My Heroes SEA Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategy(My Heroes Dungeon Raid)

My Heroes SEA Adventure(My Heroes Dungeon Raid) is a brand new fast-paced action shooting game for mobile by Reality Squared Games. Check out My Heroes SEA guide, tips, cheats & strategy

Reality Squared Games’ latest game My Heroes SEA(My Heroes Dungeon Raid) is one of the best releases of this year. The game features solo as well as duo mode in which you will shoot, slay, and strike the bosses in deep dungeons for the treasury items. It comes with simple controls, challenging stages, and a variety of engaging features. My Heroes – Dungeon Adventure features five character classes; Fighter, Ranger, Priest, Mage, and Ninja.

The two premium classes are Mage and Ninja, which you can unlock by leveling up other heroes or by paying real money. All the character classes have unique game styles and skills. And you can try all the character classes as it offers you to start a new game with another hero. If you are having trouble understanding the game’s mechanics or looking for tips, then our My Heroes SEA guide and My Heroes SEA tips, cheats & strategy will help you. Also, see – MY Heroes SEA Codes 2021

(My Heroes Dungeon Raid)MY HEROES SEA GUIDE: Things To Know⇓

Abyss tokens and diamond/gems are premium in-game items. The game will gift you free diamonds at the start or at some milestone achievements. And you get abyss token by completing the quests, as a reward. You can use abyss tokens in the shop section for the weapon chest. From this chest, you could get stones(upgrading material), the cosmetic item, and epic/legendary weapons. As compared to the Abyss token, it’s hard to get diamonds. So you should spend the diamonds wisely.

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And Co-Op mode is better than the solo mode. The reason is the loot or rewards you get from Co-Op mode is way better than the solo mode. If you want to level up fast in My Heroes SEA , then complete the quests asap. On the main screen, at the top-left, tap the quest button. You get new quests daily. Let’s learn step-by-step:-


When you start the game, you will have to opt for one character class. Two out of all are locked; Mage and Ninja. To unlock the mage character: –

  1. Choose priest class and level up it to 40

To unlock the Ninja character class: –

  1. Choose fighter or ranger class and level up to 40(Correction – You have to level up both the characters to level 40 to unlock ninja)

The Beginner’s Entrance

My Heroes SEAThe tutorial is not so great as it does not cover key points of the game and leave you on a random place in town, lonely. No one will guide you to the portal, which is just behind you. And no in-game character will tell you that you can select the game mode through the portal. After heading to the portal, the attack button will transform into the hand icon. Tap it to interact with objects. You can equip up to three weapons. But you can operate only one at a time. Tap the secondary icon to switch to it.

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My Heroes SEAYou will go layer-by-layer to the deep dungeon for the rare treasure. To conquer the layer or that area, you will have to defeat the boss in the given time. In the battle, on the left side, you can check the time remaining and the Kill-O-Meter. To summon the boss, you will have to fill the gauge of Kill-O-Meter to 100%. When it reaches the 100%, the path to the boss will open. You fill it by killing the monsters, elite monsters(denoted as the red monster icon on the mini-map). Defeat the elite bosses to fill this gauge fast.

Defeating the boss will reward you a golden chest. From that chest, you will get gears for your character.


As you progress to the deep layers, the game’s difficulty level will increase. So you should power-up the heroes often to maintain the balance. You can power up the heroes by equipping the gears, upgrading the gears.

How To Get Gears In My Heroes SEA?

You can obtain rare/legendary/powerful gears from the weapon chest, secret stages, by beating the high-level boss in the dungeon.

On the main screen of the game, on the right side, tap the backpack option -> there you can check all the gears you have. Tap on any gear to check its stats. If it’s good, equip it.My Heroes SEA


The blacksmith in the town can enhance the gears. But he will not do it free. You will have to pay him gold coins. Or in upgrading the armor, you will need material; gear ash. On the main screen of the game, at the bottom, tap the + icon on the right side of the chat widget -> this will collapse the combat controls and show you other options; wardrobe, upgrade, and skills.

