Mow Zombies Cheats: Tips, Tricks, Walkthrough & Guide

Mow Zombies is an amazing top-down shooter game for mobile where you shoot the zombies with super guns. Read on for Mow Zombies cheats, tips, tricks, guide & walkthrough

Mow Zombies Cheats Tips Tricks GuideIn Mow Zombies, you will be playing as a girl character who solely handles the massive waves of zombies and their boss on a map where you will find no human. Yeah, you may find a human/citizens in the plot level – but, in the normal stages, you will be the only human in the zombie apocalypse.

Mow Zombies feature amazing weapons/guns; common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, god-tier, and mysterious. We have not discovered the mysterious gun yet. If you have, please share its stats in the comment section below. As you pass the stages, you will unlock more new guns. Apart from the main weapons, she can carry a secondary weapon such as a grenade, zombie trap, etc. Once you pass level 40, you will be able to carry a robot who helps you shoot the zombies.

If you have just started playing it, then you are on the right page. In today’s post, we have shared a bunch of Mow Zombies cheats featured with a beginner-friendly Mow Zombies guide and some tips & tricks that you may love. So without any further ado, let’s head to the main content. 

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There are mainly three in-game items; weapon chips, diamonds(Z coins), and gold coins. Other than that, when you unlock the camp or house, you will get another currency called yellow hearts that you can use to upgrade the camp/house stuff, doctors to buy superweapons. Weapon Chips – you can use weapon chips in upgrading the robots or secondary weapons. Gold Coins – you can use gold coins to upgrade the guns, talents. Z Coins or Diamonds – it’s the most valuable item that you get by completing the citizen quests in the camp, from the chests, by watching the video ads. You can use it to replenish energy, buy treasure box, to revive the character in the battle. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Mow Zombies cheats, tips & tricks: –

Focus Only On The Best Weapons

The first tip here is don’t waste gold coins in upgrading the useless weapons. You will only upgrade the weapon when you are unable to clear the stage and have no other best weapons than the one that you are currently using. Old weapons become obsolete when you get a new one – you would not need to upgrade the obsolete weapons that you don’t use. 

Head to the weapon tab -> main -> there you can check the complete list of weapons – all the guns that you have acquired so far. Pay attention to the attack stats -> don’t invest in the weapons with low-attack stats. You would not need them once you have got a better gun. For example; In the early game, the first five guns are 2Y-000, CD-82, HR-18X, FS-521, HX-614. Among all these, HX-614 is the best gun. Once you clear the stage 50, you will get an epic-tier gun with more ATK DPS – then, you will upgrade than one instead of upgrading HX-614. 

In other words; save gold coins. Only upgrade the best gun with high ATK stats – and, only when you have no choice. If you are close to a stage, which unlocks a new gun – try not to upgrade the currently equipped gun and clear the stages. Save as many gold coins because you will need them for upgrading high-tier guns later in the game. If you are getting defeats, only then you have to upgrade the gun. 

Grind In Mow Zombies By Repeating The Stages

Mow Zombies game allows you to repeat the stages that you have already completed. If you are stuck on a stage and have no gold coins to upgrade the gun to boost firepower, then it’s better to step back and clear the old stages for gold coins, weapon chips. Grind more and more – then invest gold coins in upgrading the best gun you have + use weapon chips in upgrading the robots, secondary weapons. 

On the top-center of the main screen, you can check the stage timeline. Tap that stage info option -> this will unlock the stage map where you can check all the stages that you have completed so far in the Mow Zombies game. Mow Zombies feature a ton of stages with increasing difficulty. On the stages that you have already completed, there would be a green color retry option -> tapping it prompts you to retry the stage and grind gold coins. Also, your character will gain EXP and level up. 

Find And Defeat The Big Fat Zombie For Gold Coins

On the map, make sure you explore every area – you will find a big fat zombie. This zombie has loads of gold coins. Find and defeat him to get rich. You can later invest these gold coins in powering-up the firearms. 

Keep An Eye On Power-Ups Drop

Zombies in Mow Zombies often drop the power-ups such as a car, tank, more firepower, super health kit, simple health kit, robot, and much more. All these power-ups are useful. For example – the car power-up transforms you into the car. Shield power-up improves the defense – helps you save HP. The health kit restores the character’s HP. Tank transforms the character into a tank. Robot power-up spawns a deadly robot to assist you in combat. So every time you kill the zombies, pay attention to their killing spot and check whether they have dropped the power-ups or not. 

