Kingdom of Heroes Tactics war reroll guide: select summon, rerolling

Should you reroll in the KoH tactics war? What is the best 5-star hero to select with the selection chest? Read this Kingdom of Heroes Tactics war reroll guide

Kingdom of Heroes Tactics War reroll guideKingdom of Heroes Tactics war reroll guide: –

(1)Kingdom of Heroes Tactics war rerolling steps – The first thing is to choose the login method; you can log in as a guest or use FB or Apple or Gamecenter or Google. It does not matter because you can delete your account at any time by going to the game settings.

(2)After choosing the login method, complete the tutorial; 1-2 stage, and the rune upgrade. 

(3)The third step is to collect the pre-registration rewards. Tap the mailbox icon at the top-right-side -> receive all. As far as we know, they are available for x6 days since the game launch (so collect asap).

(4)One of the rewards that you get as pre-registration is “5-star hero select summon chest”. Tap the mailbox -> go to the storage option on the left side of the mailbox screen. Use the 5-star hero select summon chest. On the next screen, you will see a list of heroes – 5-star heroes. 

The game allows you to choose a hero that you want. We recommend choosing one of these top-tier heroes; Ingway, Claudia, Bartholomew, Vivian. For more information, you can check the tier list here

Since you are already getting a 5-star hero of your choice, we don’t recommend rerolling. If you still want to go on, then complete the achievements and chapters to collect the crystals; once you have x300 crystals, go to the summon -> select a banner -> x10 summon. If you haven’t got the hero that you wanted, go to the game settings -> (tap the menu button in the upper-right corner) -> settings -> delete account -> type Delete Account in the box and confirm to restart. (You must clear the 1-3 stage to access the menu).

The drop rate for the 5-star hero is pretty low – that’s why we don’t recommend rerolling – just use the select summon chest and get your favorite hero. 

So that’s all we got in this Kingdom of Heroes Tactics war reroll guide. 

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