Guardian Knights Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy!

Guardian Knights is a brand new turn-based RPG for mobile by mobirix. Let’s have a look at our Guardian Knights guide, tips, cheats & strategy

Mobirix has just published a brand new RPG called Guardian Knights, on mobile app stores – where you set up the team of powerful guardians! Guardian Knights game has a variety of modes – you start with the adventure mode where you complete the chapters and earn basic in-game currency to power up the Guardians. There is a challenge mode where you can grind elemental stones, equipment, summon tickets, and gold. And, at last, there is an arena mode where you fight other players’ team for the rankings & points. Our today’s Guardian Knights guide and Guardian Knights tips, cheats & strategy will help you master the game!

Guardian Knights Guide!

Guardians Guide

Guardian KnightsGuardians are the main characters that you select in the team to defeat monsters. It allows you to add up to five Guardians. And, you should select the Guardians wisely! This Guardian Knights characters guide will teach you all the basics that you need to know to build a perfect team! So let’s get started!

How do you get Guardians?

The main method to obtain Guardians is through summoning. Other than this, you can merge the Guardians, use the elemental summon method for better quality/grade guardians. In the lobby, at the bottom left side menu, tap the summon button -> there you can spend the diamonds to summon Guardian. You get free attempts daily.

Guardian Classes

  • Tanker
  • Warrior
  • Bandit
  • Archer
  • Supporter

Your guardians belong to one of these classes. And, each class specifies the role in the combat. Let’s have a deep look into the roles: –

  • Tanker – Front-line units, excels in soaking damage and protecting the allies in the backline
  • Warrior – Melee DPS
  • Bandit – Melee DPS
  • Archer – Ranged DPS
  • Supporter – Healing & Supporting Skills

While setting up the formation, you have to place the guardians in the right line – so that they can fully unleash their power.

Guardian Knights Combat Guide

Guardian KnightsThe very first step is to set up the party – of 5 guardians. There are three lanes; front, mid, and rear. And, as mentioned above, you have to assign the characters wisely – based on their roles.

  • Front Line – Tank, Melee DPS
  • Mid Line – Melee DPS, Archer
  • Backline – Archer, Supporter

The guardians who fight from the front line gets more damage – so it would be better to place tanks in that line because they are good in soaking damage.

Mid Line – You can add melee DPS characters(Bandit, Warrior) or archer in the middle line to deal damage on enemies. And, in the backline – add supporters or Archer. Archers attack from a range – so backline would be a good position for them. For supporters, who heal allies or apply the buffs, backline would be a good position – because they are not good in soaking damage as well as dealing damage.

Head to the set party tab to add/remove characters.

Stage Details

Once you are done with selecting characters, it’s time to check the stage details on the battle preparation screen – tap the (?) symbol to check the missions that you need to complete for 3-stars. And, then check the monster details + rewards detail.

The Combat

Guardian KnightsIn the combat, there are a few things that you should know – MP, how the turns work, skills, and more.

MP – To use or unleash the Guardian’s skills, you need MP. At the bottom-right corner of the screen, you can check the skills, their cost(MP Cost is displayed at the bottom-left corner of each skill icon) – just below the skills, there is an MP bar which shows the amount of MP that you have at that time. It recovers gradually as the battle progresses.

Attack & Turns

To attack, first select a skill -> then choose a target. On the right side of the combat screen, you can check the turns – guardians’ turn and the enemies’ turn.

There is also an auto-battle mode – at the bottom-left corner of the combat screen, tap the AUTO button to turn the auto mode on – after that, you just watch the gameplay and wait for the victory.

Synergy Skill

Synergy Skill activates when you select all the characters of a group. For example – add Alex and Baum in the party to activate synergy skill – Ally DEF +5%.

Go to the lobby -> on the left-center of the screen, tap the side menu button(<) -> go to Synergy tab -> here you can check the group of guardians.

Guardian Knights – Power Up Guardians

Let’s learn how to raise the power of guardians so that you can beat powerful monsters in increasing difficulty stages.

  • Level Up Guide

One of the best and easiest ways to improve the stats of a guardian is by leveling him/her up. How do you level up?

There are two ways – add that guardian to your party and win the battles. Victory grants EXP to the guardians who are in the team.

And, the second method is by using the potions. In the lobby, at the bottom-left corner, tap the Guardian option -> select a guardian -> tap the level up button next to the level bar. Use the growth potion to grant EXP and level him/her up.

