Merge Farmtown Cheats: Guide, Tips & Tricks

Read on for Merge Farmtown cheats, guide, tips & tricks for beginners. 

Merge Farmtown

Published by C.C.T Games, Merge Farmtown is a mobile game title where you will merge the objects on the land to earn rewards such as coins, cash, windmill, ingredients, EXP to level up, etc. Your goal is to clear all the fog on the land and unlock all the areas. 

In this post, we will cover the game’s basics, tips on progressions, cheats, and more. So let’s not waste any time and get to the main content. 

Always Try To Merge X5 Items For A Bonus Object

You can merge X3 objects of the same level/type in the game to get EXP and the next furnished object. But we recommend merging at least x5 objects because doing so rewards you with a bonus object. For instance, merging X3 marbles reward EXP + X1 Marble Pile.

But if you merge X5 marbles, you get EXP + X2 Marble Piles. 

Look For The Drift Bottle In The River

Now and then, a drift bottle will spawn in the river. Tap the bottle and choose to watch the video ad to get extra bucks. Merge Farmtown

Save The Cash For Later

In the early game, save the cash because you will need a lot in the later game. It’s pretty easy to progress initially, but not in the later game. 

Guide To In-Game Currencies In Merge Farmtown

Gold Coins: earn coins by merging the coin objects on the land, completing the quests, and watching the video ads. You can spend the gold coins to shop for energy, supplies such as ingredients from the shop, buildings such as chests from the shop, or get the special item deals at the shop. 

Cash; earn cash by watching the video ads, merging cash pieces/objects such as small wallets from the shop, drift bottles in the river, ad offers, etc. You can use the cash to buy premium items that are hard to earn. 

Energy; replenishes over time. Or buy with coins or by watching video ads. You need the energy to cut/remove/mine the objects on the map. You will be rewarded with the objects when you cut/remove/mine the objects. 

Windmill; complete the customers’ orders on the land to get windmill; you will need this item to clear the fog and unlock new areas.

Builders; the more buildings you have, the more objects you can build/mine/remove/cut at a time. 

Tap The Golden Butterflies And Balloon For Freebies

Now and then, golden butterflies appear on the land; tap those butterflies to get free objects that you can merge. 

Merge Farmtown cheats

And also, keep an eye on the balloon flying over the land. Tap the balloon, watch the video ad, and get the rewards.

Merge Farmtown cheats tips

Check Out The Shop

Head to the shop -> specials -> there you get the deals at a discount. Grab the items that you need at the lowest price. You also get a free item there; daily. 

Complete The Quests To Level Up Fast

The best way to level up in the Merge Farmtown game is by completing the quests; these quests grant massive EXP. 

Get A New Builder By Merging Shovel Objects

Merge shovel to get small shover, merge small shovel to get the large one, merge the larger one to get a professional shovel, and finally, merge the professional shovel to get the builder. 

Merge Farmtown Cheats, Cheat Codes, Hack

No cheats or cheat codes are available for Merge Farmtown. And, please stay away from the hacks claiming to give unlimited currencies, doing so may lead your account to a permanent ban. 

So that’s all we have in this post on Merge Farmtown. 

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    • Took me a while too to figure it out, the final purple gems are to use like a Joker. You can finish merges with it, where you don’t have the 3rd / 5th piece.