Immortal Reborn Guide: Cheats, Tips, Tricks & Strategies

Immortal Reborn is a new idle AFK RPG for Android & iOS. Check out this Immortal Reborn guide featured with tips, cheats & strategies

Leiting Games, one of the popular game devs, well-known for the Fury Survivor: PIxel Z game, recently added a new game called Immortal Reborn to the portfolio. It’s an AFK RPG where you will choose and build the character classes to fight enemies on the world map. You will have a lot of locations on the world map to explore and conquer. As you level up, you will get to play competitive game modes such as PvP Arena, Tower, Boss Battles, Treasury, and Trial. If you are new to the game, then this Immortal Reborn guide will help you understand the core concepts of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Immortal Reborn tips, cheats & strategies that you would like to read and implement for fast progress. So, let’s not waste any time and head to the main content featuring the walkthrough guide. 

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Choosing The Starting Character

Immortal Reborn Game Guide Tips WalkthroughFirst things first – at the start of the game, you will have to create or choose the character – out of seven available(Nobility, Merchant, Educator, Officer, Civilian, Hunter, and Orphan). Each character has unqiue stats – so better pick wisely. Pow – Team ATK Power. WIS – Affects Minion ATK and AR. LCK – CRIT and Block. End – AR and HP. AGI – Weapon DMG and Dodge. 

  • Nobility – Balanced Character
  • Merchant – Hight ATK(Minion, AR)
  • Educator – Best Pure DPS Character
  • Officer – Best Tank With High DMG
  • Civilian – Best Tank
  • Hunter – High Weapon DMG and Dodge Rate
  • Orphan – High CRIT and Block Rate

We recommend choosing the Educator or Officer as both these characters possess amazing damage stats. 

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Getting Familiar With Game UI

Immortal Reborn Game Guide Tips WalkthroughIn this Immortal Reborn guide part, you will learn about the screen and menus. 

At the top of the screen, you can check the age, current level, the class icon, gems, and gold amount. Level increases as you gain EXP from the battles. Age increases as you play the game – you get runes or other bonuses or items at certain age points. The gem is the premium currency in the Immortal Reborn game you can earn from event missions. Gold is the basic currency that you can grind by defeating enemies, completing the quests. Tap the class icon in the top-left corner to choose class; main and mastery and skills. 

Character menu – here you can check the character stats and equip gears to it. On the top-right of this menu, tap the rune button to switch to the rune screen. You can get the runes by completing certain quests. Rune grants stats to the character

Backpack – here you can sell the gears and items for gold and upgrade materials; required to upgrade gears.

Battle – this is where you can see the battles; AFK or selected exploration. Battles in the Immortal Reborn game are automatic. All you need to do is pick the class and skills. 

World – here you can explore and uncover the black fog. Tap the explore button and fight the enemies there. Complete the exploration and you will be able to grind there. The higher the level of exploration, the better the rewards. On the same screen, you can access all the game modes; Arena, Trial, Tower, Treasury, and Boss. From these game modes, you can earn a variety of currencies and materials that can be used to shop for other items or character growth. 

Mine – assign goblin to grind gold, coins, scrolls, and material items. 

Tavern – complete the quests to earn a massive amount of EXP and other rewards. 

Box – here you can upgrade the gears and improve the character’s stats. 

Always Have The Best Gears Equipped

In the character menu of the game, you can equip or unequip the gears. Make sure that the character always has the best equipment equipped. If there is a “new” written on the gear slot, then it means that you have a better quality gear available. Tap the gear and replace it with the one that has more stats. 

How To Get Gears In Immortal Reborn

Players playing the Immortal Reborn game can acquire the gears from the AFK battles or the market shop(backpack menu -> tap the market button on the top-left). We don’t recommend buying the gears from the market as you can acquire them for free from the high exploration AFK Battles. Go to the world and choose a high-level area. You can also get the gears from the chests available in the shop – buy the chests with the keys. 

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Do The Tavern Quests To Level Up Fast

Tavern Quests; main and side – are the tasks that you can complete for EXP and material items. Go to the “World” -> tavern -> go -> complete the quest and claim the rewards. In most of the quests, you will fight the enemies. If you want to level up fast in Immortal Reborn, then you must do the tavern quests. 

The Immortal Reborn Battle Guide

Immortal Reborn Game Guide Tips WalkthroughIn the battle, you use the class skills to fight the enemies. On the “battle” menu of the game, you can see the ongoing battles. Skills and attacks are unleashed automatically once the CD is over. Different classes offer different skills. So you need to select the class wisely – based on the skills that you want to use in the battle. For example – gladiator class offers DPS/DMG skills, Acolyte class offers healing and buff skills, etc. You need to check each class’s details; strength, skills info, etc. 

Selecting the class – tap the “class” icon in the top-left corner -> this is the screen where you can select the main classes and master classes. You have only one class slot in the beginning – but, as you level up, you will gain more class slots – allowing you to choose multiple classes at a time. Tap on the class icon on the same screen -> select the class -> see its info; stats, main strength, tap the skill button to check skill details -> tap the learn button to select the class. You can switch between classes at any time in the game. 

Selecting the skill – once you select the class, its skills will appear on the screen. Tap on the skill -> check its details -> equip -> you have five skill slots – so pick the best five skills. Immortal Reborn allows you to switch between skills at any time. 

Getting Stronger In Immortal Reborn

There are several ways to improve the power in the Immortal Reborn game – helping you to beat high-level monsters. Let’s take a look at them: –

  • Upgrade the class skills – tap the class icon in the top-left corner -> tap the skill button -> upgrade the skills using scrolls; normal scrolls, advanced scrolls, and master scrolls. You can acquire the scrolls from battles, quests, and events
  • Equip the better gears
  • Upgrade the gears – go to the “box” -> there you can upgrade, forge, socket crystals, and imbue the gears to increase the stats drastically 
  • Unlock runes – runes are gained when a certain condition is passed. Go to the “character” menu -> tap the rune option in the top-right -> tap on the rune to check how to unlock it. 

So these are the ways to get stronger in the Immortal Reborn game. If you know more tips to get powerful, comment below. 

Progression Guide For Newbies

  • Explore on the map -> uncover the black fog by exploration. In each area, you will have a wave of enemies to fight. Once it’s cleared, the black fog will disappear and you will be able to grind AFK. The higher the level of the area, the better the rewards
  • Focus on the tavern quests to level up fast and gain material items
  • Mine – assign goblins on the work(world -> mine) to grind RSS
  • Play all sorts of game modes; Tower, Boss, Trial, Treasury, and Arena
  • Log in daily to claim event rewards
  • Keep fighting, grinding, and building the character

Quick Battle To Gain Offline Income

Your team will continue to fight the enemies on the map while you are away. When you come back online, the game will let you claim the offline rewards. Additionally, with the “quick battle” function, you can gain hours of offline income instantly. Go to the battle screen and tap the quick battle button on the top-left. The first time, it’s free. Next time, it would cost gems. 

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So this would be all in this post on Immortal Reborn guide and Immortal Reborn tips for beginners. Got more tips? Share in the comments below. 

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