge

HotaruKingdom of Heroes tier list tactics war

  • Tier: #3
  • Abilities: attacks enemies and knocks them back. Reduces the mobility of enemies. 
  • Leader Skill: increases all allies’ ATK with Fire attribute
  • Rune Build: Charge/Havoc/Build


  • Role – Melee, Fighter
  • Tier: #3
  • Green Element
  • Rune Build: – Swift/Vampire/Life
  • Skills: –  attacks a target enemy; if the target has a debuff, apply continuous DMG on it. Silence enemies and remove buffs from them. The skill DMG increases when speed is great. Reduces the target’s mobility. Successful CRIT Hits recover action gauge. 


  • Role: Melee
  • Dark Element
  • Tier: #3
  • Rune Build: – Explosion/Havoc/Vampire
  • Skills & Strength – enters into stealth mode; attacking while stealth gives CRIT DMG boost. Attacks surrounding foes – successful hit reduces CD, removes buffs from enemies. 
  • High CRIT DMG. 


  • Role: Tank
  • Tier: #3
  • Titania Rune Build: Vampire/Life/Swift
  • Skill I – attacks foes in a line
  • Skill II – uses the shield to strike enemies and knock them back – chances to provoke enemies
  • Strengths: removes debuffs and increase defense(self, allies), grants shield to allies

IfritKingdom of Heroes Tactics War tier list

  • Role: Fighter
  • Tier: #3
  • Red Element
  • Rune Build: Charge/Vampire/Life

Ifrit is a tier #3 melee DPS heroes that use a sword to unleash damage; well-known for casting continuous damage on the enemies. You can get her in the beginning with your 5-star hero selection summon chest. Here’s the skill info: –

  • Skill I – slashes foes within a zone with a flaming blade, inflicts continuous damage
  • Skill II – attacks a foe, more damage on the enemy if there are active debuffs, blocks HP recovery of the enemy if the target has cont. damage.
  • Skill III – attacks the surrounding foes. Chances to inflict continuous damage and decrease the ATK of foes 
  • Others – gain a buff after a certain number of turns; increased attack, CRI rate


  • Role: Priest/Supporter
  • Tier: #3
  • Rune Build: Havoc/Life/Swift
  • Ability I – attacks enemies within a zone. Successful hits decrease the CD. Successful CRI hits restore a certain amount of max HP for every enemy that you hit to the ally with the lowest HP
  • Ability II – reduces the CD of target ally. Also, dispels the debuffs from all allies. 
  • Ability III – attacks enemy, recovers HP of the ally with the lowest HP. Successful CRIT hits give the recovered ally a protective shield 

Demeter is a 5-star supporter unit with great supportive skills. In many battle stages, you will need a supporter/buffer; Demeter could be a good pick. 


  • Role – Supporter
  • Tier: #3
  • Rune Build: Charge/Havoc/Swift
  • Ability I – kicks a fireball at a target enemy to attack; recovers a certain amount of inflicted DMG as HP
  • Ability II – increases the attack(self and allies). If the HP is lower than 40%, grants increased SPD for x3 turns
  • Ability III – attacks the target enemy by consuming their spirit energy. Successful hits give you and all allies with continuous recovery.
  • Others – gain increased CRI damage.  

BeelzebubKingdom of Heroes tier list tactics war

  • Role: Guardian/Tank
  • Tier: #3
  • Rune Build: Charge/Vampire/Life
  • Abilities: stabs enemies in a line, provokes enemies, silence enemies. Successful hits decrease the target’s defense + CD for all your abilities


  • Role: Archer/Ranged
  • Tier: #3
  • Blue Element
  • Rune Build: Charge/Havoc/Life
  • Ability I – attacks the enemy. Successful CRI hits decreased the CD of skill(Lord of Oceans). If the target gets eliminated, Lord of Oceans skill’s CD is reset
  • Ability II – steals buff from the target. 
  • Ability III – attacks a distant enemy with increased CRI damage. 
  • Others – if Bartholomew has an active buff at the start of the turn, gains increased CRI rate. If Bartholomew’s attack eliminates the enemy, all allies gain increased ATK for a few turns


  • Role: – Mage.
  • Tier 3
  • Rune Build: – Charge/Life/Havoc
  • Element – Red/Fire
  • Skills: – removes/steals buff from the enemy, dispels debuff from self
  • Leader Skill: – Increases all allies’ accuracy
  • Good in PvP


  • Ranged DPS.
  • Tier 3
  • Rune Build: – Charge/Havoc/Swift
  • Element – Green/Wood/Nature
  • Skills: – CRIT Hit reduces CD, removes buff from the enemies, silence the target. Reduces the defense of enemies. 


