GUNDAM BATTLE GUNPLA WARFARE guide: tips, cheats, and strategies

GUNDAM BATTLE: GUNPLA WARFARE is a popular Gundam game for mobile by Bandai Namco. Check out GUNDAM BATTLE: GUNPLA WARFARE guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Gundam Battle Gunpla Warfare guide and tips: –

This article covers how to play Gundam Battle Gunpla Warfare, build Gunpla, stats, parts, and other things such as AI Pilot, combat, etc. Let’s get straight to the  Gundam Battle Gunpla Warfare guide and tips: – 

Gunpla Build Guide


Let’s start with the Gunpla Build Part. To build a Gunpla, you need parts, weapons, shield, and AI Pilot. The body parts include the Head, Body, Arms, Legs, and Back. In short, to build a Gunpla, you need four things; body parts, weapon(short-range/melee, long-range/ranged), shield, and AI Pilot(the one who controls the Gunpla in the battle or the one who determines the Gunpla Job). Assemble these four things to build a Gunpla. Now, each part affects different parameter/stats of the Gunpla. Let’s learn about all: –

  • Head – Shot Attack and Shot Defense
  • Body – Armor, PHY Resist, Beam Resist
  • Arms – Melee Attack, Melee Defense
  • Legs – Melee, Defense, Armor
  • Back – Melle Attack, Armor
  • Weapon – Melee or Ranged attack stats. Melee weapons include Sabers, AXES, Blades, Lances, and Module. Ranged weapons include Rifles, Long Rifles, Machine Guns, and Bazookas
  • Shield – Shield affects melee defense, shot defense, PHY resistance, and Beam resistance
  • AI Pilot – Read the GBGW AI Pilot guide below for more details

How To Get The Gunpla Parts and Gunpla Weapons, AI Pilot? Haro Chips In GBGW

You get the higher quality parts or weapons or AI Pilots from the capsules. Or you can also obtain these items from the story mode/events. High-Quality items may drop in high-difficulty stages. But, In the initial game, you should use the haro chips – to get the parts, weapons, and AI Pilot. Haro Chip is the premium in-game currency – you can obtain it from the achievements; daily, normal, and events. If you have just started playing GUNDAM BATTLE: GUNPLA WARFARE, then you should check the gift menu in the game. The game gifts thousands of haro chips for free as a newbie reward. Complete other achievements or progress through the story mode to obtain more haro chips.

Go to the home screen -> tap the capsule -> there you can spend the haro chips for the Gunpla Parts or AI Pilots. The top two banners would be time-limited – you can obtain some exclusive parts during this time. Or pull parts/AI pilots from the standard banners.

Gunpla Stats/Parameters Guide

In the above paragraph, we explained how each Gunpla part affects the parameters. These parameters or attributes are: –

  • Armor – The total health of the Gunpla
  • Melee ATK – Strength of melee weapons’ attacks
  • Shot ATK – Strength of ranged weapons’ attacks
  • Melee DEF – Defense against the melee attacks
  • Shot DEF – Defense against the ranged attacks
  • Beam Resistance – Resistance to the beam weapon attacks
  • PHY Resistance – Resistance to the attacks from PHY weapons

Go to the lobby -> Gunpla build -> there you can change the parts/weapons/shield/AI Pilot and see all the stats on the left side of the screen. The total stats of these parameters + other factors’ effect determines the combat power rating of the Gunpla. The other factors include EX Skills, world tags, Job Licenses. Before you enter the battle, you can check the approx. CPWR(Combat Power Ratings). You can easily win if you have more CPWR than the recommended CPWR.

If not, you should try upgrading the Gunpla Parts. Read the GBGW Parts Upgrading guide below.


