Terrarium Garden Idle Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Terrarium Garden IdleTerrarium: Garden Idle is a brand new Idle game by Green Panda Games for mobile. Check out our Terrarium Garden Idle guide, tips, cheats & strategy

In Green Panda Games’ latest Idle game Terrarium Garden Idle, you have to expand your garden by unlocking new floors, collecting/discovering the plants. The game follows the universal Idle system; all you need to do is tap the plant to obtain oxygen. Earn oxygen, upgrade plants, produce more oxygen, buy more plants, and expand your garden. If you think you are progressing very slowly, then we are here to help you. In today’s post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know: Terrarium Garden Idle guide and Terrarium Garden Idle tips, cheats & strategy.

Top Terrarium Garden Idle Tips, Cheats & A Strategy Guide⇓

1.) Don’t Upgrade A Plant Too Much

You should always try to unlock new plants as fast as you can. The reason is the game gives you low-rank plants in the beginning to unlock. Every new plant would be better than the previous one. For example; Aloe Vera plant produces more oxygen than the snake plant. Lotus produces more oxygen than the Pine bonsai. The only difference would be of the cost. And when you reach the maximum upgrade level, the game will allow you to add a duplicate plant to the garden. You can skip it if it is not a productive plant(for example; Snake Plant, Aloe Vera, Rubber Fig and all the starting plants; less productive).

To add a new plant to the garden, you must meet the minimum level requirement. On the main screen, at the top-right corner, tap the level up button and collect the reward button. The level bar gauge gets filled as you earn oxygen.

2.) Make Use Of Boosters, Upgrade Them

Terrarium Garden Idle game features three boosters; fertilizer, intense watering, repellant. Fertilizer booster boosts the oxygen income by 3 times for a certain amount of time(depending on the level). Intense Watering booster automates the tapping process and boosts the oxygen income(10 taps per second, automatically). Repellant instantly grants you oxygen. All you need to do is go to the rainbow tab -> tap the ready button. You can increase the impact of these boosters by upgrading.

After one time usage, you will have to wait for a certain amount of time as these boosters have a cooldown time. You can skip it by watching the video ad(go to the rainbow tab -> reload boosters).

3.) Pay Attention To The Offline Earnings

Unlike other Idle games, In Terrarium Garden Idle game, you have to level up the offline earnings upgrade as you don’t earn on the basis of current progress when offline. Go to the rainbow tab and at the bottom, tap the level up button next to offline earnings. We would recommend you to give priority to this upgrade. The reason is as you progress, the upgrade cost will increase and you will highly depend on the offline earnings. Start paying attention to this upgrade from the beginning.

4.) Watch The Video Ad For More Oxygen

You can increase the reward you get upon leveling up or when you come back to the game after a long time offline by watching the video ad. This is the easiest way to earn more. Invest the oxygen in upgrading plants and boosters to produce more.

5.) Tap The Most Productive Plant Always

As you know, In Terrarium Garden Idle game, you can increase the oxygen production of a plant by tapping it. To earn more, make sure to always tap the most productive plant. For example; the Snake Plant is producing 100 oxygen per second. And aloe vera plant is producing 500 oxygen per second, tapping the aero plant would make some sense.

6.) Customize The Garden, Try Out The Night Mode

On the main screen, tap the cursor; this will enable the editing mode. If you want to change the position of plants, then use this feature. And the game also features a night mode/theme; tap the gear icon on the main screen, at the top-left corner -> enable the night mode.

So these are some Terrarium Garden Idle tips, cheats & a strategy guide for the beginners.

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30 thoughts on “Terrarium Garden Idle Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy”

  1. As I was playing I randomly got 70 crystals without a paying. So I’m assuming there is another way to get them rather than paying. Anyone know if there is?

  2. At level 185 my offline earnings never showed up. I talked to a friend about it who apparently had the exact same issue. Does anyone know what’s wrong.

  3. When i used all decorations it Made the collection of oxygen slower, Even with the boosters activated together. What happened? I used then since i Paid the monthly subscription. 🙁 Help. It’s nothing but making it harder to grow

  4. I have too many duplicate plants ( did it right at the beginning) but my archive won’t let me archive the dupes.imits the number.
    How do l throw plants away? Or raise archive limit?

  5. If you tap the on the paint on the top left corner, there’s a box at the bottom and it says ” Archived Plants” whats that for and how do you use it?

    • It’s just if you have duplicated plants and you don’t want them on your shelves, you can archive them and they will be saved there until you are ready to place them back on your shelf. Note that archive plants do not give off oxygen though, I hope this helps.

    • it’s so if you want to remove plants you can, but you have to drag the plant to the little box. Also when tapping on the paint brush, you can change the color of your pots by tapping on the pot icon

  6. How do you get the ‘Pink Diamonds’ so you can buy decorations like the candles etc..
    Does anyone know.?
    I know you can buy them but I don’t want to spend money on this game..

    • If you’re talking about the “coming soon” ones, I don’t think they exist yet. Otherwise, the veggie and flower world require oxygen to open.

    • I’ve been here for months, probably a year! I’m still at LVL 3030 and nothing… How have the other worlds not opened yet??!

    • You can have as many as you want as far as I can tell, but I have never made more than 2 as the more you have the more expensive they are to upgrade – but they are still only worth the same in oxygen production, so not really worth it.