Naruto Slugfest Best Class Guide – Which Class Should You Pick?

Naruto Slugfest is a brand new MMORPG featuring four unqiue classes with four sub-classes. Read on for Naruto Slugfest best class guide-all classes overview

Naruto Slugfest takes you to the time when Naruto gets back to the home after training with Jiraya. After that, he meets Sakura, Konohamaru – and, at last, Tsunade. This is the time where you select the class. Naruto Slugfest features a total of eight classes(four main classes and four sub-classes). At level 30, you can switch to the sub-class. If you have just started playing it, then you might be wondering what is the best class that you should pick in Naruto Slugfest game. Let’s not waste any time and check out the main content – Naruto Slugfest best class guide.

Naruto Slugfest Best Class Guide – Classes: –

  • Earth Keeper – Defense – Sub
  • Earth Keeper – Potent
  • Blazing Lotus – Medical – Sub
  • Blazing Lotus – Fire
  • Thunder Assassin – Mobile – Sub
  • Thunder Assassin – Stealth
  • Wind Shooter – Tactical
  • Wind Shooter – Ranged – Sub

At the beginning of the game, you can choose one of the four main classes and as you reach level 30, you will get to change into the following sub-class. Here’s the class pair info – 

(Defense, Potent). (Medical, Fire). (Mobile. Stealth). (Tactical, Ranged). Let’s take a look at all the Naruto Slugfest Classes. 

Earth Keeper – Potent Class

Naruto Slugfest Best Class Guide ClassesEarth Keeper – Potent class offers melee DPS skills and high survivability – thanks to the high health points stats he possesses, you will be able to deal with the enemies at the front line and soak the damage for the team. The potent class is one of the balanced classes in the game; with decent attack/survivability stats. 

Earth Keeper – Defense Class

It’s the subclass that activates at level 30. It’s the best tank class in the game. With this class, you get to use the shield and barrier skills that help you in PvP and PvE in soaking the damage from the enemies. Although, this class has poor attack and speed stats. 

Blazing Lotus – Pyro Class

Naruto Slugfest Best Class Guide ClassesBlazing Lotus – Pyro class offers AoE damage skills that you can use to attack the group of enemies. This class has good attack/CC skills – but survivability is not the best. So if you are a solo player, you might want to choose the class that can clear the powerful enemy waves handily. 

Blazing Lotus – Medic/Healer Class

It’s the subclass that possesses the healing skill. If you are looking for the healer class, choose Blazing Lotus in Naruto Slugfest -> level up and unlock this class. Healers in MMORPGs help a lot in team battles. But because of the low ATK/DEF stats, a solo player can face issues in clearing the powerful stages where you have to deal with the enemy waves. 

Thunder Assassin – Stealth Class

Naruto Slugfest Best Class Guide ClassesThunder Assassin – Stealth class is one of the best DPS classes in Naruto Slugfest. With Stealth class, you can quickly clear the enemy waves, attack multiple enemies with the skills, and use the CC effects for more benefits. The Stealth class has an impressive attacking/CC score. Also, DEF/HP stats are quite good. 

Thunder Assassin – Mobile Class

If you want more speed/agility, then switch to Thunder Assassin Mobile-Class form. With the mobile-form, you get a massive speed boost that can help you dodge the enemy attacks, attack them with lightning-fast skills. 

Wind Shooter – Tactical Class

Naruto Slugfest Best Class Guide ClassesTactical Class is another one of the best/balanced classes in Naruto Slugfest. The DPS is good, survivability is also decent – thanks to the ATK/HP stats and the skills. 

Wind Shooter – Ranged Class

Wind Shooter can switch to ranged class at a certain level and then you will be able to use his ranged-DPS Skills. Survivability – Good. DPS – Good. 

Which Class Should You Pick In Naruto Slugfest?

  • Earth Keeper(Defend) – Best Tank Class
  • Blazing Lotus(Medic) – Best Supporter/Healer Class
  • Thunder Assassin – Best Melee DPS Class
  • Wind Shooter – Best Ranged DPS Class

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