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Night Agent: I’m the Savior is a brand new anime RPG for mobile. Read on and check out Night Agent: I’m the Savior guide, tips, cheats & strategiesNight Agent: I'm the Savior

Night Agent: I’m the Savior is the English version of the Ace Censor game, which has just gone live on mobile app stores. It features cute anime characters(agents), that you use in building the best team to crush the enemies and their leaders. In your team, you can add up to three agents; one agent as a leader and two agents in the normal slots.

Night Agent: I’m the Savior game features hack ‘n’ slash gameplay, which is easy to master. If you have just started playing the game, then you are on the right page. This Night Agent: I’m the Savior guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Night Agent: I’m the Savior tips, cheats & tricks that you may like. So without further ado, let’s head to the main content. Also, see – Night Agent Redeem Code

Night Agent: I’m The Savior Guide, Tips⇓

There are over 20 Agents(Characters) in the game. These agents are classified or ranked in three tiers; SS-Tier, S-Tier, A-Tier. At the start of the game, it gives you S and A-Tier Agents. SS-tier Agents are more powerful than the S/A-Tier Agents. However, it would be hard to unlock their talents – because, you need to star-up an agent to unlock talents. Star-Up requires duplicate shards of that character. Since the drop rate for these SS-Tier characters is low, it might take too long to raise their star level.

On the other hand, some  S-Tier agents can be obtained by playing the game – without summons. So it would be easy for you to upgrade them and unlock their true potential. So there is no hard in building S-Tier characters. Here’s the list of some S-Tier Agents that you can farm by playing the game – without summons: –

  • Hong
  • Ximen
  • Gu
  • Fei
  • Huang
  • Cha

Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Night Agent: I’m the Savior tips & tricks: –

Get Familiar With The Basics⇓

  • Agents – Agents are the characters. You can increase their might by leveling them up, raising the star-level, grade, skill, equipment, etc.
  • Guardian – Guardians are the companion characters in Night Agent: I’m the Savior. An Agent can equip up to four guardians. Guardians’ stats impact the Agent’s overall stats. For example – HP, Attack, Armor, CRIT stats of the Guardian will improve the Agent’s HP, Attack, Armor, and CRIT. They also possess unique skill effects
  • Story Mode – There are 9 chapters in the story mode – each chapter has a certain number of stages, that can be played in three modes; normal, elite, and hell. Guardians, Agent Shards, EXP, Money, and many more rewards can be obtained from the story mode. Also, you can repeat a stage a certain number of times a day to grind rewards. You need the energy to play this mode. Energy restores gradually or you can use diamonds to recover it instantly
  • Club – Club allows you to create a community within the game. You can invite friends or join random players in a club. Club Members get access to club shop where they can purchase certificates, fabric, star stones, and other in-game items. Also, you get to participate in club battles, missions. So make sure to join an active club in Night Agent: I’m the Savior game
  • Puzzle – By solving the puzzle Jigsaw, you can earn money, EXP
  • Affinity – Here you can dispatch the Agents on missions. Dispatching Agents on missions increase the affinity level(you get affection points/hearts) – also, the rewards such as EXP item, Money, Jigsaw Puzzle pieces. As the affinity level increases, the new Agent’s story will get unlocked. You can claim the rewards; diamonds – by playing the story
  • Cop-Op Mode – Here you participate in Night Agent: I’m the Savior game modes; Raid, Arena, World Boss. Money, Night Coins, EXP, and much more can be acquired by playing these game modes
  • ADV. – This menu has more game modes that you can play for the resources – Netherworld Training, Haunted Building, Street Domination, Demon Lord Castle. You can also farm Agent’s shards in these modes
  • Albums – Here you can check the list of Agents and Guardians featured in Night Agent: I’m the Savior game

Complete Black Ops Quest To Get SS-Tier Agent⇓

You can get 15 Scratch Tickets and one SS-Tier customized pack, which features four SS-Tier agents – Yummy, Yanny, Sisa, and Lanlan. Head to the quest menu -> Black-Ops -> complete all the quests to receive an SS-Tier Agent. As we said above, SS-Tier characters are way more powerful than the S-tier, A-Tier agents.

If you have x10 Scratches, head to the summon -> spend on x10 pull. We would recommend you to focus only on SS and S-Tier agents(only those S-Tier, that can be farmed by playing the game).

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Learn How To Increase Might⇓

The total might of the team depends on the total might of all the agents added to the team. So if you want to increase the might, you have to make Agents stronger: –

  • Training – Level them up using EXP items. Raise their star level to unlock new talents and increase base stats. Raise the grade level using the certificate
  • Skill – Use the money to improve the agent’s skills. Agents have normal skills and unique skills.
  • Equipment – Enhance the equipment using money, raise the gear’s rank, refine gears for base attributes growth – HP, Armor, ACC, CRIT, etc.
  • Costumes – Premium costumes have bonus effects. You can obtain costumes during the events
  • Guardian – Equip guardians in the slots. Level them up, raise the rank.

Make sure to read the Guardian’s skill effects and stats. All the Guardians provide different stat boost/skill-effect.

Master The Battles⇓

The very first thing to do is choose a leader wisely. 3-star or higher grade agents have leader skill, which impacts the whole team. For example – Lanlan’s leader skill increases the critical damage of all (Siccsors) agents in the team.

Faction – Paper, Scissor, Rock are the three factions. Scissors type agents are strong against Paper type enemies but weak against Rock enemies. Rock faction agents are strong against Scissor type enemies but weak against Paper enemies. Paper faction agents are strong against Rock enemies but weak against Scissor enemies. So check the enemy’s faction; rock, paper, symbol and use the strong action agents.Night Agent: I'm the Savior

For example – if the enemy belongs to Paper faction, then Scissor faction agents will be effective.

In the battle, at the top-left corner, tap the agent’s avatar to switch between characters during the battle. Below the agent’s avatar, there are two bars – orange bar and blue bar. The orange bar displays the HP. Blue Bar displays the SP. The character gains SP as she/he attacks the enemy. When SP is full, you can use the unqiue skill.

Keep an eye on the enemy’s special skill attack range – the red area – dodge it as soon as possible and avoid taking damage at all costs.

Repeat the battles or story mode stages to grind rewards.

Check Out The Events⇓

On the left-center of the game screen, tap the event button – this will take you to the event page where you can check all the time-limited events. These events grant precious items and rewards; scratch tickets, EXP items, fabric, etc.

Make sure to complete these event missions.

Complete All The Daily Missions To Get Scratch Card⇓

Head to the quest menu -> daily -> earn activity points by completing the daily quests. Once you have 100 Activity Points, you can claim the golden chest, which contains Scratch Card. Use these cards to summon agents.

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So this would be all in this post on Night Agent: I’m the Savior guide, tips & tricks for beginners.

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