Mutiny A Pirate Survival RPG Guide: Cheats, Tips & Tricks

Mutiny A Pirate Survival RPG is a brand new survival game for Android & iOS by Helio Games. Read on for Mutiny A Pirate Survival RPG Guide, tips & cheats

Mutiny A Pirate Survival RPG Guide WalkthroughHelio Games, well-known for Westland Survival game, recently released a new game called Mutiny A Pirate Survival RPG. If you have played their old game Westland Survival, you will find this one pretty similar in terms of the game concept.

Although, the themes and content are pretty different – In this one, the game takes you to the vast ocean world where you can set sail on other islands with crew members to gather the resources, build shelter, hunt enemies, loot other players, and survive as long as you can. If you are new to the game, then you are on the right page.

This Mutiny A Pirate Survival RPG guide walkthrough covers the core concepts of the game that you would love to know to get a head start in the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Mutiny A Pirate Survival RPG tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. So, without any further ado, let’s dive into the main content. 

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Mutiny A Pirate Survival RPG Guide WalkthroughMutiny A Pirate Survival RPG Guide, Walkthrough, Tips & Cheats: –

First things first – the island where you spawn at the beginning of the game already have a shelter built that you can use to keep the storage boxes and other facilities. Also, there would be a crew member over there with whom you can talk to and accept the quests. We recommend following these quests as a walkthrough and proceed further to have an idea on how things work in the game.

First of all, you need to repair all the broken walls and facilities there so that you can use them. These facilities include; garden bed to produce sugar cane, cane, jute, etc. Bonfire to make the brew, baked meat, alcohol, cooked meat, etc. Water Collector to craft full flask of water, herbal infusion, strong herbal infusion, etc. These facilities are available right from the start to help you with water and food resources. Make sure to repair these facilities asap and get ready for the adventure.

Let’s explore all the Mutiny A Pirate Survival RPG tips & tricks featured in this walkthrough guide: –

Make Your Character Stronger To Survive Longer

In Mutiny A Pirate Survival RPG, the character is weak in the beginning. To survive in the dangerous zones, your first goal should be making him stronger. By stronger, we mean to say upgrade the character’s stats such as defense, attack, HP, and speed. Higher the defense, the less damage you receive from the enemy. Higher the attack, the more damage you inflict on the enemy. Improve the speed to attack faster. 

Tips To Make Character Powerful In Mutiny A Pirate Survival RPG

There are several ways to make the character stronger: –

  • Equip gears: – clothes(pants, shirts, hat), accessories, boots, and weapon; melee or range 

On the bottom-center of the screen, tap the bag button -> if you have gears in the inventory, you can equip them to the character to improve the core stats; DMG, SPD, DEF, Spirit. Different gears grant different stats. Higher the quality, the higher the stats. 

  • Level Up and Spend Attribute Points

When you level up in the Mutiny A Pirate Survival RPG, you will earn the attribute points that you can distribute among these stats; damage, speed, defense, and spirit. 

  • Damage – increases the weapon damage
  • Speed – increases the attack speed
  • Defense – increases the defense
  • Spirit – mastery in controlling the animal and creatures

Tap the bag button on the bottom-center -> there you can distribute the attribute points. 

Getting Weapons And Gears In Mutiny

Players can craft weapons and gears at the shelter with facilities such as armor workshop, gun workbench, forge, etc. Other than that, you can find the weapons or gears from the loot boxes – loot boxes can be found on the islands or from the events. 

Learn To Level Up And Earn Fast

The coin is the main currency in Mutiny A Pirate Survival RPG. You can use it to shop the items from the in-game store; supplies, resources, etc. Or to recover energy. And, to level up in the game, you need EXP. 

You can earn coins and EXP quickly by completing the quests. Talk to the guy at the home island and he will give you the quests that you can complete to earn a massive amount of XP and coins. 

Other than that, players can farm EXP by collecting the resources from the island or by defeating the enemies. 