Crawl On The Mow Zombies Map

Your character is like the meat for zombies. As you spawn, they will smell you and try to devour you. Don’t stand at a point; keep moving around all across the map and try to defend against small zombies at a time. Try using the environment objects or map to scatter them into small legions and tackle a small group of zombies at a time. Keep moving in the circle and have a distance between you and the zombie brigade. Mow Zombies Cheats Tips Tricks Guide

Drive And Smash For Gold Loot

See that phone button next to the start button on the screen? Tap it to launch a new game mode where you smash the rich zombies with cars for gold coins. 

Collect The Air-Drop

Now and then, an air-drop pops out on the main screen. Tap it and open it for gold coins, diamonds, etc. 

Build The Talent Tree In Mow Zombies

Mow Zombies Talent Tree – navigate to the talent menu and there you will find the talent tree. Spend gold coins and you will get a random talent or upgrade the unlocked talent. These include increasing the HP, ATK SPD, BOSS DMG, Buffs, Dodge, speed, gold reward, CRIT, ATK, etc. 

Manage And Build The Camp House

Mow Zombies Cheats Tips Tricks GuideMow Zombies Camp – it unlocks after you complete a certain stage in the game(35-40 maybe). In that stage, you will save citizens who will stay in this camp. They fight the zombies and earn gold coins passively. So don’t forget to collect them. Also, you can collect yellow hearts from the citizens staying in the camp. Use these yellow hearts in upgrading the camp facilities or doctor for superweapons. Also, there would be (i) symbol over the citizen’s head -> tap it to check the quests. Complete the camp citizens’ quests to earn diamonds for free. Usually, you save the citizens. In some of the stages, especially the plot levels, you will find the citizens. 

Get The Freebies

Head to the store and there you can watch video ads for free diamonds, gold coins, weapon chips, and energy. 

So these are some Mow Zombies cheats, tips & tricks walkthrough guide for beginners. If you know more tips & tricks, share with us in the comment section below. 

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5 thoughts on “Mow Zombies Cheats: Tips, Tricks, Walkthrough & Guide”

  1. I am on the 900 stage and my level is 260 and my gun power is 500, i am unable to clear more level because my gun is not getting upgrade it’s showing higher rank not open yet. Tell me how to open higher rank? I have lots of gold coins weapon chips.

    Kindly advise how to upgrade my gun.

    • Every gun you upgrade to myth allows 30 levels beyond the 500 mark. Im lv 245 on level 731 with a lv 527 icebow but i can currently upgrade to 560 as ive upgraded 2 more guns to myth. Hope this helps

  2. Anyone else hating the latest update? (7/10/21 or so).,, the limited time event is just crush through, get selected boosts… most of which aren’t that helpful, at least not past a certain point. Case in point – boost in coins earned! Really? I have quadrillions of coins… like a thousand million million – but there’s nothing to spend them on.even when I do level up, buying 5 random skills costs so little, comparatively, that my gold total barely changes. (Last time it went from 843.2aa (843.2 quadrillion) all the way down to 843.1, after maxing out my skill tree spins again. The worst thing about the update is the massive reduction to the drop rate of “camp building supplies” (wood, iron, stone – and to a lesser extent, bread, water, and medkits – the ones you collect, not the ones which heal you in battle). Put it this way, in the last 3 days, I’ve gotten 1 wood. No stone, and no iron. This change affected game levels AND the “road warrior” car driving mini-game in the camp. CRAZY. Crazy bad that is.
    The best thing – by far – to spend diamonds upon is the extra HP hearts in the center of the skill tree. The game gets much much easier if you have 5-6 hearts instead of just a few! The bad news is that getting that 6th HP heart will cost you 800 diamonds!
    Try and save your “drop troops” for very very high value situations. Camp rescue, clearing out the end of a boss stage, etc.
    try to avoid investing too much in the “Get more gold” skill… past a certain point, the gold comes in faster than you can spend it.
    The 1$ “Project M” special weapon is good, but TBH, it’s nothing as good as the regular mushroom mine, because Project M mushrooms Time out and self detonate rather quickly. The Soul Hunter robot is well worth the 1100 hearts… he is one of the best – if not THE best – F2P robots in the game. Speaking of robots…
    Try to avoid over-investing in the early robots/secondary weapons… as you unlock better ones, you’ll leave the basic ones in the dust, and any chips (and in the case of weapons, gold) spent leveling up unused secondary weapons and robots are basically wasted.
    Note that doing hard levels can earn you gold, chips, townspeople, and supplies… but not EXP for your main character. (Another game flaw!)

    Definitely worth playing…. But now sadly broken.