Grand Hotel Mania cheats: tips, tricks, and strategy guide

New to Grand Hotel Mania game? Master all of its core mechanics with these Grand Hotel Mania cheats, tips available with strategy guide

Grand Hotel ManiaGrand Hotel Mania is published by DCGamePub Limited, well-known for Game of Evolution: Clicker. It offers lots of challenging levels in which you serve the customers in a hotel by providing them all sorts of facilities like room, food, services, etc. Each level gives you a unqiue goal to complete in time where your time-management skills are tested. And as you proceed further to high levels, things get pretty challenging. If you are looking for the Grand Hotel Mania tips & tricks, then you are in the right place. So, let’s not waste any time and check out the Grand Hotel Mana cheats, tips, and guide!

Grand Hotel Mania Cheats, Tips & Tricks: –

This Grand Hotel Mana guide & tips article covers how to clear the levels quickly without losing lives/hearts, how to get smiles, about the freebies, and much more! 

Prepare In Advance For The Order That Takes Time

Right after you start the level, command the servant to prepare for the item that is common and takes time to get ready. For example – Sandwich. In Golden Apple hotel, Sandwich is one of the items that take time to cook. What you can do is prepare it in the advance and serve it as soon as the order comes up. There is always a possibility that one or two customers will sure order this item. And, rather than preparing it at that time, you can prepare in advance so that you complete the order while it’s in the green zone. 

Keep One Hand Busy

You can have two items at a time. We recommend leaving the one hand free and the other one busy by the holding item that you think customers can order. This will help you serve the customer quickly. For example – In Golden Apple hotel, Burger/Coffee/Cleaning Supply are the three main items that customer order. Since you already know that customers will order one of these items for sure, you can keep one hand occupied with one of these items while leaving the other one for free for the order that is random or unexpected. 

Link The Actions Wisely

You can set up to four actions in a row; the goal should be completing the orders quickly. So, you will need to plan according to that. For instance, you have two customers’ orders in a row. One is asking for the burger while the other one is asking for the coffee. x2 orders – x4 actions – you can quickly set-up the link; (1)tap coffee maker to pick coffee -> (2)customer demanding coffee -> (3)tap burger maker to pick burger ->(4) tap the customer demanding burger. Keep linking the actions based on the order – always try to prioritize the orders that take more time. 

Handling More Orders At A Time

At higher levels, multiple customers arrive in the hotel at a time and also give orders at the same time. And, it would be difficult to complete these orders while they are in the green zone. The quick tip here is to focus on a certain number of orders at a time and complete them as soon as possible – don’t get distracted by the new orders or customers (complete the old orders first). 


if you are stuck on a level, try using the boosters. 


upgrade the hotel facilities; appliances, rooms, etc. 

Getting Freebies In Grand Hotel Mania

  • Diamonds – you can get free diamonds by watching the video ads(after completing a certain level, you will have the option on the top-right side of the game screen to watch video ads for diamonds). Other than that, you get diamonds for free from the gift packages that you get by completing certain levels in the game
  • Coins – collect free coins from the hotels. Tap the globe button in the lower-left and you can see all the built hotels. These hotels generate passive income
  • Double Income – in some levels, after you complete them, you get the offer to double the earnings by watching video ads. Earn more, save, and upgrade

Getting Smiles In Grand Hotel Mania

How to get smiles? You get smiles when you get them(customers) in the right colored room and provide a good service(for each customer). Put ’em in the correct rooms and complete their orders in time while in the green zone. You can use the rocket booster to make them happy if you are having trouble! Anyways, these smile levels are pain and hard to complete without boosters. 

So that’s all we got in this Grand Hotel Mania tips & tricks guide. Got more tips or strategies? Comment below. 

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29 thoughts on “Grand Hotel Mania cheats: tips, tricks, and strategy guide”

  1. I could have swore this game had some elevator levels in the advertisements or am I confusing this with a different game.

  2. If you want free diamonds, it’s easier than you think. Make sure the game is closed and then change the date on your phone for about a month ahead. Next step, open the game and when it is loading up it should give you the a Welcome back with 10 minutes of the “lightning shoes”. Complete three levels and at the end it will give you 10 free diamonds and 10 more minutes of “lightning shoes”. Don’t forget to set the time back! I have used this trick multiple times to earn extra diamonds.

  3. A few pointers: when the level calls for likes or smiles, it makes no difference if you put them in the matched rooms. All that counts is fulfilling the task before the green turns yellow. Put them in rooms close together and easiest access to the other things you need. For the levels that require matching, it actually doesn’t matter if they go yellow or even red, as long as you don’t lose a customer. Cleaning is top priority. Hardest is actually the ones where you have a money goal as you earn more when you keep them in the green AND put them in matched rooms. I found the ski chalet easiest so I would go back and do more levels to earn diamonds that I could then use for an Upgrade on whatever level I am actually at. I’m actually on the 10th hotel now, the Lux Al Arab. I’m obsessed haha.

  4. Ready to see what comes after Melody Breeze hotel, before the pandemic I was a housekeeper, lol, my bf thinks I’m neurotic, I guess I am a lil, playing a game that is like my old job

  5. Im on level 48 royal flower Hotel and objective is 53 likes iv been stuck on this for days now its getting boring iv not got enough diamonds to get extra 3 ppl in for the likes and im not spending my money to buy extra diamonds the game should give you the 53 likes but it’s just not…I think if it don’t give me eventually after a few days I’ll uninstall the game

  6. I can’t get past the diamond peacock stage. I’m on level 303 in that stage and have ALL the upgrades! Why can’t I move to a different stage?

  7. I’m on level 64 and the objective is 60 likes but you only get 56 likes even completing all the orders so how do I get off it without using diamonds to get more customers?

  8. You can still get smiles even if the customer is placed in the wrong colour room. As long as you give them the room when in the green zone they will still give you a smile!

    • I swear my game has a bug. Im stuck on level 80 of Regrata requiring 16 smiles and I just can’t get there! I get to 14 or 15 and the last two customers although giving me smiles at the reception desk, they are not recorded in my tally. Im so frustrated and ready to give up.

  9. K thanks guys cuz I at like level 260 now with 200 diamonds. I was like man when next hotel opens gonna upgrade everything and sail

        • K thanks guys cuz I at like level 260 now with 200 diamonds. I was like man when next hotel opens gonna upgrade everything and sail

          • Same here. I keep getting to the large pink gift on Peral Swan but it doesn’t allow me to go to the next hotel. I’m officially bored with Peral Swan. Hopefully the next hotel will be available soon.

  10. Estou parada no hotel Diamond Peacock e não consigo sair o que faço. Quero ir para um novo hotel.Já estou no nível 222 desse hotel. Comprei todas as atualizações e nada.

  11. Don’t waste diamonds. They are rare and hard to come by. You will need LOTS of them to buy upgrades. Try and upgrade items that either speed up the food and drink making before upgrading higher returns (rooms). Guests hate waiting and you want likes and smiles as often as possible.

    If your stuck on a level, and can’t afford an upgrade to make it easier, go back to an earlier hotel and complete some easier challenges. You’ll earn money (and diamonds) to pay for upgrades at your new hotel.

  12. I love this game. Although is a major challenge at times, it’s a new unique game to play and different than all the others.