Darkness Rises Assassin Guide, Tips And Cheats

Darkness Rises AssassinAssassin is one of the character classes in Darkness Rises game. Check out our Darkness Rises Assassin guide, tips & cheats to increase its power, skill

In the previous post, we explained a detailed guide on Darkness Rises game(check here). Today, in this post, we are going to share some tips and tricks to improve Assassin character in the game and get victories easily. Let’s start the Darkness Rises Assassin Guide, tips, and cheats. (Also, see – Darkness Rises Coupon Codes)

Darkness Rises Assassin

If you have opted Assassin as the main character in Darkness Rises game, then you may face problem in the difficult stages. Because Assassin’s HP stat is not too good. When facing an enemy who deals critical damage, then chances are you will lose half of the HP in one attack.

But there are advantages too; Assassin’s attack speed is amazing. And due to this, you will be able to slay down the enemies who attack after a few moments.

Additionally, defense of Assassin is also good. But poor HP stat makes it dull and less-effective. In this post, we have shared some tips, cheats to increase HP stats and how to increase the power of Assassin character in Darkness Rises game.

Darkness Rises Assassin Build – Increase The Power

#1.) Accessory – How to obtain and why to obtain

Since Assassin’s HP is very low and if it gets 2-3 critical attacks, your game will be over. One of the best ways to increase the HP stats by a massive amount is obtaining and equipping the accessory. Accessory items can increase the HP stats and many more attributes.

Now, how to obtain accessory item?

  • Complete the main quest chapter 4, 6, 9
  • Complete the story mode chapters
  • On the 14th day, you will get a free accessory chest
  • And just complete the missions, challenges, daily quests and you could get accessory items as a reward

Or if you check the mailbox(at the top-right corner), you will get hundreds of gems for free. Claim all the rewards. And go to the menu -> chest -> accessory chest -> spend diamonds and get the accessory chest.

But I would recommend you to get the costume first because accessory chest can be obtained by completing the main quest chapter 4, 6 and 9.

#2.) Costume – Should you buy?

At the beginning of the game, you have hundreds of diamonds. You can spend these diamonds in the shop to purchase in-game items such as chests.

One of the rare items in Darkness Rises game is the costume. If you equip the costume, Assassin’s power will increase by a massive number. After a certain level, Assassin will not be able to get the victory because of low power. One of the best ways to improve the power of Assassin is obtaining and equipping the costume.

How to obtain costume free?

  • After six days, you can claim the costume chest for free(menu -> chest -> costume)
  • Login to the game for seven days continuously to obtain a free costume chest

If you can not wait, then it would be better to spend some diamonds in the shop and obtain the costume chest. Don’t have diamonds?

  • Complete the main quest and you will get free diamonds
  • Complete all the daily tasks and get free 100 diamonds
  • Go to the quest tab -> weekly mission -> accept -> complete all the missions and get free 200 diamonds or more
  • Tap the mailbox icon and as a newbie reward, you will get hundreds of diamonds

Costume or Accessory chest?

It would be better if you spend diamonds to buy the costume. Because you will get accessory chest after completing the main quest chapter 4.

#3.) Equip and Upgrade gears

You can read the gears guide here. As you know, Assassin’s attack power is also low if we compare it to Berserker and Wizard. And to increase the attack power, you should improve the gear set.

How to obtain gears for Assassin?

  • Complete the quests
  • Play adventure mode, duo-dungeon, raid mode
  • Claim the gear chest in the chest menu after every 24 hours
  • Complete the main chest chapters
  • Play story mode

#4.) Improve the Assassin’s attributes

Go to the menu -> character -> essence. Here you can level up or improve the Assassin’s attributes. It costs you essence. Play adventure mode to get Essence. Or complete the quests.

#5.) Upgrade the skill power

In the battle, we use skills to deal massive damage to the enemies. Make sure you are upgrading the Assassin’s skills. It costs you skill points. Level up and earn skill points. Or complete the achievements.

#6.) Craft the polish

As you know, to enhance the gears, we have to choose the material items first. And we often choose low-quality gears to upgrade the high-quality gears. But polish works better than these low-quality gears.

Go to the menu, at the right side -> tap the crafting icon. Start crafting and after a certain amount of time, you will get polish. Use this item to enhance the gears.

#7.) Play PvP and Earn Points

If you have unlocked the PvP mode, participate in it and win the matches[check PvP tips here]. Upon victory, you will get honor points. Spend these honor points to obtain jewel chest. Jewel chest includes jewels.

What is the jewel?

You can equip this item with gear and improve the gear performance in the battle. Go to gear tab -> tap on a gear -> choose jewels -> place the jewel to the empty socket.

You should check this post if you want to learn more about it.

#8.) Play Daily Dungeon

Your gear’s level has a limit and you can not enhance it after this limit. Once reached the maximum level, you will have to upgrade it and upgrading Assassin’s gear increases the level cap. To upgrade the gear, you need upgrade stone. Play Dungeon Mode to acquire upgrade stones.

#9.) Quick Tips For Darkness Rises Assassin Character: –

  • Improve the HP Stats by equipping an accessory item
  • Get the costume
  • Enhance the gears
  • Upgrade the gears
  • Play PvP mode and earn honor points
  • Spend honor points to get the jewel chest
  • Improve gear performance by placing the jewel
  • Enhance the attributes using the essence
  • Play the duo dungeon and raid mode for gear
  • Complete the main quests for special rewards
  • Focus on daily tasks to steadily increase the power of Assassin
  • Enhance the skills
  • Use evade skill in the battle to dodge enemies
  • Craft Polish
  • Fuse gears, runes, jewels to get a higher grade item
  • Claim the free chests

(Also, see – Darkness Rises Coupon Codes)

And it would be better if you check this post(Darkness Rises – Tips & Tricks, Ultimate Guide – All Characters). So, this is the short Darkness Rises Assassin guide for the beginners. Keep enhancing the gears, attributes, skills, and you are good to go. Repeat the adventure mode stages and play other game modes too for special rewards.

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