Murderous Pursuits Mobile Tips & Tricks: Guide, Cheats & Strategies

Murderous Pursuits Mobile is a new Android & iOS game by NetEase Games. Read on for Murderous Pursuits Mobile tips, cheats, guide & tricks

Murderous Pursuits Mobile Guide Tips CheatsNetEase has recently released a brand new game called Murderous Pursuits Mobile on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. In the game, players pick the character and choose the best skills out of all available to them and compete with other players in a variety of interesting game modes. If you are new to the game, then you have come to the right page. This Murderous Pursuits Mobile guide will teach you the basic concepts of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Murderous Pursuits Mobile cheats, tips & tricks that you would love to read to get excel in this game. So, let’s not waste any time and head to the main content; Murderous Pursuits Mobile strategy walkthrough guide –

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Murderous Pursuits Mobile Guide Tips CheatsFirst things first – the objective depends on the game mode that you select. In different-different game modes, you will require a different strategy to implement to achieve the best score. Each game mode has a certain number of rules to follow that you must know. For example – Classic mode assigns Quarries and Hunters randomly – your goal would be scoring as many points as you can by eliminating them. In VIP Escort mode, the team with the highest total points wins at the end of the time. Elimination mode challenges you to be the top-scorer at the end of three rounds. And, In Crown Clash mode,  you have the objective to earn more points than the opponent team. Now, let’s go through all the Murderous Pursuits Mobile tips & tricks featured in this walkthrough guide – 

Quarry Vs Hunter

Players in Murderous Pursuits Mobile have two main roles; Quarry and Hunter : –

  • In the battle, you can eliminate Quarries by tracking them down. For that Quarry, you are a Hunter
  • You are also someone else’ Quarry – that person is called Hunter for you – note this point!
  • You need to eliminate Quarry without getting eliminated by your Hunter. 
  • The basic part of the gameplay is tracking them down; the indicator at the top-center of the screen tracks Quarry + alerts you if there is a hunter nearby

Murderous Pursuits Mobile Guide Tips CheatsTips To Earn Score Points

  • Eliminate Quarry
  • Eliminate Quarry with a Pie Bomb
  • Use the counter skill – this skill can help you evade hunters
  • Sneak up on a Quarry and attack them from behind
  • Kill a Quarry while hidden in a Vignette
  • Punish a Quarry when they are exposed
  • Perfrom multiple skills 
  • Stun a Hunter before they eliminate someone
  • Stun a Hunter with a Pie Bomb
  • Attack while in a guard patrol area

Make Use Of Counter Skill

We recommend equipping this skill as it can help you counter the attacks from Quarry and Hunter. 

Get Familiar With All The Skills In Murderous Pursuits Mobile

  • Disguise – disguise yourself as another character so that your Quarry can not see you on their Hunter Indicator
  • Reveal – this is one of the best skills that you can reveal the location of nearby Quarries and Hunters
  • Humilation – gives you extra scores – you need to humiliate the corpse of your Quarry
  • Flash – release a dazzling flash of light around you – blinding everyone
  • Disrupt – temporarily interfere with the HUD of players around you, preventing them from tracking others
  • Counter – counter Quarry and Hunter attacks
  • Subvert – create a level playing field. Clear all skill effects in the area, and prevent anyone from using skills for a while. 

Best Skills In The Game

We recommend using these skills; Disguise, Reveal, and Counter. Go to the abilities -> there you can change the skills. Upgrade the abilities to enjoy perks like more score points. From the chests, you will get the coins and upgrade materials – use them in upgrading their abilities. 

Get Familiar With Quarry System

In most of the game modes, you will have to find Quarry and eliminate him/her to earn the points. Since there are lots of characters on the plot, it would not be easy to find Quarry quickly. The best way to find Quarry in the Murderous Pursuits Mobile game is by keeping an eye on the Quarry Tracker at the top-center of the screen. All you need to do is align the center of the Quarry Tracker bar in the direction you want to go – as you proceed further, the bar will become wide and soon, it will be full – that means, Quarry is nearby. You can use the “reveal” skill to reveal Quarry among all the nearby people. Once found, use the attack button to eliminate Quarry. If you didn’t choose the “reveal” skill, you will need to manually figure out Quarry by observing all nearby people. 

Evade Hunters In Murderous Pursuits Mobile

Hunters can eliminate you! The best way to evade hunters in the game is by keeping an eye on the hunter indicator at the top-center of the screen. It will alert you when there is a hunter nearby – that does not mean that the hunter knows your location. But, it’s best to take this warning seriously. When there is a hunter nearby, we recommend looking around and observe nearby people – look for any suspicious character. Remember that you can stun the hunters and score points.

Don’t Get Arrested By The Guard

On several parts of the plot, there would be a guard. Do not attack or humiliate – otherwise, you will get arrested. If the guard is distracted, you can do these actions. 

Don’t Expose Yourself In Murderous Pursuits Mobile

Walking/Running increases the Exposure. When it gets full, Hunters or Quarries will be able to see your location. So, it’s the best strategy to not to expose yourself. You can reduce the exposure by standing in the dotted line circle area – called Vignette. 

Make Use Of Vignettes

Stand in a vignette and you will be able to conceal yourself from Quarries and Hunters + your Quarries will not know if you are nearby. 

So that’s all for now in this post on Murderous Pursuits Mobile guide and tips for beginners. Share your tips & tricks in the comments. 

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