Mochicats Collection Guide: Tips & Cheats For Newbies

Read on for the  Mochicats Collection guide: tips & cheats for newbies. 

Mochicats Collection Guide Tips & Cheats For Newbies

Mochicats Collection

Mochicats Collection is an adorable game published by Sanctum Games Limited. The game features a vast collection of Mochicats and challenges you to collect and reach their max growth level through feeding and ranking up. 

In this post, we will cover the beginner’s guides and tips that can be very helpful in the initial stages of the game. So let’s not waste any time and get to the main content:

Get Started With The Basics

Your ultimate goal is to complete the collection of Mochicats, max out their levels, rank, and unlock all the desserts. Mochicats of high grades like S and A are hard to acquire and rank up because of the low drop rate. Though it’s not impossible to collect them, keep playing the game, and eventually, you will complete the collection. 

Now let’s take a look at in-game currencies and stats; 

  • CP – Stands for combat power. Requires to unlock new desserts. The higher the CP of a Mochicat, the more its performance in the challenge/ tower/ Jenga modes
  • Mochi – To buy food for Mochicat, complete the dessert
  • Star Candy – Premium currency in the game that you can use to shop for numerous items such as Mochi, Mochicats, Premium Food
  • EXP – Required to increase the player level
  • Tokens(i.e., Wagashi Tokens, Ad Tokens, Strawberry Tokens] – To shop items such as food, cat fragments, party coupon
  • Meal Coupons: Challenge in the cake tower
  • Spinning Wheel Coupon: To spin the wheel
  • Party Coupon: Hold a party

Now that we have depicted all the items and currencies’ details let’s learn how to acquire or increase them. 

Guide To Increase CP In Mochicats Collection

The best way to increase the combat power or CP of Mochicat or total CP is by leveling the Mochicat. And the best way to level Mochicats is by feeding the cat food, i.e., Cat Pow Mantou, Strawberry Cake. 

Tap the food bowl on your screen, select the food or buy the food, and drag & drop it to Mochicat. Depending on the food, Mochicat will receive EXP, and you will see the gauge in the EXP bar at the top filling up. At each subsequent level, Mochicat’s CP or combat power will increase. 

To beat the high levels or complete the tower challenges, you must keep buffing the CP of Mochicats. 

Also, the higher the CP level of Mochicat on the screen, the more MOCHI you acquire.

Use duplicate Mochicats or their fragments to rank them up. 

How To Get Mochicats

Tap the dessert option in the lower-left corner of the screen to visit the cake pantry. Select any unlocked tower. Each dessert or cake tower has a collection of cats that you can complete by holding a party. 

After selecting the cake or dessert tower, a new screen will open with the “collection” option in the top-right corner. Tap that collection option to see the list of Mochicats that may appear by holding the party on that tower. 

Unlock new dessert or cake towers to unlock or collect new Mochicats

To unlock new desserts or cake towers, you will need to meet a certain level requirement or CP figure that you will find in the dessert menu. 

In the lower-left corner, Tap the Mochicats option to see the list of Mochicats. Select any Mochicat to see its details; 

  • Grade; i.e. A, S, B, C[S > A > B > C]
  • Friendship Level[Heart] – Feed the cat, caress the cat, or poke the cat. In the top-right corner of the screen, tap the friendship option to see the list of activities that grant hearts. Do these activities to raise the friendship level of the cat on the screen.
  • Rank Up; Requires Mochi and the same cat’s fragments[duplicates]. Obtain by holding the party on the dessert or cake tower featuring that Mochicat in the collection. For instance, Bookworm Cat, Weebu Cat, Grandpa Cat, Grandma Cat, and Mochimochimochi Cat can be obtained by holding the party on the Classic dessert tower. Just the collection on the dessert tower to see what cats it features 

Mochicats Collection Tips

In the beginning, progress through the main quests you see in the top-right corner, above the friendship option. Next, you have daily quests. Tap the quest in the top-right corner. 

Keep poking the Mochicat to grind Mochi and use it to level Mochicats by feeding and increasing their CP. 

Holy party to get Cats or their duplicates. Use dupes for ranking up. At ranks 2, 3, and 4, new skills of Mochicats are unraveled. 

Watch the video ads to get freebies. Increase the friendship level of the Mochicats. Have the Mochicat with high CP on the screen to get more Mochi[select by going to Mochicats -> Mochicat that you want on the screen -> let’s play].

Mochicats Collection Cheats

Currently, there are no cheats. 

So that’s all we got in this post on the Mochicats Collection guide and tips for beginners. 

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