Tap the upgrade option -> choose a gear -> upgrade.


Refining is another way to increase the stats of character’s gear. To refine a gear, you must upgrade it to its maximum level. Once reached, you will see the refine button. In the refining process, you will need stones. Stones can be obtained from the chests, stage drop-rate.

Refining a gear will increase the gear’s stats by a massive amount and also its star level. Usually, you get 0-star gear from the stage drop rates. You can increase the star-level(0-star to 1-star, 1-star to 2-star, and so on) via refining.

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Transmuting the gear – My Heroes SEA

On the upgrade menu, on the left side, there is also one more option; transmute. There you can destroy the useless gears for gear ash or other material.


In the reforge menu, you can change the stats of a gear. Head to that tab -> select a gear -> choose a stat from the table -> reforge. In this process, you need stones.


My Heroes SEAIn My Heroes SEA , all the heroes have unique skills. By default, some skills are already unlocked. You can unlock more using the books(drop from the golden chest after defeating the bosses, from the shop in exchange for gold coins).

Upgrading the skills –

You need the same books for upgrading that skill. If you have, then just head to the skill menu -> select the skill -> tap the upgrade button.


You have dozens of skills, but combat keys are limited. So you can only equip a certain number of skills. Tap the equip button next to the skill name and choose a slot.

So that’s all for now as My Heroes SEA guide. Let’s take a look at our top My Heroes SEA tips, cheats & strategy.

My Heroes SEA Adventure tips, cheats

1.) Activate The Element Buff Of Weapon

There are three elements in the game; fire(Red), wind/earth(light green), water(blue). All the monsters and weapons in the game belong to one of these elements. Choose the weapon on the basis of the monster’s element to deal bonus damage. You can check the weapon’s element icon on the top-left corner. And monster’s element on the left of their HP bar in the battle. Here’s the element chart: –

  1. Fire beats wind/earth
  2. Earth/Wind beats water
  3. Water beats fire

For example; If the monster’s element is fire. Then equipping the water-type weapon will benefit you.

2.) Transfer Backpack Items To Storage

If your backpack is full, then you would not be able to pick the items from the golden chest. So it would be better to transfer the backpack items to the storage or sell them/transmute them. To transfer the items, tap the backpack option on the right side of the screen -> storage -> select the items to move them to storage. You can expand the slots by upgrading the storage; it will cost you gems.

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3.) Get The Special Reward To Hunt Secret Weapons

My Heroes SEAComplete all the daily quests and you could get a special reward. For example; In the first phase, we got a key. It allows you to challenge the hidden monsters who holds the secret weapons. You can use these keys from the material tab(tap the backpack option -> material).

4.) Heal The Hero At The Right Time

In the battle, if the hero is low on HP, then use the healing potion to restore its health. Tap the healing potion icon, at the bottom-left, near combat keys(In the battle). Keep in mind that you should use it at the right time, because, after one-time usage, you will have to wait a few seconds.

5.) Fill Up The Rage By Dealing Damage With Weapon

Rage points are needed to use the skills. Without these points, you will not be able to unleash the hero’s skills. You can fill up the rage or recover rage points by dealing damage with the weapon.

6.) Repeat The Layers And Bounce Back

If you have been stuck or struggling on a layer, then it would better to repeat the old stages for coins, gears, and other items. Use the gold in upgrading the gears. Use books to unlock and upgrade the skills. In short, power-up the hero by leveling up, enhancing the gears, improving the skills.

7.) Get Better Loot

For the better loot, we would recommend you to play Co-Op mode rather than solo.

So that’s all for now as (My Heroes Dungeon Raid)My Heroes SEA tips, cheats & strategy. Have you any tips? Know any secrets? Let us know in the comment section below. Also, see – MY Heroes SEA Codes 2021

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