Kick-Flight: Best Kickers Characters Guide For Beginners

With so many characters to choose from in the Kick-Flight game, it’s hard to figure out the best one. Read on for Kick-Flight best kickers characters guide

Kick-Flight Best Kickers GuideThis Kick-Flight best kickers characters guide is designed for beginners and helps you choose the best one. So without any further ado, let’s head to the main content. 

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Types of Kickers in Kick-Flight game: –

  1. Speed
  2. Tank
  3. Support
  4. Attack

Head to the Kicker menu in the game. Select the Kicker. In the top-left corner of his/her avatar, you can check the type. Speed type characters have a dash symbol. Tank type characters have a shield symbol. Attack type characters have a punch symbol. And, support type characters have a Hexagon symbol. 

Characters with the speed attribute have fast movement speed. Tank characters have high survivability but they don’t deal much damage. Attack characters have high DPS but their survivability is not good. Support characters help allies during the battle. 

Kickers’ List: –

Tsubame – Speed

  • Special Skill – Burst Glide – Movement speed increases by 20%. Opponents will be knocked upward and take small damage
  • Kicker Skill – Sonic Rush – Inflicts medium slash damage to one enemy in front. Cancels damage reduction of the enemy and increases dealt damage
  • Ability – Accel Charge – Dash gauge heal increases by 50% when HP is below 50 %. This is a passive skill
  • Best Discs for Tsubame – Move type discs for more speed

Ruriha – Support

  • Special Skill – Cure Light Stage – Heal all allies
  • Kicker Skill – Quickly moves backward from recoil while dealing small paralysis damage to one enemy in front
  • Ability – Damage taken reduced by 40% when heal type disc skill is used
  • Best Discs for Ruriha – Heal type discs to support allies

Coco Guamrail – Tank

  • Special Skill – Coco Swing Tornado – Whips up a giant tornado to draw in opponents & slams them down, causing massive damage
  • Kicker Skill – Shock Dive – Jumps forward & delivers a slam ranged attack. Inflicts medium damage to nearby opponents
  • Ability – Damage afflicted by attacking enemy reduced by 40$
  • Best Discs for Coco Guamrail – AoE ATK and Trap DISCS for more damage

Kite – Attack

  • Special Skill – Throwing Star – An arcane infinite-style attack that delivers a single devasting frontal blow
  • Kicker Skill – Art of Illusion – Creates a substitute on the spot and warps forward
  • Ability – Perform perfect evade to remove cooldown for Art of Illusion
  • Best Discs for Kite – AoE ATK type discs for more damage

Owlbert – Support

  • Special Skill – Deploys drone that emits smokescreen for all allies, making them untargetable
  • Kicker Skill – Deploy drone that on contact with an enemy, suppressing skills
  • Ability – Effect duration of Trap type disc skill increases
  • Best Discs for Owlbert – TRAP discs because she excels at using these discs

Pitophy – Attack

  • Special Skill – Launches 12 small damage guided missiles forward
  • Kicker Skill – Dashes forward a short distance from recoil while dealing small damage to an enemy behind
  • Ability – Dealt damage increases 15% each time you take an opponent out but resets when you are killed
  • Best discs for Pitophy – Long-ranged attack discs – his survivability/HP is quite low and it’s better to stay miles away from the enemies and attack from a long-distance. So we would recommend using long-ranged attack discs

Grenhawk – Support

  • Special Skill – Increases movement speed and attack speed of all allies
  • Kicker Skill – Deals small damage to one enemy in front and reduces movement speed temporarily
  • Ability – Attack increases by 30% when HP drops to half
  • Best Discs for Grenhawk – Buff discs are good for him

Anna Starling – Speed

  • Special Skill – Creates a cage that details the whole opponent team – blocks any of their attacks
  • Kicker Skill – Restrains enemy and deals small continuous damage while the player is stunned
  • Ability – Movement speed increases while locked on to opponents
  • Best discs for Anna Starling – MOVE Discs

Jay – Speed

  • Special Skill – Disguises battle & map information for the opposing team
  • Kicker Skill – Disappears from the minimap and become untargetable
  • Ability – On death, sets a massive damage bomb trap that knocks away nearby opponents
  • Best Discs for Jay – Warp Discs to quickly move to the start point

Yuan – Attack

  • Special Skill – Temporary automatic high-speed movement with x3 attack speed increase
  • Kicker Skill – Nunchaku deals damage to one enemy in front and forcibly draws them to you
  • Ability – Normal attack increases by 10% each timeone hits
  • Best Discs for Yuan – Close-Range ATK Discs

Diatrius – Tank

  • Special Skill – Generates a gravity field across the map, stopping the opponent team from flying
  • Kicker Skill – Punches nearby opponent, dealing small damage and knocking them away
  • Ability – If HP falls below 30%, HP recovers 3% every 2 seconds
  • Best Discs for Diatrius – ATK and Buff Discs

Buzzy Big – Tank

  • Special Skill – Crew Protection – Deploys a barrier which cuts damage to all allies by 100%
  • Kicker Skill – Builds a barrier that blocks long-ranged attacks by opponents in front
  • Ability – On death, deploys a one-time barrier that blocks any damage to all teammates
  • Best Discs for Buzzy Big – Close range ATK, Buff, Move discs

How To Get Kickers In Kick-Flight Game?

You need Kicker Scout Tickets to scout or obtain new Kickers. You can get these Scout Tickets from login rewards or flight pass. 

Go to the Shop – Kicker -> Scout. You will get a random Kicker. Kick-Flight Best Kickers Guide

How To Use Kicker Skill In Kick-Flight

All the characters in the game have this skill. All you need to do is flick up the character disc at the bottom-center during the battle to activate or use kicker skill

How To Use Special Skill

Below the character disc in the bottom-center, keep an eye on the special skill’s gauge – it fills as you defeat opponents, move, attack. Once it’s filled, tap the glowing special skill icon to use the special skill. Read the details of the characters in the above paragraph and get to know about each character’s special skill

Kick-Flight Best Kickers: –

  • Tsubame – Speed; He is fast and does decent damage
  • Coco Gumralil – Tank; She has decent HP stats and does decent damage. Also, her special skill is amazing
  • Anna Starling – Speed; Her special skill is the best one out of all characters- it detains the whole opponent team
  • Yuyan – Atack; Balanced character with decent HP and damage stats

Costume & Gears: –

When you summon or scout a character, the game gives you costume or gears. Or you can earn more by completing the challenges. Go to the Kicker menu. Select the character -> tap challenges -> choose difficulty; easy, normal, hard, and very hard. Complete the challenges and get disc force, jet coins, and gears. Go back to the kicker menu and tap the costume gear option. Tap the gear slot -> activate/set the gears. 

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So this would be all in this post on Kick-Flight Best Kickers Characters Guide for beginners. 

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