Making Survival Easy In Mutiny A Pirate Survival RPG

Here are a few tips to survive for longer in Mutiny A Pirate Survival RPG: –

  • Always have food and water in the bag (you can get water from water collector facility at the home shelter and cook food with the help of bonfire and kitchen) + healing items
  • Do not mess with powerful enemies in the early game
  • Build your character; improve the stats like damage, defense to ease the combat
  • Have proper gears equipped during the fight; range weapons can help you target the enemy from a distance
  • Crouch by tapping the crouch button in the bottom-right corner to walk slow and make less noise. Enemies may hear you. Stab them from back to inflict CRIT Hit
  • Always have meds or health kits in the inventory

Start Grinding Early On

Mutiny A Pirate Survival RPG Guide WalkthroughYou will need a ton of resources to make or craft things/facilities to ease survival or proceed further into the game. Once you are done grinding on the home island(you can tap the auto mode button on the bottom-left corner to grind auto), it’s time for you to move out from it and look for the resources in other islands. Go outside the home island boundary and a global map will open where you can find other players and islands. 

Tap on the island to check the loot and danger level. In the early game, grind on the low-danger level map(the one with green icons) – there you will not find any dangerous creature. Although, the loot would not be good. Higher the danger level on the island, the higher the loot. We advise you to build your character first; have powerful guns and armor before visiting any high-danger zone. 

Expand Your Inventory

Tap the anvil button on the bottom-center to open the blueprints page. Tap on shoulder bag -> craft it and equip to expand the inventory. The more number of slots in the inventory, the more stock you can gather from other islands. 

Get Familiar With The Crews

Crews in Mutiny A Pirate Survival RPG can be dispatched on the islands to grind the loot. On the right-center of the game screen, tap the “crew” button -> there you will see the crews that you have. The game gives you two crews. 

Open the global map in the game and tap on the island -> choose dispatch -> select the crew and send him. After a certain amount of time, he will come back and you will get the option to collect resources from its inventory. You can get more crews from the neighbors or resource from black spot thugs. 

Build berths to hire more sailors. 

Build The Facilities

There are a ton of resource items in the game that you can craft at the home island with the facilities. Each facility allows you to craft special items right on the home island – with raw materials. 

  • Kitchen – to cook food – recipes
  • Gun Workbench – to craft firearms/guns
  • Forge – to craft combat weapons
  • Armor Workshop – to craft armor
  • Herbalist Table – craft meds and health kits
  • Workshop – craft tools 
  • Foundry – make metals from raw ores
  • Loom – to make cloth items
  • Leather Dryer – to make leather-related items
  • Stone Cutter – use stones to craft other types of stones
  • Carpenter Table – to craft wooden boards, bow, etc. 
  • Bonfire – to cook food
  • Water Collector – to get water
  • Garden Bed – to sow seeds and plant crops

You can upgrade these facilities and get more items to craft. 

Tap on the “workbench” button on the right-center to see the list of workbench. 

Get Familiar With Blueprints

If you are confused about how to get the items or looking for the item Wiki, then tap the anvil button on the bottom-center -> this will open the list of all items or clothes or guns that you can craft. Select on an item and the game will show you how to craft it. Long press on the material icon to know how to get it. Some materials can be crafted with the facilities at home island, while some items are rare and can only be found by exploration. 

For example – to make a gun in Mutiny A Pirate Survival RPG, you will need weapon parts(craft with gun workbench), fasteners(craft at workbench), and a plate(craft at workbench). 

Keep An Eye On Global Map

From time to time, events pop out – make sure to visit these event locations because you find the most valuable items there from the chests. Also, there are some dangerous areas with massive loot – for example – the temple of trials, caves, and more. 

Finish The Boat Project

Certain areas will be locked or you would not be allowed to visit there if you don’t have the boat. On the home island, next to the shelter, interact with broken canoe and drag the required material items on the slots and finish the project. 

So that’s all in this post on Mutiny A Pirate Survival RPG guide and tips for beginners. If you have more tips & tricks, cheats to share, comment below. 

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  1. I need Sandstone to build and upgrade a few things, but cannot find it on any neighboring islands at all. How can I find sandstone, without unlocking the Shallow Waters Island first? Ive tried trading for it, but it gets to be too expensive to try and trade for on the merchant ship.

  2. I need sandstone to upgrade a few things, but cannot seem to find it anywhere at all. Without unlocking the Shallow Waters Island, how can I find sandstone? No other island seems to have it.

  3. The best sections for farming jute are the islands with fiber and wood. Especially the island with the bulls. Just be careful with hostile characters running up to you. I have managed to collect a good amount of jute and jute seeds. Good luck 👍