Lily City Cheats: Tips, Guide & Strategies For Beginners

Lily City: Building metropolis is a popular city building by MAFT Wireless. Read on for Lily City cheats, tips & strategy guide to master it

Lily City Cheats TipsMAFT Wireless, well-known for Sweet House, Manor Dairy games, recently expanded its portfolio with a brand new release called Lily City. It’s a simple game where you can build a ton of facilities and see the city grow on your mobile screen. Your goal would be completing the whole city; expand the land, build all the facilities for citizens, industry tycoons, and then head to the next city on the map and complete it with the same crafty skills. If you have just started playing it, then you are on the right page. This Lily City guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Lily City cheats, tips & strategies that you may love. So without any further ado, let’s check out the main content featuring the walkthrough, tips & tricks. 

Lily City Cheats, Tips, Guide & Tricks: –

The main challenge in this game is managing the currency and spending it wisely. If you have this in unlimited numbers, it would be a piece of cake to complete the city. Of course, the game would not give you these currencies in unlimited numbers; you will need to earn it by doing the quests, progressing through the levels at a set pace.  There are mainly two in-game currencies that you will need to build the city; gold coins, and banknotes. You don’t need to worry about gold; it comes organically from the citizen buildings. But, the banknote, it’s the one magical item that can do all things immediately and help you progress fast. It’s hard to get! Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Lily City cheats, tips & tricks in this walkthrough guide – 

Do Not Spend Banknotes Recklessly

If you mean to play this game for long, then we would suggest not to spend a single damn banknote in any useless task. Later in the game, you will need these banknotes to build certain premium facilities – without banknotes, you would not be able to progress – that’s where comes the pay to play part. If you don’t have enough banknotes in that certain situation, the only option would be left is by spending real money. If you are a f2p player, we advise you don’t use banknotes recklessly. For example; speeding up things, completing missions immediately, hiring performers in meng pet performance show, etc. 

Learn How To Get Banknotes

Banknote, being a valuable currency, is hard to get. Unlike the gold coins, which are naturally formed from the residents living in Lily City. There are several ways to get banknotes: –

  • Level up – whenever you level up in Lily City, you get the premium rewards including the banknotes
  • Video Ads – tap the + button in the upper-right corner, next to banknote status -> this will open the shop where you can watch video ads for free banknotes
  • Achievements – completing the achievements give you banknotes
  • From lucky house
  • From Happy gold coin

Double The Reward Amount

Every time you complete the task, you get the rewards. Make sure to double it by watching the video ads. 

Add Neighbors In Lily City

If you have friends playing the Lily City game, make sure to add them in the game so that you can visit their city and help them with a bunch of stuff – you can get rewards by doing so. 

Keep Doing The Basics

  • Focus on completing the tasks
  • Build the facilities; citizen facilities, infrastructures, entertainment
  • Collect the coins, EXP and other materials from the buildings
  • Produce the materials in production centers
  • Complete the hot air balloon quests

So these are a few Lily City game tips for beginners. If you have more tips to share, comment below. 

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  1. Hi there I play lily city and in the beginning was good very good activities all over the place and bank note rewards when you finished, now it is over, no more activities no more money rewards and beyond the joke you get no more extra activities because the game it is refusing to do anything but normal and updates do not exist at least not for me I have never seen a single update in this game is a joke and when I want to reinstall again and begin again it does not allow you and you go back to the same level you have or it does not let you delete data because I have tried among other things I hope you understand how bad it has gotten too thank you for this game

  2. Hi I am very new to this game so please e patient with me. It seems that my logistics centre is not working well. The “create” icon is shaded in grey so I can’t access it. Please help if anyone can. Thanks