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Defender Legends: New Era is a brand new Idle RPG for mobile by Defender Legends. Check out our Defender Legends guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Defender Legends: New EraDefender Legends: New Era is an Idle RPG where you have to build the team of best heroes. There are over 50 heroes featured in the Defender Legends game. You will start the journey from the campaign mode where you travel through a lot of regions and complete the stages. As you conquer the stages, you will be able to access new game modes such as arena, guide, expedition, events, etc. If you have just started playing the game, then you are on the right page. This Defender Legends guide will teach you all the basic concepts. Also, we have shared a bunch of Defender Legends tips & tricks that may help you to progress fast. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Defender Legends Guide: –

Since most of the content is locked when you start the game, the only way to progress in the game is through the campaign battle. As we mentioned above, In the campaign mode, you complete the stages by defeating the boss in the boss battles. In the campaign mode screen, the bottom-half screen displays the auto-battle, while the top half displays the stage nodes. To progress to the next stage, you must defeat the boss.Defender Legends: New Era

Boss Battles – from the boss battles, you earn gold coins, EXP to increase team level, purple soul to increase hero level, gears, and the hero shards. The reward from these stages depends on the stage level. At higher-level stages, you can get better quality rewards.

For the boss-battles, you have to build a team of six heroes; three in front and three in back. Put the tank/strength-type hero in the front row and support/DPS type heroes in the back-row – this would be the best team formation. If you don’t know about the hero types, then check the hero guide below.

Defeating the boss progresses you to the next stages and you can more rewards. So keep playing the boss battles – they will get tough as you progress – so make sure to check our tips & tricks below.

Auto-Battles – On the campaign mode screen, you can see the hero fighting the enemies. That’s auto-battle. Tap on the hero fighting there to adjust the auto-battle team. And, you can also adjust the stage for auto-battles – depends on your need. Tap the stage number on the map screen and the game will show you how much you are earning from that stage; EXP, Gold, Purple Soul, Gold Soul, Gears, etc.

The higher the stage level, the more rewards you get.

Defender Legends Guide To Heroes: –

There are three types of heroes in Defender Legends: New Era – Strength, Agility, and Intellect.

  • Strength – Tank Role – They are good at leading from the front
  • Intellect – Mage – They are good at dealing damage to the enemies and also possess amazing skills. Put them in the back row
  • Agility – Assassins – They are good at inflicting damage and have control abilities. Put them in the back row for better results

All the Defender Legends Heroes belong to one of these five elements: –

  1. Water(Blue)
  2. Fire(Red)
  3. Wood(Green)
  4. Light(Yellow)
  5. Dark(Purple)

How to check the hero element and type?

Go to the hero tab in the footer menu -> there you can check the complete list of heroes in the sub-tabs; bag, gallery. Tap on any hero. The symbol above the hero name displays the element. And, the symbol next to the hero’s name(left side), displays the type. Tap that symbol to check the type.Defender Legends: New Era

How To Get Heroes?

The game provides a variety of options to unlock/obtain the heroes. The ideal way to obtain the hero in Defender Legends is through the Hero Pub. In the footer menu, head to the castle tab -> hero pub -> there you can summon the heroes using keys, friendship points. Free summon is provided to the player regularly. Also, you can use the gems.

Other ways – collect the hero shards from the campaign mode, roulette, shop. Once you have enough number of shards for a particular hero, you can summon him/her. Head to the bag tab in the footer menu -> shard -> tap the hero portrait -> summon.

From the World Tree: – Obtain the world tree fruits from the events, quests or shop. You can use them to summon heroes.

So this would be all in this Defender Legends guide for beginners. Let’s check out our top Defender Legends tips, cheats & strategies.

Defender Legends Tips & Tricks: –

  • Focus on the best heroes
  • Decompose the heroes
  • Make the team stronger
  • Take elemental advantage
  • Activate Aura
  • Kill the fly monster
  • Grab the quick offers
  • Position the heroes based on their strength
  • Keep gridning the items, currency in auto-battles
  • Play all the game modes
  • Complete the quests

Focus On Best Heroes: –

Check the star-rating of heroes to identify the best ones. The heroes with the one-star rating are the weakest, while the heroes with the high-star rating like 5-stars are good for late game. Don’t waste your time on low-tier/star-rating heroes because they would not help you in late game and consume lots of resources. Instead, focus on the high-star rating heroes. If you have just started playing the game, then make sure to claim the free summons in the hero pub and acquire the best heroes. Keep playing and you will eventually get the high-star rating heroes.

Decompose The Heroes: –

Low-star rating heroes are useless and you can decompose them for purple souls, golden souls, hero cores. Head to the castle > altar – there you can get rid of these useless heroes.

Make The Hero Stronger: –

  • Equip them gears
  • Level them up
  • Promote them to raise max level and attributes
  • Forge better gears in the blacksmith shop

Take Elemental Advantage: –

Take a look at the heroes guide if you don’t know about the hero elements. Like heroes, enemies also have the elements; fire, wood, water, light, and dark. Before you start the boss battle, tap the enemy on the enemy info screen to check his/her element. If you add the heroes who have the elemental advantage, then you will be able to deal additional damage. What is the elemental advantage? Specific elements are strong and weak against specific elements –

  • Wood> Water
  • Water> Fire
  • Fire>Wood
  • Light and Dark inflicts bonus damage to each other

For example – if the enemy’s element is wood, then fire element heroes will be able to deal bonus damage.

Activate Aura In Defender Legends: –

If you add a certain number of heroes based on their element, you can activate the aura effect. For example – with six water-element heroes in the tea, you get HP and CRIT Rate buff. On the line-up or formation screen, tap the aura slot to check the details.

Kill The Fly Monster:

Now and then, a fly monster appears on the battle screen. Tap over him to inflict damage. You may get rich rewards by killing this monster.

Grab The Quick Offers

Just like the fly monster, quick offers randomly pops out on the campaign mode screen. You may get a good deal; keys, valuable items. So keep an eye on them.

Position The Heroes Wisely: –

  • Strength Type – In the front
  • Agility – In the back row
  • Intellect – In the back row

Team Set-Up: –

  • All agility – full DPS
  • All strength – full tank
  • Strength + Agility – balanced
  • Strength + Agility + Intellect – balanced

So these are the top Defender Legends tips for beginners. Do you have more tips to share? Share them in the comment below!

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