Magic School Story Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Magic School StoryMagic School Story is a brand new school simulation game for mobile by Happy Labs. Check out our Magic School Story guide, tips, cheats & strategy

Happy Labs, the publisher of Restaurant Paradise game recently released a brand new school simulation game for mobile. The game is named as Magic School Story. It combines the school simulation mechanics and match-3 gameplay. In the game, you run your own magic school where you teach the magic to the students of the town. Your objective is to expand the school and enroll more students. In the school, you build many classes; History, Potion, Totems, Fire, Flying, and more. If you are having trouble or progressing slow, then we are here to help you. In today’s post, we have covered everything you need to know as a professor: Magic School Story guide and Magic School Story cheats, tips & strategy.

Basics – Get Started – Magic School Story

Attracting good students to the Magic School would be difficult as they need high-quality education. You must expand the Magic School to attract or enroll the students. In Magic School Story game, the player has to grow the magic school by expanding it. It will cost you thousands of coins, but in return, you will unlock new buildings, attract or enroll more prodigy students.

Normal students join your school gradually. But to enroll premium or prodigy or good students, you need to enroll. The more students you have, the more money you will make.

Let’s learn about the exams, graduation, and professors. Wizards or default professors teach the students in the classes. As the student attend more and more classes, his/her level will increase. In the early phase, girls join the magic school. But as you progress or reach the graduation event, boys will start joining the school.

At the top-left corner of the screen, near your avatar, you can see the details(year, month). After every couple of months, students give the exam and progress to the next session. After a certain session(or year, maybe in the 2nd/3rd year), they will graduate or go home. Some graduated students(prodigy students, there would be a star above the head) will join your school as a professor.

Professors role is teaching the students, you can send them on an adventure, and assign them to classes for buffs. So this is the basic Magic School Story guide for the beginners. Now, let’s head to the main Magic School Story guide for the beginners and read our top Magic School Story cheats, tips & strategy.

Magic School Story Guide

In this part, we will learn about the students, enrolling, graduating, buildings, upgrading, elemental orbs, and much more.

  • Students Guide

In Magic School Story game, there are two types of students; normal and prodigy. To enroll a normal student, build the dormitory. For each student, there must be one dormitory in the school. So if you want to enroll more students, build more dormitories. On the other hand, prodigy students are brilliant students. You can unlock these students by expanding the school/land. On the main screen, at the top-left side, tap the quests button -> there would be some enrolment quests. Complete them to enroll bright students.

Male and Female: – As mentioned above, in the early phase, only girls join the school. Boys will join the school once you reach the graduation event(in 2nd or 3rd year).

  • Graduation Event

Magic School StoryStudents will leave your school once they finish their study. The graduation event occurs randomly, as per the student level or session. The game will open a pop-up window once you are on the verge. Once it ends, tap the admission center building(facility near the school entrance) -> on the next screen, at the top, you can check the school stats – the number of graduates, the number of students, professors, academy points, and more. When a prodigy student graduates, he/she will join your school as a professor. Tap any class -> tap the assign button -> choose the professor. These professors provide many buffs(earn more money, XP).

  • Buildings

Facilities such as canteen, dormitory, washroom, vending machine, and more are needed to meet the students’ requirements. And classes such as history, elements, potions, and more are needed to teach magic knowledge to the students. Students use these facilities, classes and you earn coins.

You can upgrade the classes using elemental orbs. Orbs can be obtained by playing the match-3 game, by sending the professor the adventure or from friends.

So that’s enough for now. Now, let’s read our top Magic School Story cheats, tips & strategy guide.

Magic School Story cheats, tips & strategy guide

1.) Pay Attention To The Students’ Need

Magic School StoryNear the school entrance, tapping the red color(i) icon, above the students’ head, will show you their wish. For example; most of the students outside the school demand you to build the dormitory in the school for them so that they can join the school. And students in the school often express what facility they need; canteen, upper-level class, or more. Make sure to complete them asap to progress fast.

2.) Repeat The Stages And Earn More Stars

Starting the 1-4th stage(match-3 game), you can earn stars even when you repeat the stages. These stars are required to cast the magic in the school. If you want to earn more stars, elemental orbs, then must repeat the stages(if you have completed all or you are stuck at a stage). The three magic spells you can cast in Magic School story game are; coin frenzy(earn coins), study mode(earn XP, students gain more experience and level up), time travel(speed up the game time; day, night, session).

3.) Complete The Requests For Elemental Orbs

Outside the school boundary, there are many facilities. One of them is the adventure. Tapping the board(near mine) opens the adventure list. Head to the request list tab -> select a request -> send the professor to the adventure. You can earn elemental orbs by completing these requests. Before you spend the coins, on the same screen, if the professor shows “I’m not sure”, then make sure to send the students with him(tap the + button next to students). You can send up to three professors at a time.

4.) Don’t Use Gems Recklessly

A gem is one of the precious items in Magic School Story game. You can earn these gems by completing the quests. Make sure to save these gems and don’t spend on useless tasks. The reason is some buildings or facilities or classes’ cost is gems.

5.) Take The Picture Daily

On the main screen, at the bottom-right corner, tap the arrow icon or menu button -> camera -> click the picture. This will reward you thousands of coins. But keep in mind that you would not get coins every time. It works after a few hours (there would be an (i) icon).

6.) Watch The Video Ads For Coins

Tap the build button. At the top-right of the build menu, tap the cash shop button. Head to the last tab -> there would be an ad offer. Watch the video ad and earn coins.

7.) Collect The Coins Bubble

From time to time, on the main screen, the coins bubble appears. Make sure to collect them, They are an extra source of income.

8.) Invite Friends And Earn Precious Reward

The game features a referral system; inviting a friend will give you 10 gems. And as you invite, 3, 5, and 7 friends, you get special facilities. Additionally, you can ask for help. Outside the school boundary, tap the mine -> there you can ask for help(make sure to follow the friends). You can also help them.

So these are our top Magic School Story cheats, tips & a guide for the beginners. Also, see – Top new Android games of this week

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