Godzilla Defense Force Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Godzilla Defense Force is a brand new Idle clicker game for mobile by Nexon. Let’s have a look at our Godzilla Defense Force guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Nexon has recently released Godzilla Defense Force, a brand new mobile game for Godzilla fans and it’s really great. But, not all things such as watching too many ads for the boosters and free in-game currency. If you have been playing Idle games for a long time, then it should be OK for you as most of the Idle games come with the same wall of ads. But, if you are new, then get ready for it! In today’s Godzilla Defense Force guide and Godzilla Defense Force tips, cheats & strategies, you will learn everything; cards, HQ level, hostages, moonstones, time travel, and much more. Let’s get started!

Godzilla Defense Force Guide

The Basics

In Godzilla Defense Force game, your HQ is raided by the Kaijus and you protect it by building/upgrading the defense facilities. These defense facilities inflict damage to the beasts and you earn the gold coins, which you can spend in the defense force facilities upgrades. Upgrading these facilities will increase the DPS and you will be able to strike down the boss beast in a few seconds. Apart from the defense facilities, you can also inflict the damage by tapping the beasts. Tap the G button at the bottom-left corner -> here you can check the defense facilities; upgrade/unlock using the gold.

Godzilla Defense Force – Cards Guide

There are loads of cards available in the Godzilla Defense Force game that you can use for the advantage in the battle; some of the cards directly attack the beasts while some improve the critical rate, critical attack, productivity of a particular defense facility. You can equip/unequip these cards anytime. Using these cards cost G-Cells. The purple bar at the bottom of the screen displays the number of G-Cells that you have. The cost depends on the rarity of that card. Additionally, to increase the max G-Cells cap, you will need to raise the HQ level.

Grinding Cards, Card Powder, Level Up Cards

In Godzilla Defense Force game, cards come in rarities; 1*-5*. High-grade cards are much powerful than the low-grade ones. If you have a bunch of useless/low-grade cards, you can sacrifice/grind them for the card powder. Tap the select cards button at the bottom -> tap the card -> grind -> this will eliminate that card and you will get card powder points(depends on the card rarity).

You can then spend the card powder to level up the cards. Leveling up the cards will boost its power. Tap the card -> tap the card powder button -> press OK.

The World; Countries!

As you defeat the boss beasts and clear more stages, you will earn EXP and the HQ level will eventually go up. As the level goes up, new areas will get unlocked where you will have to protect the base. For example; You start from Tokyo base, then Landon, Sydney, Arizona, New York. And, you will have to defend all these from the beasts. You can visit any unlocked country anytime and install defense facilities there to generate Idle income. At the bottom-right corner of the screen, tap the earth button -> swipe your finger over the globe to see all the areas -> tap anyone -> press enter.

Mining Moonstones In Godzilla Defense Force

Godzilla Defense ForceMoonstone is another in-game currency in Godzilla Defense Force game. You mine it with the help of hostages that you rescue while playing the game. Tap the earth button -> then on the next screen, at the bottom-left, tap the worker button -> mine the moonstones in different-different areas. You can check the total number of workers at the top-left corner of the planet screen.

Godzilla Defense Force Guide – Time Travel, Time Shards

Time Travel feature unlocks when you hit HQ Level 5. It’s the same feature that all other Idle clicker games have and it lets you earn Time Shards, that you can spend on artifacts. Activating it will reset the coins, city/base, HQ level. Other things such as Kaiju cards, artifacts, and X-nium will remain with you.

So this is the Godzilla Defense Force guide for the beginners. Let’s have a look at our top Godzilla Defense Force tips, cheats & strategies!

Godzilla Defense Force Tips, Cheats & Strategies!

1.) Keep Tapping And Must Attack On Weak Spots

Godzilla Defense ForceWhen fighting against the boss, make sure to pay attention to the weak spots. The weak spot appears eventually and displayed in the red circle. Hitting that spot inflicts massive damage to the Kaiju and it would be easy for you to strike him down. Additionally, tap with multiple fingers as it counts all the taps.

2.) Pick The Top Cards From Your Deck

You should equip the cards wisely as all work differently. Better check all the cards that you have and pick the best ones; compare the attack, critical rate/attack, and other stats.

3.) Grind And Level Up Cards

As we mentioned above, you can obtain card powder and use it to raise the level of cards. If you have loads of useless cards, grind them and obtain the card powder. Use the card powder only on the best cards that you have; on the basis of rarity, stats.

4.) Upgrade The Defense Facilities

Defense Facilities play an important role in DPS; other than tapping, cards, the whole DPS affected by these facilities. Make sure to upgrade them from time to time.

5.) Grab The Relief Supply

Godzilla Defense ForceUsually, after the boss fight, you get the rescue supply. At the top-right corner of the screen, you will see the parachute/boost option -> watch the video ad and grab loads of gold coins.

6.) Rescue The Hostages

Every now and then, you will see hostages while fighting the Kaijus. Tap to rescue the civilian hostage and after that, you can use them for mining moonstones.

7.) Destroy The UFO

Like Hostage, UFO also appears eventually on your screen. Tapping it will inflict damage and if successfully destroyed, you may get the blue diamonds or other rewards.

8.) Complete All The Quests

On the bottom left side of the screen, you can check the quests. Completing these quests will reward loads of gold coins.

9.) Try The Boosters

If you fail to defeat the boss, you will get the option to watch a video ad for the boosters. The first boost will increase the production speed of defense facilities, the second boosters increase destruction immunity, and the last one increases attack.

10.) Do The Time Travel

Activating the time travel will give you time shards that you can use to get artifacts. Once you are done, you will see the select artifact button enabled. Tap it -> spend time shards -> get the random artifact. You can also use these shards in upgrading the old ones.

So these are some Godzilla Defense Force tips for the beginners. If you have more tips, comment below!

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  1. Pause the timer after putting in two cards, tapping the quest tab on the left, gcell regens,wait put out 3rd card when enough energy,swap cards instantly touch the quest tab again to pause, wait for cells put out cards,repead up to a around 8 sec seft on first card put out to atk. speed/crit%/Dmg/Crit dmg