Party In My Dorm Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies

New to the PINMD(Party In My Dorm) game? Read on for Party In My Dorm guide packed with lots of tips, cheats & strategies for beginners

Party In My Dorm Guide Tips Cheats

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Party In My Dorm Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies: – 

This Party In My Dorm guide covers its basics “how to play”, about roommates, rooms, dorm, upgrades, club, and other things such as hiring a tutor, adding friends, date, asking out, jobs, pets, PvP fights, and much more. So, let’s not waste any time and get straight to our Party In My Dorm guide packed with tips, cheats & strategies: –

“Basics”: Party In My Dorm Game

(1) Your main objective in this game is to have the best dorm and room on the campus; at first, the game gives you a classic old dorm room with little to no decorations. You will do the jobs, make money, buy more rooms in the dorm, and decorate your own room with beautiful stuff; like carpet, bed, pictures, plants, and more. 

(2) Progression: build rooms in the dorm, get dormmates, increase stats, get high-paying jobs, complete stories, join a club, meet people, and raise tutoring value, and have fun! Let’s learn everything in detail: PINMD guide, tips, cheats & strategies: – 

“Stats”: Party In My Dorm Guide

(1) The two main attributes or stats are INT & STR; INT – Intelligence, STR – Strength. On the main screen, at the top, you can check the max stats that your character has at the time. 

(2) You can increase both stats by adding dormmates and upgrading the dormmates. Go to the Dorm Tower screen by tapping the dorm button at the top-left on the main screen. There you can build rooms by spending the bucks. Once the room is built or rented, you will be able to add dormmates. Tap the green color upgrade button next to the dormmate to upgrade him/her. By raising the dormmate level, you can increase the max strength and intelligence stats. 

(3) STR & INT stats are consumed when you go to the jobs. The higher the difficulty at the job, the more stats you will need. Each day at a job consumes a certain number of STR and INT points. To perform a high-difficult job, you will need to have enough STR and INT stats. Keep adding rooms to the dorm tower and also add dormmates. 

(4) STR and INT stats replenish automatically every few minutes. 

“In-Game Currencies”: Party In My Dorm Guide

The three main in-game currencies in Party In My Dorm game are bucks, credits, and doctor notes. Bucks: you can earn bucks by doing jobs. Spend bucks on adding rooms and dormmates to the dorm. Extra Credits: credit is the premium currency that you may get randomly by performing jobs or in the spinner; spin the wheel by watching the video ad. You can find spinner on the main screen, on the right-center. Use it buy avatars, furniture items, etc. Doctor Notes: players can earn doctor notes from spinner, events, boxes. You can use doctor notes to replenish the stats immediately. 

“Jobs”: Party In My Dorm Guide

Party In My Dorm Guide Tips Cheats

There are plenty of jobs in the game you can master and earn decent money. In the lower-left corner, on the main screen, tap “jobs”. There are easy jobs, difficult jobs, and high-difficulty jobs. The higher the difficulty, the more you earn. If you have enough STR and INT stats, you can easily do the high-difficulty job. Keep performing a specific job and you will eventually master it. On the jobs portal menu, check the progress bar with a green gauge – as you perform the job, it fills and once you reach max, the game will mark it as “mastered job”. 

“Complete The Stories”: Party In My Dorm

Party In My Dorm Guide Tips Cheats

Do you want to earn a buck load of cash, boxes, doctor notes, and more? Then make sure to focus on the stories’ quests. On the main screen, tap the smartphone button on the left-center -> under the stories tab, you can check the quests from NPCs. For example; mastering jobs, joining a party, etc. Most often, these quests give free bucks, notes, and boxes containing free furniture items. 

“Tutors”: Party In My Dorm Game Guide

(1) Tutors in the Party In My Dorm game are “players themselves” – you can be hired as a tutor by other players + other players can hire you as a tutor. When you hire the tutors, they help you by providing increased stats and assistance; in parties, fights, plunder. The hiring value differs from player to player. 

(2) You can hire the tutors by visiting the player’s profile(from the friend tab or chat tab, tap on the player profile) -> tap hire. 

(3) The player who hires you as a tutor is called Pupil. 

“Hire Value”: Party In My Dorm Game Guide

“Hire Value” increases as other players in the game hire you as their tutor. For example; if your friend hires you as a tutor, your hire value will increase. You can get a volleying effect bonus if a few players hire you back and forth – as a tutor. 

Tip to increase hire value: ask other players in the chat to hire you, request club members to hire you, and ask your friends to hire you. 

“Relationship, Date, Ask Out”: Party In My Dorm

You can get bonuses and gifts when you are in a relationship with another player. Tap the “people” button at the bottom of the main screen -> relationship -> ask out a player and date to get into a relationship + enjoy bonuses. 

“Fight, PvP”: Party In My Dorm

Party In My Dorm Guide Tips Cheats

In the PINMD game, you can fight other players and earn rewards. Tap on the player profile(from chat menu, people menu, friends menu) -> tap the fight button; fight to earn money, dance off to earn bucks, eavesdrop to check the outcome of an attack, prank to reduce the other players’ stats. 

“Join A Club ASAP”: Party In My Dorm Game

You will get a lot of help if you join a club; go to the club menu at the bottom of the main screen; find an active club, join it, and get help from club members, access to parties. To join the party; go to club menu -> campus buzz -> parties -> view -> join the party. 

“Add As Many Active Friends As You Can”: PINMD

It’s better to have a great network of friends in this game as they can help you a lot; by hiring you as the tutor, sending you gifts, in PvP, dating, etc. 

“Avatars”: Party In My Dorm

Party In My Dorm Guide Tips Cheats

To change the character’s avatar or photo, tap on the current character photo avatar on the main screen -> this will open the profile -> tap the character avatar again -> there you can buy new avatars and set them as the main. 

So that’s all we got in this post on Party In My Dorm guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. 

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