Bless Mobile guide and tips: gear, increase CP, progression

New to the Bless Mobile game? Master all of its concepts with this Bless Mobile guide packed with lots of tips, cheats & strategies to get stronger

Bless Mobile guide and tipsBless Mobile guide and tips: –

In this article, you will learn how to play Bless Mobile, progress through the game, get stronger; increase CP, and other things such as adventure missions, gear, currencies, life skills, the archangel, and much more. So, let’s get straight to the Bless Mobile guide and tips: –

Getting Started With The Basics Info

Like all other mobile MMORPGs, Bless Mobile too features a great set of classes that you are free to pick at the beginning of the adventure. The first tip here is to choose the class carefully as all the classes in the Bless Mobile game have unqiue sets of skills and gameplay mechanics. If you are not sure which class to pick, then this Bless Mobile class guide will help you. 

Once you have picked the class, you will spawn on the map and begin the adventure by following the main quests. As you level up the character, you will unlock new game modes such as abyss dungeon, raid dungeon, arena, tower, and more to farm items and progress further to getting stronger path.

As you continue to progress further in PvE story mode, things will get tougher quickly. And, if you have not boosted the CP of the main character, you are likely to fall down in the main quests or dungeons. So, another tip here is to keep getting stronger as you proceed through the main quests. In the CP guide below, we’ve listed all the ways to getting stronger in the Bless Mobile game. 

Tips To Increase CP In Bless Mobile

CP – Combat Power of the main character can be increased in many ways: –

-> Level up – raise the main character’s level and its stats will increase. The higher the stats of the character, the higher the CP. Read the tips below to learn how to level up quickly. 

-> Gear – gear plays a vital role in the main character’s growth. Equip high-quality gears, level them up, power-them up, equip gems – all these upgrades enhance the character’s CP. You can read the gear guide below. 

-> Skills – your character has a lot of skills. Active and passive. You can increase the skills’ stats by upgrading them. It would cost skill points and a certain amount of gold. Skill points are given to you when the main character’s level gets increased. 

-> Archangel – enhance Archangel with Archangel soul stones to increase CP. As Archanger’s level goes up, you will be able to transform into powerful Archangels and use their powerful skills. 

-> Achievements – complete the achievements, earn points, and increase the achievement level to raise CP. 

-> Insignia – you can improve the character’s grade in three main aspects; battle, adventure, and technique. Raise the grade and you will get the Insignia effect; raises the CP. Improve battle grade by playing dungeons, hunting monsters, defeating the enemies. Improve adventure grade by completing the adventure missions. And, improve the technique grade by crafting the items. 

-> Mounts & Pets – their growth can also improve the main character’s CP. 

-> Collection – register monster collection to raise CP. 

Tips To Level Up Fast In Bless Mobile

Leveling gets difficult at every level as you will have to gather more EXP than the previous time to reach the next level. Here are some tips to grind EXP and level up quickly: –

  • Chapter/Main quests – there are x10 chapters in the Bless Mobile game – each chapter has several main quests that grant massive EXP. In the upper-left, you can check these chapter quests or go to the menu -> quests -> main chapter
  • Adventure – adventures also give you EXP. Tap the menu button in the upper-left -> adventure -> there you can check the adventure cards. Select an adventure card and on the right side, you will see its details; missions area, task, rewards, etc. Tap “auto-move” to start doing the adventure mission and earn EXP
  • Hunt the monsters – hunting monsters on the map also give you EXP
  • Participate in the adventure dungeons – go to the menu -> adventure dungeon -> there you will find lots of PvE game modes such as daily dungeon, challenge tower, abyss, party dungeon, and more. Participate in these dungeons to earn EXP and level up quickly

Guide To Gears For Newbies

In Bless Mobile, gears can massively increase the CP of the main character. Tap the bag icon in the upper-left -> there you can equip/unequip the gears. Tap on the gear -> level-up/power-up. You can use power-up items to power up the gears and abrasive to level up the gear. For further boost, you can equip gem to the gear.

There are six grades of gears; common/grey, uncommon/green, rare/blue, epic/purple, legendary/light, celestial/red. 

Higher the grade, the higher the stats it give to the main character; common > uncommon > rare > legendary > celestial. 

Getting Quality Gears 

Gears can be farmed by playing the main quests, dungeon mode(for example – abyss dungeon) – the best way is by defeating the field boss. Tap the menu in the upper-left -> field boss -> defeating the field boss gives you chests containing quality(high-tier) gears and accessories. 

Or, go to the shop -> Ardell shop -> there you can spend the diamonds to get uncommon – legendary gears. Common gears can be acquired from that shop using the Ardell coins(dismantle the accessories to get Ardell coins). 

Or, you can buy gears from other players from the trade market. You can also sell the items. 

Or, you can craft celestial weapons with legendary grade items. 

Start Farming Items To Raise Life Skills Stats

Life Skills allow you to craft the items such as potions that recover HP, boost ATK, DEF, etc. Open the menu -> life skills -> life skill status -> select a skill; gathering, mining, fishing, cooking, alchemy, cooking, etc. -> gathering info -> view location. Go there and start farming items to raise mastery in life skills. 

Don’t Auto-Battle

Auto battle is not good as the AI does not dodge the enemies’ attack. We advise you to play battles manually so that you can dodge the enemies’ attack. Dodge, save HP, unleash skills, and play carefully. 

Set Up The Potions On Potion Slot

On the right side, you can put the HP and Mana potions in the slots. HP potion restores the HP of the main character automatically. Mana potion restores the MP, requires to unleash the skills. You can buy these potions from the merchant or the shop – in exchange for gold coins. 

Also, make sure to put buff potions like; ATK, DEF to boost these stats during the battle. 

Join A Guild ASAP

Joining a guild gives additional stats to the main character. Contribute to other guild members to raise the guild level and get more stats. 

Transform To Archangel 

At the bottom-center, tapping the round-shaped frenzy color between HP and mana potion bars transforms the main character into Archangel. Then, you will be able to use Archangels’ skills. 

Progression Guide For Beginners

  • Follow the chapter/main quests
  • Level up the main character
  • Grind currency in the dungeon modes
  • Join a guild
  • Do the adventure missions
  • Level up skills
  • Grind gears
  • Power-up gears with scrolls, gems, abrasive
  • Raise the trait level
  • Do the achievements
  • Raise the life skills mastery level
  • Defeat field boss to earn better gears
  • Team up with friends for tough battles

So this would be all in this post on Bless Mobile guide and tips for beginners. If you have more tips to share, comment below!

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