Kingdom of Heroes tier list tactics war

  • Overall Tier: Tier #3, Tier #1 in PvP
  • Element – Dark
  • Rune Build: Charge/Havoc/Swift
  • Skills: – knocks back enemy(if Lachesis has greater attack than the enemy unit, inflicts sleep effect). Attacks enemy with chaos energy with increased critical damage. Reduces target’s SPD and action gauge. Stuns the enemy
  • Leader Skill: – increases all allie’s ATK in PvP battles


Kingdom of Heroes tier list tactics war

  • Tier: #Tier 3
  • Element: Light
  • Rune Build: -Earthquake, Revenge, Havoc
  • Skills: – area DMG, provokes enemies, continuous recovery effect upon C.Hit. Knocks back enemies + stun enemies/reduces their mobility upon C.Hit. 

Kingdom of Heroes Tier List: Tier 4 Heroes

Tier 4 heroes are less powerful units as compared to tier 3/2/1. So, we don’t recommend you spend resources on developing these hero units. Of course, they can perform well in the early game as the early game stages are pretty easy to clear. But, as you move on the high stages, you might want the heroes that we have listed in tier 1 and tier 2 list. 

  • Mikoto – Ranged – Tier 4
  • Iset – Priest – T4
  • Muse – Fighter – T4
  • Lilith – Mage – T4
  • Dryas – Mage – T4
  • Raphael – Melee – T4
  • Whitebeard – Tank – T4
  • Belphegor – Ranged – T4

Note: Dryas is good at PvP. Build: Charge/Life Havoc or Swift/Life/Havoc


Kingdom of Heroes tier list tactics war

  • Role: Fighter
  • Tier: #4
  • Element – Water
  • Rune Build: Swift/Resistance/Havoc or Charge/Havoc/Vampire
  • Leader Skill: increases all allies’ resistance by 29%
  • Skills & Strength: – attacks with increases critical rate, chances to reduces the enemies’ hit speed. Stun enemies. CRIT Hits. 


  • Role: Wizard/Mage
  • Tier: #4
  • Red/Fire Element
  • Rune Build: Charge/Life/Havoc
  • Ability I – attacks enemy; knockback and stun effect
  • Ability II – absorbs a target’s life force, recovers a certain amount of inflicted damage as HP
  • Ability III – releases a flaming whip to attack enemies within a zone. 
  • Others – successful hits by Lilith decrease the Action Gauge of the enemy + increase the Action Gauge of all allies

Kingdom of Heroes Tier List: 4-Star Tier List⇓

4-Star heroes might not perform well in the late game, but they can sure help you in the early stages. As you proceed further, it would be good to focus on 5-star heroes. Nevertheless, here is the list of some good 4-star heroes(excellent > good > average > bad): –

  • Calypso – Good Tier
  • Shax – Average Tier
  • Maat – Not Good
  • Leraje – Average Tier
  • Freyja – Good Tier
  • Jack’ O – Good Tier
  • Hermod – Good Tier
  • Apophis – Good Tier
  • Beowolf – Good Tier
  • Tesla – Situational, Good
  • Anat – Bad
  • Apollon – Excellent 
  • Baldur – Good Tier
  • Irene – Excellent
  • Hekaton – Bad
  • Vulcan – Not Good
  • Aegis – Bad
  • Brunhild – Bad
  • Caligula – Good/OK/Average
  • Calverin – Not Good
  • Haures – Not Bad/OK
  • Muspell – Excellent
  • Siena – Bad
  • Sinmara – Bad
  • Amon – Excellent
  • Vesta – Bad
  • Gunther – Bad
  • Limnoria – Good
  • Herman – Bad
  • June – Not Good
  • Lucifer – Situational
  • Bonnie – Excellent
  • Urd – Situational
  • Theia – OK
  • Charlotte – OK
  • Faust – Bad
  • Rhea – Average
  • Daphne – Good/OK
  • Kyklopes – Bad
  • Helena – Average
  • Anubis – Average
  • Merrow – Average
  • Verdandi – Average
  • Sandlapon – Average
  • Gregory – Bad
  • Neil – Bad
  • Valkyries – Average
  • Elbris – Average
  • Artemis – Bad
  • Media – Good
  • Erabus – Bad
  • Gusion – Bad
  • Gilgamesh – Bad
  • Penelope – Average
  • Rabeuel – Bad
  • Amdusias – Average

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So that’s all we got in this post on the Kingdom of Heroes tier list: best heroes. Read reroll guide. Join the KoH tactics war community: Facebook, Reddit, Korean Groups, FB Global Groups to keep an eye on the game’s latest events and info. 

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