New Star Baseball Cheats: Guide, Tips & Tricks

New Star Baseball is a new mobile baseball game by Five Aces Publishing Ltd. Read on for New Star Baseball cheats, guide, tips & tricks.

New Star Baseball Game

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New Star Baseball Cheats: Guide, Tips & Strategies⇓

In this guide, you will learn “how to play the New Star Baseball game”, about the equipment, cards, skills, and other aspects such as relationships, lifestyle(Boyfriend/Girlfriend), in-game currencies, sponsors, manager, contracts, and much more. So, let’s not waste any time and get straight to the main content: New Star Baseball cheats, guide, tips & tricks: – 

Let’s Get Started With The Basics⇓

GOAL: In the New Star Baseball game, your goal is to get successful; when you start the game, you don’t have fans, sponsors, relationship, and a good lifestyle. By building up or enhancing the skills, you can make good progress, money, fame, and achieve all this stuff. You will be playing as a professional baseball player and progress through in-game matches/activities/tasks. 

The Skills That You Need To Build⇓

As a baseball player, you will have to work on enhancing these skills; batting, pitching, running, catching, and throwing. By improving the batting skills, you will be able to hit the ball for a home run. By improving the pitching skill, you will be able to knock out opponents easily. Improving the running skill will help you reach the next base quickly for a single/double or even triple! Catching skill improvement will help you grab the catches easily. And, at last, by improving the throwing skill, you will be able to pass the ball to the base point easily. 

The Relationships That You Need To Build In New Star Baseball Game⇓

Building up relationships with fans, managers, team, sponsors, and girlfriend/boyfriend will help you reach the milestones in your career quickly. Each one is important and we have explained each relationship’s significance below. 

New Star Baseball Game Manager Guide⇓

The manager is the one who picks up the lineup; upsetting him will cause a lot of trouble; you might not get picked if the manager is not happy. In the New Star Baseball game, the manager gets unhappy/upset when you start the matches without enough energy points, play bad shots/pitch invalid deliveries/throw poorly, and provoke him. To make the manager happy in the New Star Baseball game, players can use the manager relationship cards. 

New Star Baseball Game Team Relationship Guide⇓

Team relationship is much essential in our opinion; that’s because it impacts the outcome of the result. If the team plays poorly, you are likely to get defeated by the opponent. By increasing the relationship with the team, you will make sure that the team will play well and the chances of defeating the opponent team will increase. 

The team relationship score would be low if you(the main character) play poorly(poor shots, bad deliveries, throws, etc.) or refuse their offers of shopping or a night at the casino. 

Players can improve the team relationship with the cards and maintain it by playing well in the games/matches. 

New Star Baseball Game Fans Relationship Guide⇓

The fan base reduces if you lose the matches or play poorly. A low fan base would not attract any sponsors. You can increase the fan base or relationship with the relationship cards or by playing well. 

How To Get Sponsors In New Star Baseball Game?

To get the sponsors or attract the sponsors in the New Star Baseball game, players need to raise the star level and must have a good relationship with the fans – also, improving the lifestyle will also help you. 

Sponsors in New Star Baseball Game will help you earn more money. Keep a good lifestyle, relationship with fans to maintain the relationship with the sponsors – otherwise, they will cancel the contract. You can use the relationship cards to improve the relationship with the sponsors. 

How To Get A Girlfriend OR Boyfriend In New Star Baseball Game?

To get/attract a girlfriend or boyfriend in the New Star Baseball game, you will have to improve your lifestyle. On the home screen of the game, there would be a button with a lifestyle label on it. Tap it and you will see a bunch of items, vehicles, and property that you can buy and increase the lifestyle. On each item, you will see the info; lifestyle points duration, energy recovery. 

Keep your boyfriend/girlfriend happy – if your partner is unhappy, he/she can upset the manager/team/fans. Ultimately, all other relationships are impacted by your partner. 

Staff In New Star Baseball Game⇓

The staff members include; agents and the trainers. You can hire staff by buying the agent/trainer pack. On your screen, tap on the trainer or agent slots -> buy a better trainer/agent -> scroll down to the bottom and you will find the packs that you can buy with the bux/cash. 

The agents can increase earnings. And, the trainers can improve energy recovery. 

Casino Games & Lifestyle⇓

New Star Baseball game features four casino games; blackjack, roulette, slots, and horse racing. Making a quick buck with these casino games would not be a good idea as most of the time you end up losing what you have. 

On the main screen, tap on the lifestyle option -> tap on the casino button on the lower-right side of the lifestyle screen. There you will find the casino games to play. 

On the lifestyle screen, there are three tabs; items, vehicles, and property. Improve lifestyle to attract girlfriend/boyfriend. 

New Star Baseball Game Cards⇓

New Star Baseball game features these cards; skill cards(improve skills), equipment cards, buff cards(use in the match), staff cards, and the relationship cards(to improve the relationship). At the top-left of the screen, next to the gear/setting icon, tap on the “cards” option. This will take you to the card inventory menu where you can check the cards; tap on a card type -> check the cards that you have. 

You can get the skill/relationship cards by winning the baseball matches. Equipment and staff cards with the Bux. 

New Star Baseball Game Equipment Guide⇓

Bat, Shoe, and the Glove are the three main equipment that you can equip to the main character/player. Bat = hit the ball more precisely, glove = catching, shoe = running. You can get the equipment cards with Bux. Tap on the equipment slot on the main screen -> buy a better bat/glove/shoe. 

New Star Baseball Game Currencies⇓

Bux – In the New Star Baseball game, you can earn Bux from the casino, playing the games, or from the sponsors/endorsements. You can use the Bux to buy the cards, NRG, lifestyle items, or spend on the trainers/agents. 

NRG – Energy can be obtained by playing the game or using the Bux. Don’t start the game without enough energy – the manager will get upset if you do so. 

New Star Baseball Cheats OR Cheat Codes⇓

Are there any New Star Baseball cheats? Well, the New Star Baseball game does not support cheats or cheat codes. 

So this would be all in this post on “New Star Baseball cheats, guide, tips & tricks for beginners”. Got more tips? Comment below!

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