Merge Stories tips & cheats: guide to merge, units, and raid!

Merge Stories is a top-notch new merge game by Jelly Button Games. Read on for Merge Stories tips, cheats, and guide to raid, units, and more

Merge Stories Tips Cheats Guide

Merge Stories Tips, Cheats, Guide: –

First things first – if you are playing this game, learn to have some patience! It’s not a type of game where you grind for hours and hours to craft something! Take it easy, progress at an average rate and you will be all good. DO NOT SPEND GEMS to get barrels; the game gives you x5 barrels after every certain amount of time. Wait for the free barrels or you will end up spending lots of gems and money! What we do is open the game, use all the barrels, go for the raid if we have enough units, merge the items, and then close it. And, then open it again after a few hours. Now, let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Merge Stories tips, cheats, and guide for beginners!

Units In Merge Stories Game

(1) There are over x10 units in the game. To unlock new units, you need to upgrade the “barrack” building that’s on the land. Upgrading this barrack building gives you new recipes/recipe scrolls.

(2) To get an unlocked unit, you need to merge the normal unit with a weapon. The type of weapon that you use to merge determines the unit that you get. For example: if you merge the melee weapon with a normal unit, you get “militia”, a bag of rocks with a normal unit gives you “slinger”, and merging a shield weapon with the normal unit gives you “shieldsman”. You get the normal units and weapons from the barrels. Merge Stories Tips Cheats Guide

In the top-right, tap the menu button and in the menu list, choose the “recipe scroll” option to see the list of units that you have discovered so far. And, as said above, to unlock new units or get new characters’ recipes, upgrade the barracks. 

Guide & Tips To Raid In Merge Stories

(1) The total loot that you can gather from the raid depends on the dock level. To gather more loot, upgrade the docks. 

(2) To go with more units on a raid, upgrade the ship. 

(3) In Merge Stories, you can raid on other players’ land and earn stars + loot/barrels. “STARS” are required to rank up in the Merge Stories game. At a certain rank, you get free items. For example – reach SHEEP III rank by collecting 175 stars and you get 10 barrels, 75 coins, and 4 gems. 

Merge Stories Tips Cheats Guide

(4) Merge Stories Tips for RAID: when you go on a raid, try to loot as much as possible; destructing buildings give you stars + more loot, you can also loot the items that you see on the enemy’s land. 

(5) Merge Stories Tips for RAID: after approaching the enemy’s land, check the defense; there would be units on the guard; you would not want to lose any unit that you have(aim for a flawless raid).

Send the melee and shield units first to attack, followed by archer units. Shieldsman(shield unit) is good to soak damage, then melee(close-ranged attacks), and then ranged units like an archer(these ranged units inflict more DMG but have low DEF. So make sure to provide them cover by sending tank/shield and melee units first).

If the enemy has more guards on the land and you think it would be hard to defeat all of them, then just take an easy route; loot the items and target the building that you can destroy easily with the current army setup.  

Must Merge To Get More Resources

Merging gives you additional resources. The higher the merge level, the more bonus resources you get. For example; x1 wood + x1 wood gives you x3 wood. x3 wood + x3 wood gives you x7 wood. x7 wood + x7 wood gives you x15 wood. And, the same concept applies to other resources. 

Look For The Floating Barrels In The Merge Stories

Merge Stories Tips Cheats Guide

Every now and then, a floating barrel appears in the sea. Tap on it to claim. 

Check Out The Caravan

The Caravan building gives you free goods daily, deals that you can get; buy units with coins, exchange resources for other resources, etc. 

Upgrade The Buildings

There are many buildings on the land; the main building is the castle that gives the more stars. Then you have a cottage that gives free gold coins, barracks to unlock new units, etc. 

Time Lapse Cheat In Merge Stories Game

This cheat does not work in the Merge Stories game. 

So that’s all we got in this post on Merge Stories tips, cheats, and guide for beginners. 

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    • You can merge these fireballs up to a big yellow ball. Then you can “sell” them by putting them on the button in the middle bottom and you’ll get units.

  1. Does this Citadel thing ever go away? Can’t upgrade any other buildings, and I’ve completed it 3 times, but it won’t go away…