Atari Combat Tank Fury cheats: guide, tips, and strategy

Atari Combat Tank Fury is a puzzle RPG for mobile by Atrai, Inc. Read on for Atari Combat Tank Fury cheats and tips available with a guide for beginnersAtari Combat Tank Fury cheats tips guide

Atari Combat Tank Fury cheats, guide, and tips: – 

This article covers “how to play Atari Combat Tank Fury”, about the base, buildings, tips to win the battles, and other aspects such as commanders, crews, their upgrades, and much more. So, let’s not waste any time and get straight to the Atari Combat Tank Fury cheats, tips, and guide: – 

Get Started With The Atari Combat Tank Fury Basics

Atari Combat Tank Fury is a puzzle RPG with PvE and PvP battle modes. For the battles, player builds a team of commanders and crews to fight the enemies and win the lucrative rewards. The gameplay is based on traditional puzzle RPG mechanics where the player matches and breaks the same color jewels to power the tactics or strike the enemies. You are free to select an enemy upon the turn. 

At first, you will have access to the campaign mode that features three chapters available in easy and hard mode – each chapter with challenging stages and great rewards. PvP mode is also available if you want to fight other players’ teams and compete for the rankings on the leaderboard for the top rank and max rewards. Once you reach the HQ level , you will get to play another great mode; special ops. 

Guide To Commanders Or Vehicles

Commanders or Vehicles are the units that you add in the team to strike the enemies. How to get the commanders? On the base screen, in the upper-right corner, tap the “loot” button -> select the banner; special vehicle stash -> there you can spend the gold coins to get the commander or vehcile shards. Once you have enough shards, you will be able to fuse them into a complete unit.

On the base screen, in the bottom-left, tap the garage option. This takes you to the garage screen where you can check the list of all commanders. On the commander icon, you will see the number of shards required to unlokc that vehcile unit or promote that vehicle unit. For example – if it’s like this 0/100 – it means, you need x100 shards but you have 0 right now. Tap the find button to see the acquistion method. Atari Combat Tank Fury cheats tips guide

Get Stronger To Beat Powerful Units In Tank Fury

The tank battles get competitive as you proceed to the hard mode or higher level stages. One must be prepared with a great armyr of tanks – otherwise, get ready to see the defeat. There are several ways to get stronger in the Atari Combat Tank Fury game: – 

  • Level Up – you will need supply and vehicle XP to level up a commander or vehcile. Remember that vehcile’s level can not exceed the player level. For instance; if your current player level 10, the vehicle’s max level would be 10. You will have to increase the player level first; get player XP by upgrading the base buildings or completing the missions
  • Promote – vehicle shards and supply boxes would be needed to promote the vehicle. It’s the best way to improve the tank. You can craft vehicle/tank shards in motor pool facility at the base
  • Parts: – equip high-tier parts. You can get parts through battles. 
  • Team up with crews. Once you reach HQ level 5, you can build cavalry shcool – it unlocks the crew funtion. You can further improve the crews by building the barracks

Manage The Resources 

Resources such as supply and oil are required to build and upgrade the base buildings. Here’s the guide to all main resources: – 

  • Vehicle XP – required to level up the tanks. Obtain from firing range building at base or through battles/missions
  • Supply – obtain from supply drop. Stores in supply depot. Upgrade the supply depot to store more supply and make high-cost upgrades
  • Oil – obtain from oil refinery or battles/missions. Stores in oil depot. Upgrade the oil depot to store more oil

Build And Expand The Base In Atari Combat Tank Fury

The base is where you can train crews, enlist crews, craft battle items, produce reosurces. Here’s the list of buildings: build and upgrade these buildings to grow: – 

  • HQ – the main base buidling that sets the progression of all other buildings. Other buildings can not exceed the HQ level. To raise their max cap, you must upgrade the HQ building at the base
  • Motor Pool – craft the tank shards here. Use them to promote the tanks in Atrai Combat Tank Fury game
  • Oil Refinery – produces oil
  • Oil Depot – stores oil
  • Supply Drop – produces supply
  • Supply Dept – stores supply
  • Firing Range – produces vehicle XP
  • Weapons Lab – you can craft the battle items here
  • Cavalary Shcool – build it and nlist crews for the battles
  • Barracks – the building made for crews; train crews here
  • Tech Dome – you can research here and activate the special boosts that help you in the progression

Guide To Battles In Tank Fury

Atari Combat Tank Fury cheats tips guideFirst, on the battle prepration screen, you can change the team, select the crews, battle items, and check the enemies’ info; class/color. We would advise you to select the tanks that have class or color advantage. Here’s guide to class or colors: – 

All the tanks(yours and enemies) belong to specific classes; red, blue, green, light, and dark. Red is strong against green class. Green is strong against blue class. And blue is strong against red class. You can take it like this; red; fire, wood; green, blue; water. Light and dark classes are strong to each other. 

Now, before diving into the tank battle, check the enemies’ color/class and choose the tanks according to that; the ones with advantage. For example – if enemies belong to blue/water class, then you can go with wood/green color/class tanks as wood/green class is strong against blue/water class. Don’t go with weak classes as you will have a disadvantage; enemies will receive less damage from you – but, you will receive more damage. That’s why it’s imporatnt to set up the formation based on class advantage. 

Once you are in the battle, you can select an enemy tank as target(keep the class advantage in mind). On the jewel board, you will have jewels that you can break by matching x3 or more. Breaking jewels not only inflict the damage to enemy, but also charges up the power tactics(based on the class/color). For example – if you match the green color jewel, then green tactics will charge up. Once it’s full, the “ready” option will appear on the tank commander -> tap it to unleash the skill. 

What you can do is focus on matching the jewels that matches your tank commander class color, which has a class advnatage over the enemy. This way you can clear the waves of enemies quickly. Atari Combat Tank Fury cheats tips guide

Loot And Sim On Cleard Stages

In Atrai Combat Tank Fury, you can get instant rewards from a stage that you have cleared with three-stars. Go to the battle map -> select that stage -> loot and sim. You will need Sim tickets for this functionality. You cna get it from daily missions, challenge milestone rewards, or by watching the video ads. 

Get Free Items In Atari Combat Tank Fury

Near the HQ building on the base, there is a tower; tap it -> watch the video ad and you could get one the listed rewards there; like sim ticket, crew coordinates, ribbon, fuel, etc. 

Complete The Missions For Freebies

In the lower-right corner on the base screen, tap missions; do the training missions, daily missions, and complete the achievements for great rewards. 

Also, don’t forget to participate in the events, join faction, play PvP and rank higher for free gold coins.  

So that’s all we got in this post on Atari Combat Tank Fury cheats, tips, and guide for beginners. 

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