BitLife Grouipe Challenge: how to marry someone on the BitLife team?

If you have no idea of how to marry someone on the BitLife team, then check out this article. Instructions on how to marry someone on the Bitlife team

How to marry someone on the BitLife teamBitLife: how to marry someone on the BitLife team?

The very first step you have to do is join the BitLife team – if you are not in the BitLife team, read this guide to check out how to join the team. Once you are in the team, you will be able to interact with co-workers. We recommend you to choose a particular co-worker who is not married and start building a relationship as you progress further. Go to the job tab -> app developer/designer -> co-workers -> select a co-worker who is not married yet. Start building your relationship with that co-worker. 

Tips to marry someone on the BitLife team: –

There is no direct way to marry – you will have to build the foundation first. Go to the co-worker tab -> you will have a bunch of options to try; spend time with the co-worker, have a conversation, give gifts, compliment, befriend, and then ask-out. Make sure to raise the relationship bar to the max; the green bar. You can do it by spending time with the co-worker on the BitLife team, give compliments, gifts, etc. Once it’s max, befriend. Then, ask-out. 

Once you are in love, go to the relationships tab -> select the partner’s profile -> scroll down to the propose option. Select the ring. Pick your place where you want to propose. Propose. That should be enough to make the partner accept your marriage proposal. If you don’t have a marriage ring, you can shop for it. Go to the activities tab -> shopping -> jewelry -> buy a marriage ring(over 1 carat). 

So that’s how you marry someone on the BitLife team. It’s one of the groupie challenges. Here are other guides: –

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