Otter Ocean Game Guide: Door Code, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Otter Ocean Game Treasure Hunt is a beautiful casual game for mobile by Finifugu Games. Read on for Otter Ocean Game guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Otter Ocean Guide Tips Cheats

Otter Ocean Game Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies⇓

This guide covers “how to play the Otter Ocean game”, about “Otters”, treasure items, and other aspects such as currencies in the game, in-game progression, and many more things. So let’s not waste any time and get straight to the main content: –

Grasping The Basics Of Otter Ocean Game

(1) Presently, as per the current version, there are x14 Otters in the Otter Ocean game that you can unlock and play with. These Otters are the essence of the game. You will be sending them on expeditions(diving) to hunt the treasure items. There are around 35 treasure items that you must discover to complete the collection. 

(2) Let’s talk about the currencies; SEA SHELL is the main currency in the Otter Ocean game that you can use to buy the food items from the market. Otters would not go on expedition if they are hungry. It’s your job to feed them well and also groom them well. You can get sea shells from the Otters or by watching the video ads. 

Keep An Eye On The Market

Otter Ocean Guide Tips Cheats

Navigate to the menu -> market -> every few minutes the market changes its stock; we would strongly recommend you to check it often and buy some medicine. Most often, Otters fell sick – and without medicine, they would not stand up again. Also, if there is a food item available, which is a favorite food item for a particular Otter that you have, then you should consider it buying. 

Give Them Their Favorite Food

Otter Ocean Guide Tips Cheats

In the Otter Ocean game, each Otter prefers a specific food item. By giving them their favorite food item when they are hungry, you will be filling the heart meter quickly. For example; if a common food item gives x1 heart – but it’s the favorite item of a particular Otter, then that Otter will gain x2 hearts. In other words, favorite food items fill the heart x2 times more. 

The game does not tell you the likes of Otters. You will have to figure out their likes yourself. All you can do is try giving them the food items and wait for the result. Once you have figured it out, navigate to the menu -> Otters -> tap on the Otter -> there you will see its favorite food items – also, the favorite food item is displayed on the feeding screen. 

Guide To Otters In Otter Ocean Game

A rare Otter gives more rewards than the common Otter. Navigate to the menu -> Otters -> open the Otter profile and you will see the bonus that it gives; like more food from the mission, more shells from the mission, etc. Keep sending them on expeditions, unlock new regions, and you will eventually unlock all the Otters in the game. 

Get Freebies In The Otter Ocean Game

  • Complete the quests to get free shells
  • Navigate to the shop -> there you will find the free shell offer that you can avail by watching a video ad
  • Every now and then, a flying Otter appears – tap it and watch the video Ad for free shells
  • Keep sending the Otters on ocean expeditions and they will bring you free rewards

Otter Ocean Door Code⇓

Samantha shared this info in the comments: “I figured out the door code! When you click on the otter cave you need to enter the code that is on the necklace. To enter the code click on the door again and it will prompt you to enter the code. Then you will gain access to inside the cave.”  The door code is X || ㅜ ㄷ ? Each character is shown on the beads of the necklace. Credits: Samantha in comments. 

If you have more info on the door code, you can share it in the comments. 

Are There Any Otter Ocean Cheats Available?

No, there are no Otter Ocean cheats. 

NOTE: make sure to connect the game with Google Play Games or FB to save the progress. 

So this would be all in this post on Otter Ocean guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. 

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  1. I figured out the door code! When you click on the otter cave you need to enter the code that is on the necklace. To enter the code click on the door again and it will prompt you to enter the code. Then you will gain access to inside the cave.