In the Gunpla build menu, at the top-right corner of the screen, under the CPWR status, you can set the job license. There are seven job licenses and you can opt one of the available job licenses. The job license availability is affected by the AI pilot who you have equipped. You can get more AI Pilots from the capsules. The seven Job licenses are: –

  • In Fighter – Boosts the melee attacks
  • Out-Fighter – Boosts the melee attacks(In the combat, double-tap the screen when close to the enemy to unleash a strong melee attack)
  • Middle Shooter – Boosts the shot attack and lets you fire charged the shots. Also, you can use auto-guard if you are a middle shooter job holder
  • Long-Shooter – Boosts the shot attack, lets you fire charged shot and has much longer-range
  • Defenders – Auto-Guard
  • Supporters – Activates a buff which reduces cooldown time for support-type EX skills and also for EXP Skills, used by allies.
  • All-Rounder – You can activate all-rounder job anytime, but it does not provide any special boost

EX Skill – How To Set? What Is EX Skill?

You can use EX skills to deal massive damage to the foes or to apply the buffs on Gunpla itself or other party members. In the battle, at the bottom-center of the screen, you can see the EX skill button – tap it to use EX skill.

To set the EX Skill, go to Gunpla build menu and on the left side, there would be a button named “Set EX Skill”. Tap it and choose from the available ones. If you don’t see any, then it means none of the Gunpla parts have EX skill. Long press on a Gunpla part to get the details. On the details page, on the left-hand side, under the EX Skill tab, you can read the EX Skill details. If the part does not have any EX Skill, then the game will show you the — symbol.

Part Traits

The Gunpla parts provide a special trait or buff to the Gunpla. These part traits are activated if a certain condition is matched or some part traits activated automatically. For example – When armor is 60% or more, debuff EXP Skill effect up 1%. To check the condition or part traits, go toe Gunpla build menu and long-press on a part to open the details page – In the details page, on the left side, under part traits section, tap the magnifying glass to read the part traits details.

The player can raise the part traits level through fusion(use the same type of parts+same Gunpla name+same attribute in the upgrade to raise part traits level or EX Skill level).

Word Tag

Among all the Gunpla parts(assembled in a particular build), if five or more parts have the same word tag, a special bonus will get activated, which will appear in the Gunpla build menu. To check the word tag of each part, visit the Gunpla build menu -> long-press the part to open the details page -> In the details page, on the left side, under word tag section, you can check the word tags.


As you progress through the story mode, the battles will get tougher gradually. To beat the foes in these high-difficult stages, you will have to raise the combat power ratings of the Gunpla which you are using as an ally or main unit in the battle. And, one of the best ways to increase the CPWR is by raising the parts of the Gunpla.

Tap the menu button at the bottom-right corner on the lobby -> upgrade -> upgrade -> select the part that you want to upgrade -> choose the parts that you want to sacrifice to upgrade the selected part -> confirm. It will cost you the capital/coins. You can earn it from the battles or achievements.

Tune Up – To raise the max level of EX Skills, Parts Traits skills, the rarity of a part, its abilities, you need to tune-up. Long press the part in Gunpla build menu -> choose tune-up or In the lobby, on the bottom-right side, tap the menu button -> upgrade -> use awakening circuit, AI Awakening circuit -> spend capital coins -> tune-up.

EX Skill/Parts Traits Skill – Use the identical/duplicate parts in the upgrade process to raise EX skill level or Parts skill level. The attribute and the name of the parts should be the same – attribute – speed/power/technology.

How To Get Awakening Circuit – Tune Up Materials

You can obtain Awakening Circuit(tune-up materials) from the capital shop(menu -> shop -> capital shop), high-difficulty missions(Free missions), story mode, In exchange for platinum coins(menu -> shop -> coins exchange), and the events.


Using the recycle feature, you can obtain the platinum coins. You need grade 4 or higher quality parts; quantity – 3, and all these three parts should have the same name. The type does not matter. Tap the menu button -> upgrade -> recycle -> select the three parts -> recycle.

