Lyn: The Lightbringer Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Lyn: The Lightbringer is a brand new RPG for Android and iOS by Nexon. Let’s have a look at our Lyn: The Lightbringer guide, tips, cheats & strategies

In Lyn: The Lightbringer game, the player builds a strong team of heroes to fight against the monsters and players in a wide range of game modes including campaign, arena, dungeon/challenges. The battle system is auto. The heroes attack the enemies automatically. You do have full control over their skills. You can even set it to auto. Let’s learn everything in detail. Lyn: The Lightbringer guide and Lyn: The Lightbringer tips, cheats & strategies!

Lyn: The Lightbringer Guide

1.) The Basics – Creating A Team

Lyn: The LightbringerIn your team, you can add up to five heroes. There is a formation system. The game lets you set the heroes in three different lanes. In each lane, you can deploy up to three heroes. The three lanes are the front line, midline, and rear line. In the front line, deploy the defenders. Deploy attackers or supporters in the midline. In the rear line, it’s always advised to add marksman or magic type characters. In addition to these heroes, you can add a divine beast to your team.

At the bottom of the game screen, tap the team option -> edit team -> select a hero -> then select a line. There is also an auto-organize function that you can use to automate the formation.

The total power(CP) of your team can also be viewed at the top of the edit team menu screen.

2.) How To Get Heroes In Lyn: The Lightbringer

You can get heroes through summoning or by playing the altar of advent mode. It will cost you red diamonds or blue diamonds. Additionally, sometimes, you get scrolls as a reward. You can use these summon scrolls to get heroes(Bag -> consumables -> scroll -> use).

To summon the heroes, tap the summon option at the bottom of the screen -> summon hero -> spend red diamonds or blue diamonds. Tap the summon rate button at the top-right corner of the summon screen to check the odds.

3.) Lyn: The Lightbringer – Hero Upgrades/Combine/Dismantle/Skill

To compete in the arena mode or defeat elite monsters, you will have to upgrade the team members. There are a number of ways to upgrade the heroes or increase their stats: –

Level-Up/Develop -> The game lets you develop the heroes in two ways; earn XP through the battles or use the low-grade heroes to develop/level up target hero. The heroes in the team earn EXP from the battles upon victory. The EXP is required to raise the hero’s level. In the other method, you go to the hero menu -> select a hero -> develop -> select the heroes that you want to sacrifice to level up the target hero.

Evolve -> Evolving will increase the star-level of a hero. The hero must be at its maximum level. After that, you can evolve the hero. To evolve the heroes, you need crystals; red, blue + evolution stones. You get these items from the adventure mode, challenges, arena shop/advent shop.

Enhance -> Enhancing will increase the hero’s stats and the hero’s ultimate skill max level. To enhance a hero in Lyn: The Lightbringer, you need a duplicate hero and crystals. For example; To upgrade Hayes, you need identical unit; Hayes. You can obtain these units through summoning.

Combine -> Well, this function will not increase the stats. Using this feature, you can combine the heroes of the same grade to get a better hero. For example; combine three-star grade heroes and you may get the four-star grade hero. In the combination evolve tab, you can combine two max level characters(Same grade) to get a random hero with an additional star grade.

Dismantle -> If you have some useless heroes in the bag, you can dismantle them or delete them. You may get the skill stones.

Gear -> You get the gears from the shop, time rift, raid, adventure mode, through summoning. These gears include accessories, armor, weapon. You can increase the stats by enhancing, reforging. Or combine the gears for better gear.

Skill -> In Lyn: The Lightbringer, all the characters have special unique skills that they use in the battle to slay down the enemies or players. You can upgrade these skills using skill stones or gold. Skill Stones can be obtained by dismantling the heroes, as a play-time reward, through arena shop, achievements.

4.) Lyn: The Lightbringer – Essence

You need essence to evolve the heroes. There are five types of the essence in Lyn: The Lightbringer; defense(blue), attack(red), marksman(yellow), magic(purple), support(green). For example; If you want to evolve a supporter character, you need green essence. You can get this essence from the challenge mode(essence fields), from the achievements, advent shop.

You can combine the essence to get a better one. For example; you need 3-star essence. You can get it by combining the 2-star essence. Tap the bag option -> material -> tap the essence -> combine -> select quantity -> combine.

5.) Lyn: The Lightbringer – Game Modes

  1. Adventure mode – gold, gears, tokens, crystals
  2. Guild raid – accessories
  3. Dragon Ruins – gold farming
  4. Essence Fields – essence farming
  5. Time rift – gears farming
  6. Altar of Advent – heroes, advent tokens
  7. Arena – arena tokens
  8. Raid – accessories

6.) Currencies

  1. Blue diamonds
  2. Red diamonds
  3. Green diamonds
  4. Gold
  5. Knight Tokens
  6. Deathmatch tokens
  7. Hero coins
  8. Guild coins
  9. Friend points

So this is the Lyn: The Lightbringer guide for the beginners. Let’s have a look at our Lyn: The Lightbringer tips, cheats & strategies!

LYN: The Lightbringer Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Build A Perfect Team, Formation

Formation and building a balanced team is much important. It’s always advised to put the defenders in the front line, attackers or supporters in the midline and marksman/magician in the rear line. This also makes the balanced team; defenders will defend the allies(attackers, magician/marksman, supporter). Attackers will attack from a range(behind the shield/defender), the supporter will heal the allies. In your 5 heroes team, you must add a healer, attacker, defender. Also, make sure to read their skill info, stats.

2.) Power-Up The Heroes

You can’t progress with a dull team. Power-up your characters; increase the level, evolve, equip gears, upgrade skills, enhance, upgrade gears.

3.) Complete The Achievements

You can earn a bunch of precious items such as enhance stones, essence, red diamonds by completing the achievements.

4.) Complete The Daily Missions

Lyn: The LightbringerDaily Missions rewards are also great. You can earn crystals, red diamonds, EXP, and much more by completing these missions. On the right side of the screen, tap the E icon -> tap the menu type icon -> here you can check the daily missions.

5.) Claim Play-Time Reward Everyday

Lyn: The LightbringerJust like every Nexon game, Lyn: The Lightbringer also gives the reward to the player on the basis of time spent into the game. Tap the E icon -> tap the alarm clock -> claim the reward. You can earn skill stones, crystals, summon scrolls, gold, and chest.

6.) Join A Guild ASAP

Once you reach a certain level, you can join a guild and access to other game functions such as territory battle, guild battle, guild raid. Also, you can earn rewards or access to the guild shop.

7.) Unlock and Upgrade Effects

In the team-editing menu, tap the knight traits option -> here you can unlock and upgrade a bunch of traits which can help you in the battle. Tap the formation effect option -> here you can enhance the line effect; front line, rear line, midline.

8.) Focus On The High-Grade Heroes

You need 3*or higher grade heroes if you want to compete in high-arena leagues or campaign battles. Those 1-2* heroes would not be useful for a long time. So, it’s better to focus on high star-grade heroes rather than developing useless characters. Use the red crystals and summon the better heroes.

So these are some basic Lyn: The Lightbringer tips for the beginners. If you have more tips, share in the comment section below!

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