Molehill Empire 2 Guide: Cheats, Tips & Strategies

Molehill Empire 2 is a mobile game, published by upjers GmbH. Read on for Molehill Empire 2 guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners!

Molehill Empire 2 Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies⇓

In this Molehill Empire 2 guide, you will learn how to play this game, tips on progress, spending currencies, and other aspects such as crops, town buildings, and much more. So let’s not waste any time and get to the main content: –

Get Started With The Molehill Empire 2 Basics⇓

In Molehill Empire 2, you get to manage the farm fields and the town where you can grow and harvest crops, sell those crops to the customers, make money, and expand to grow the business empire. There are a dozen of crops in Molehill Empire 2 that you can discover by leveling up. These include fruits and vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, onion, strawberries, lettuce, and more. By level 52(max), you will unlock all the fruits & vegetables in the game and grow them in the garden. 

Each next crop that you unlock in Molehill Empire 2 would be more precious than the previous ones and yield more coins, EXP, and also take longer to ripe. 

Molehill Empire 2 Tips To Level Up Fast⇓

To level up in Molehill Empire 2, you will need to grind EXP. You can earn EXP by harvesting the crops, completing the customer orders, and the main quests. The best way to level up in this game in our opinion is by completing the customer orders and the main quests. At the bottom of the garden screen, tap on the customer to check its order and start growing those crops. Sell the ordered crops and earn EXP. 

Quests: not all the main quests grant EXP, but some of them do and in a large quantity. Tap the book button at the bottom menu to navigate to the quest screen and then tap on the quest to check its rewards. Prioritize the quests that give XP as a reward. Molehill Empire 2

Another way to earn a decent number of experience points is by harvesting valuable crops. Tap the crop icon button in the lower-left corner to open the product selection page. On the product selection page, you will see the list of crops that you have unlocked so far. On each crop banner, you will see the EXP, star, and the time. Grow the crops that give you more EXP to level up fast. 

Save Diamonds In Molehill Empire 2⇓

Here’s a tip: don’t waste the diamonds. Diamond is the most precious and hard to get by currency in the Molehill Empire 2. You may get it from some of the quests or through leveling, but there is not a good way to earn these diamonds by playing the game. So we would advise you to save these diamonds and spend on increasing the limit of wishing well in the town. 

On the lower-right corner, tap the town option, then tap on the wishing well. Wishing Well produces gold coins; per hour. The max gold coins it can hold depends on the current wishing level. You can increase its limit by spending the diamonds. Or, you can buy an additional park in the town for X100 Diamonds. 

Other than this, you don’t want to spend the diamonds on removing stumps or buying things like weed protection, aphid protection, mole protection, etc. Because these are temporary benefits. Why not spend on something which gives you permanent benefit; like increasing the wishing well limit, buying a new park.

Focus On Selling The Crops To Customers⇓

On the garden screen, at the bottom, you will see the customers coming to buy the crops. Tap on the customer to see its order and start producing those crops. If you have not unlocked the crop in the order, you can “send away” that customer and then wait for the new one. Oftentimes, you get the customer demanding the crop items, which you have not unlocked. So send them away; just tap the customer and then tap the button that says “send away”. Molehill Empire 2

Molehill Empire 2 Guide To Popularity, Decoration & Park⇓

To enter the park screen, tap the town option in the lower-right corner and then tap the wishing well aka fountain. This will take you to the park screen where you can place decoration items like beautiful trees, flowers, bushes, benches, etc. When you are on the park screen, tap the inventory/boxes option in the lower-left corner, go to the pieces tab -> if you have accumulated enough pieces of an item, complete it, and then you can place it in the park.

Decorations provide “hearts” aka popularity points. At the top of the park screen, you can check the popularity bar. Increase the park popularity and the wishing well will produce more coins per hour. Molehill Empire 2

Molehill Empire 2 Guide To Decoration Item Pieces⇓

You can get the decoration items from the decoration shop or their pieces from the premium shop. Tap the basket/shop icon in the lower-right corner to enter the premium shop menu; it has three tabs at the bottom. You need to switch to the deco booster tab; there you will find the chests or boosters of different grades; tap the (i) symbol to check the featured items. You can get a free deco booster box daily; so make sure to claim it. 

Decoration Shop: decoration shop features deco items. Go to the town and then tap the wishing well to open the park screen. At the bottom of the park screen, tap in the shop icon button(2nd tab from the left side); here you can shop decoration items with coins or diamonds.Molehill Empire 2 

If you want to gain more gold coins from the wishing well, make sure to increase the popularity level by placing decoration items and increase the limit. 

Expand To Progress In Molehill Empire 2⇓

In Molehill Empire 2, you get your first garden for free. To buy more, you will need to spend coins or diamonds. Tap the garden tile icon button at the bottom menu(third option from the left side) to open the garden selection screen. There you can buy a garden with diamonds or coins. The more gardens you have, the more crops you can grow and grow the business. 

Summer Rain In Molehill Empire 2⇓

Summer Rain helps you reduce the crop’s growth time. Tap the rainbow button at the bottom menu; the first time, it’s free. To call again, you will need to spend the diamonds or rainbow coins. You can earn rainbow coins by visiting the friends; so make sure to add friends in this game. 

Increase The Crop’s Storage Limit⇓Molehill Empire 2

Each crop has a specific storage limit, which you can increase by spending the coins or diamonds. Tap the crop icon button in the lower-left corner to visit the product selection menu. And then tap the ⇑ upgrade icon -> spend coins to increase the limit. 

Molehill Empire 2 Cheats or Cheat Codes⇓

Molehill Empire 2 game does not support cheats or cheat codes input. 

So this would be all in this post on Molehill Empire 2 guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. Got more tips? Comment below.

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  1. I’m new to the game and I’m hooked. My crops say locked and it won’t let me sell them after that amount. Are there any in depth faq’s to help? Thanks.