The Story Mode Missions – Combat Guide

GUNDAM BATTLE: GUNPLA WARFAREIn the combat, you can control the main Gunpla while the allies attack the enemies automatically. You can choose the auto mode if you don’t want to play it manually. At the bottom-left corner of the screen, tap the shield button to guard Gunpla -> tap the EX Skill button to use EX Skill. On the bottom-right side, tap the GO Button to move close to the enemy -> tap the stay button to stay on the current location. You can also use the swipe; swipe up to move, swipe left/right to dodge, double-tap for melee attacks, tap the gun/shot button at the bottom-right corner to deal damage from a range.

From the battle, you will earn EXP, upgrade items(Nippers, Awakening Circuits, etc.) Also, the Gunpla parts and Ally Gunpla Parts will gain EXP from the battles.

Attribute Guide

There are three attributes; power, technique, and speed. The Gunpla gets one of these attributes if you have equipped five or more parts of the same attribute. For example – To build a power type Gunpla, you use five or more parts having a power attribute. In the Gunpla Build menu, at the top-left corner of the parts’ icon, you can check the attributes; P, S, T. P – power, S- speed, and T – technology. The game features the rock-paper-scissor mechanic and you can get advantage from it by deploying a high-grade attribute Gunpla in the battle(For example – In the arena mode, when choosing the opponent, make sure to check the attribute). The attribute bonus/advantage/disadvantage chart: –

  • Power>Technical
  • Technical>Speed
  • Speed>Power

During the battle, pay attention to the targeting cursor. It turns red if you have the disadvantage, blue if you have the advantage, and white if there is neither advantage nor disadvantage.

So that would be all in this GUNDAM BATTLE: GUNPLA WARFARE guide for the beginners. If you have more information, feel free to share in the comment below and we will add that info in this GUNDAM BATTLE: GUNPLA WARFARE Guide.

Here are some tips for GUNDAM BATTLE: GUNPLA WARFARE Players: –

  • Progress through the story mode as far as you can – It’s the only way to unlock other game modes
  • Build Gunpla Wisely – Use the auto-build function in Gunpla build menu assemble all the best parts to build the strongest Gunpla
  • Make sure to use Haro Chips and pull the best parts from the capsules. Give priority to the parts instead of AI Pilots – because, parts provide the direct parameters to the Gunpla
  • Play other game modes to farm items; free missions, events, daily missions, arena. You can farm upgrade items tune-up materials, EXP, parts from these game modes.
  • Get tune-up materials, exclusive Gunpla parts from the event mode
  • Complete the achievements; daily, normal, events
  • Keep an eye on the Capital Shop deals – Use the coins/capital to grab upgrade materials, tune-up materials
  • Upgrade the parts
  • Tune-up the parts
  • Raise EX Skill
  • Raise Parts Traits Skill
  • Try to activate word tag bonus
  • Use the skip tickets for instant rewards
  • Assign the job license wisely
  • Sell the useless items for platinum coins or capital coins
  • Collect all the Gunpla parts to earn rewards; painting colors, emblems, box arts, etc.
  • Get the full Gunpla list from the menu
  • Activate/Use the attribute bonus

Do you have more GUNDAM BATTLE: GUNPLA WARFARE tips? Please share with other fellow players in the comment below – you can also drop your friend code in the comments(friend code can be found in the profile menu).

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  1. Hello, noobies here, ive already maximise level of my 6 star parts, including AI, but still the strength is just 700k, how do i reach 1 mil strength?

    • It’s all about growth and alterations. If your parts have only 1 growth, they’re going to suck even fully maxed out. You want to build with 3 growth. That means only awaken and tune up purple or gold starting parts. Gold seems to be slightly better, but purple is fine. Then, when you are able…be sure to use alterations in order to unlock even more potential from stats as well as skills/traits. Next, make sure to max out all your marks on each piece. In addition, make sure you equip matching sub parts (same part gives extra 30% of it’s stats to the main part). You can use sub parts to help get 3 active word tags for % boost to certain stats. With all this maxed you may even hit 3mil CPWR on single gunpla.

    • @Andy In the daily mission menu, you have the options to play battles normal, hard, and very hard difficulty. Same in the event missions, you can choose normal, hard, and very hard