Max level – It depends on the star-level of a guardian. For example – for a 1-star guardian, the max level limit is 10. It increases as you raise the star-level through evolution.

  • Evolution Guide

To raise the max level of a guardian or improve his/her stats, you need to evolve. The first requirement is to reach the max level – the guardian should be at the max level.

After that, go to his/her profile page in the guardian menu -> tap the evolution button ->use the evolution stones or same guardian as evolution material. And, then spend the coins to confirm.

  • Skill

To raise the skill level, you need skill level up material – same grade guardian or the same grade skill stone. Level up the skills to improve the guardian’s performance in the battle.

  • Equipment

Equipping the better quality gears; weapon, armor, accessories improve the guardian’s stats. You can get better quality gears from summoning, equipment dungeon or story mode(high-level stages). Make sure that your guardian always has the best gear set.

  • Equip Runes

Runes provide stat boost to the guardians – attack, defense, and support.


The player can craft gears; weapon, armor, gloves, boots, rings, and necklace using the material items. Tap the side menu button on the left-center -> forge -> craft. Hold down on the item to get its details; where to obtain!

Dismantling Guardians

You can dismantle the guardians and obtain elemental stones, which can be used in elemental summon. Head to the Guardian menu -> dismantle -> select the guardians that you want to sacrifice and confirm. Navigate to the elemental summon menu -> there you can use these stones to summon Guardians.

Guardians Tier: –

  • U Rank
  • S Rank
  • R Rank

On the guardian’s icon, you can check the rank/tier. The higher the tier, the better will be the guardian’s stats. So focus on the high tier guardians – U or S Rank.

Guardians Knights Guardians List: –

Tap the side menu button in the lobby -> Illustration -> Guardian -> here you can check the complete list of Guardians featured in the Guardians Knights Game.

So this would be all in this Guardian Knights guide for the beginners. Let’s have a look at our top Guardian Knights tips, cheats & strategies!

Guardian Knights Tips, Cheats & Strategies: –

1.) Get Elemental Attribute Bonus

Guardians, as well as enemies, are tagged with one of the elements; fire, water, light, dark, and forest. These are the five elements. And, there is a relation between all these –

  • Fire element deals greater damage on forest element
  • Forest element deals greater damage on the water element
  • And, water element deals greater damage on the fire element
  • While light and dark element deals greater damage on each other

Before you commence the battle, check the enemies’ elements(stage details) – deploy the strong element guardians in the party. For example – if the monster belongs to fire element, then the guardian who belongs to forest element gets an advantage(because forest beats water).

2.) Repeat The Chapter Mode Stages

By repeating the old or cleared stages in the adventure mode, you can grind EXP for the guardians, EXP potions, gears, gold, etc. And, if you are stuck on a stage and have no resources left to power up guardians, it would be better to use the auto-battle mode on the stages that you have cleared with the 3-stars.

3.) Dispatch The Team On Expedition

You can obtain materials such as iron, mithril, essence, etc. from the expedition mode. Go to the adventure mode screen -> expedition(bottom-right corner) -> select the zone – dispatch the team.

4.) Complete The Missions

Precious items such as summon ticket, elimination ticket, evolution stones, etc. can be obtained by completing the missions. Tap the mission option at the bottom-left -> there you can check the daily/weekly/achievement/auto/challenge quests.

5.) Join A Guild

The guild function unlocks at player level 17. At this level, you should find and join an active guild. After that, take part in the guild activities to earn guild coins. You can spend guild coins in the shop for keys, weapon ticket, armor ticket, U grade guardian ticket, special armor ticket, etc.

6.) Take Part In All The Game Modes

  • Arena – earn arena coins and spend in the arena shop for keys, premium accessory ticket, rune ticket
  • Daily Dungeon – Get elemental stones
  • Equipment Dungeon – Get gears
  • Tower of Ordeal – Gold, in-game items
  • Boss Raid – Summon tickets

7.) Get Stronger, Build Wisely

  • Level up guardians
  • Equip better quality gears
  • Equip runes
  • Evolve Guardians
  • Use Synergy Buff
  • Place Guardians based on their roles; tanker, DPS, Supporter

So these are the basics Guardian Knights tips for the beginners. If you know more tips or strategies, please share in the comment below.

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