Merge Magic cheats: guide, tips, and tricks

New to the Merge Magic game? Get freebies and progress fast with these Merge Magic cheats available with loads of tips, tricks, and a guide

Merge Magic cheats, tips, and guide: –

In this post, we have covered the Merge Magic cheats & tips. Starting with the coins grinding part – you will get to know about the coins – how to get coins for free, how to spend coins, coins storage, and much more. As we discover more cheats, tips & tricks on the game, we will post it here. Also, if you know any cheat, tips, tricks – do let us know in the comment section below. So let’s not waste any time and head to the main content.

Merge Magic Cheats & Tips – How To Get Coins For Free?

Merge MagicThe coin is the rare in-game currency in Merge Magic game. In the Garden screen, at the top-center, you can check the number of coins that you own at the time. You can hold a certain number of coins at a time. If the limit reached, you would not be able to collect the coins. Coming to the point – follow these ways to get coins for free: –

Selling The Objects

You can earn coins by selling dead plants, bushes, blessed trees, eggs, etc. Well, you can! – but you should not! Selling rare objects such as eggs, blessed trees would not be a good idea because blessed trees help you generate blessing, which lifts the curse from objects in the cursed land. And, eggs give you creatures such as fairies, Dyr, etc. And, these creatures help you in harvesting, building, and in many other activities. So selling rare objects would not be a good idea. Also, you can harvest the dead plants by tapping it.

In short, sell only(dead plant or common objects/trees) when you need. To sell, tap any object and hit the sell button. You will get the coins. The best way – play the levels -> repeat them -> grind the blessed trees -> sell.

Select Coins As Reward

Merge Magic Cheats, Tips & GuideAfter you complete a level in Merge Magic game, you will be asked to select the rewards – some would be free, while for some, you will need to spend gems. If the coin is listed in free rewards, select it. After that, go to the Garden and claim it.

Merge Magic Coins – In The Level

While in the level, you might discover coins upon lifting the cursed land or from the chest. Usually, In most of the levels, you get the win as soon as you complete the certain task – Make mythical Idol to win. And, as soon as you lift the curse from all the broken idols, you will be able to make mythical idol. But, we would recommend you lifting the curse from all tiles and discover all the treasure – you might get a secret reward – coins. Well, you should follow this rule as long as it’s not a challenge type level(timer).

From The Goal Stars

Merge MagicGoal Stars object rewards a bunch of items such as coins, blessing orbs, and gems. You can merge these golden goal stars for better rewards. These goal stars appear randomly in the garden or can be obtained by finishing the quests in levels. You need to tap the goal star to get a free reward.

Lift The Curse In Garden

As you gain more magic power by collecting the creatures, you will be able to expand the garden. And, to do so, you will need to lift all the curse from the cursed land. And, from these cursed areas, you can get a bunch of rewards like free coins, treasure chest, etc.

Build Coin Storage

To build the coin storage, tap the chest/egg button on the bottom-right side -> go to the hammer tab -> select coin storage. After that, double-tap the construction site so that creature or fairy can build the coin storage. Once the work is done, you will get a free coin. You can merge these coin storage buildings to discover higher-level storage. As we mentioned above, there is a limit for coin storage – you would not be able to collect the coins if the storage is full. So don’t forget to build and upgrade the coins storage in Merge Magic game.

Merge To Get More Coins

If you have three or more than three same level coins on the field – don’t collect them. Instead, merge all of them and get a high-level coin. You get more coins from a high -level coin. For example – old coin gives 1 coin, bronze coin give 4 coins, the silver coin gives 15 coins, and true silver coin gives 50 coins.

Buy From The Shop

On the bottom-right side, tap the chest/egg button -> go to the treasure tab -> from there you can purchase the chests which contain coins. It will cost premium gems(not recommended).

Magic Merge Cheats, Tips & Guide – Earn Quest Stars To Unlock Content

Magic Merge Cheats, Tips & GuideTo unlock new creatures’ eggs, chests, buildings in the shop, you need to earn the quest stars. Quest Stars in Magic Merge – can be obtained in two ways – complete the levels or complete the quests in the gardens. Go to the map -> complete the levels and earn stars.

In the Garden, on the left side, tap the star icons to check the quests. Complete these quests to earn stars and unlock new content.

Play Again For Rewards – Unlock Chests

From the world map levels, you can earn the chests, in-game currencies, objects(blessings, blessed trees, etc.). We would recommend you to play again or repeat the past levels for rewards – it is one of the easiest ways to earn free creatures, eggs, coins, blessing, etc.

So these are some Merge Magic cheats, tips, tricks & guide for the beginners. We will update this post with more new cheats, tips & tricks soon. Do you know any trick or cheat? Comment below!

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  1. Focus on buying new homes and merging them. As the level increases, sleep time decreases
    Watch out for more eggs and merge them. Try to merge in 5 rather than 3. As the creature level increases sleep time decreases

  2. I am still trying to figure this game out and I have more question than answers, lol! I seem to almost never have any creatures in my garden although I have loads of them sleeping. I’ve leveled up the to fourth tree house and all my creatures sleep in that one. It takes 15 minutes to activate and it only releases one at a time then it starts over for 15 minutes again. Ugh! I am getting nowhere fast. Any ideas?