Thor: War of Tapnarok Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Thor: War of TapnarokThor: War of Tapnarok is a brand new idle game for Android and iOS by Appxplore(iCandy). Check out Thor: War of Tapnarok guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Appxplore(iCandy), one of the top Idle games developer has just released a brand new game Thor: War of Tapnarok for mobile. The initial beta test conducted in November 2017 and more than 10,000 warriors joined the battle. Now it is available worldwide and challenges you to complete all the stages, defeat all the bosses, stage boss, unlock all the allies, and discover all the treasures. If you have just started playing it, then today’s Thor: War of Tapnarok guide and Thor: War of Tapnarok tips, cheats & strategies will help you in progressing fast.

Things You Need To Know In Thor: War of Tapnarok Game

⇒The two rare in-game currencies are shiny gems and runes. You can use shiny gems for power-ups(in the store) and break down the treasures for the runes. You can get shiny gems by completing the achievements, watching the video ads. The second rare in-game item is rune that you can use to summon treasure and level up discovered treasures. In Thor: War of Tapnarok game, you can get these runes by defeating the stage boss appeared in the 10th stage. Additionally, you can use the time travel skill for these runes.

⇒As of now, Thor: War of Tapnarok game features 37 treasures and all the treasures come in one of four grades; legendary, epic, rare, and common. Each treasure grants a unique buff to the player. You can level up these treasures with runes.

⇒The battle system is quite easy to understand; you tap the screen to deal damage to the enemies while allies attack the enemies automatically. You can check the ally DPS and current DPS/tap above the menu box. At the top of the screen, you can check the current stage. The player faces 10 waves of enemies at every stage. In the final wave, you battle against the stage boss to progress further to the next stage. After every 10 stages, you will fight against the region boss to proceed further to the next region. You will also earn runes from the final stage of a region.

⇒Gold management is another one of the main tasks in Thor: War of Tapnarok game. You can invest gold in increasing Thor level, allies level, skill level. Leveling up thor increases DPS/tap while leveling up allies will help you in generating more gold passively + increase in ally DPS. Additionally, you can spend gold on thor skills. Visit the Thor tab in the menu to check all the skills. Each skill grants a temporary special buff to the player.

Time Travel In Thor: War of Tapnarok Game

Time Travel is one of the core features in the game that lets you earn runes. It unlocks when you reach Thor level 400 or unlock an ally named Eir(843.00aa). After that, In the skill tab, you will see a skill(blinking); Time Travel.

When you use the time travel skill, the game will send you back to stage one. But you will earn runes. The amount of runes you get from time travel depends on the ally level bonus, stage bonus, and full team bonus. If you want more runes from time travel skill, increase the ally level, complete more stages, and increase Thor level, skills.

Also, keep in mind that you will lose skills, allies, skill level up progress, stage progress, Thor level progress. And, you will keep all the shiny gems, runes, and treasures.

The Treasures In Thor: War of Tapnarok

Head to the treasures tab and tap the (?) symbol in the request banner to check the list of all the treasures featured in the game. Almost every treasure increases the “all damage”. So whenever you summon a treasure, all damage stats will increase and you will be able to beat the bosses.

Now the question is when to use this(time travel) feature? You have to use this feature when you are stuck or allies, thor are unable to defeat the boss or you are getting defeat by a high margin. Prior to it, you should do math; how many runes you are getting upon time travel, the cost of the next treasure summon. If you want to increase all damage by +100%, then you should either summon 3-4 treasures or upgrade existing treasures. Always go for 2-3X all bonus damage to progress fast.

TL;DR – Use time travel feature at the right time; when you are getting enough runes for the summons and treasure level up to increase all damage by +2-3X times. For example; 200% to 400%.

So these are the top basic things we have covered in Thor: War of Tapnarok guide. Let’s have a look at the top Thor: War of Tapnarok tips, cheats & strategies!

Thor: War of Tapnarok Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Activate The Skills At The Right Time

All the skills have a cooldown time so you can not use them recklessly. You should activate the skills that deal massive damage to the enemy in the boss fights. In the normal fights, you can take time. But, on the other hand, In the boss fight, you will have to defeat the boss in a fixed time. Just below the boss’s HP bar, you can check the timer bar. You should activate the skills if the boss is leading the battle.

2.) Attack On The Weak Spots

Thor: War of TapnarokWhen in the boss fights, always pay attention to the highlighted weak spots. Tapping those weak circles will deal massive damage to the boss.

3.) Collect The Messenger’s Gift

Thor: War of TapnarokEvery now and then, you will see an eagle on your screen with a scroll. Tap that creature asap before it disappears. You could get a temporary skill buff as a gift or the game will give you an ad offer; watch the video ad for shiny gems or loads of gold.

4.) Time Travel For The Runes

If you are stuck or progressing very slow, you should use the time travel skill and grab the bag of runes to discover treasures. These treasures will increase all damage stats and you will progress fast. Read the time travel guide for more details.

5.) Make Use Of Shiny Gems

Shiny Gem is the premium in-game item in Thor: War of Tapnarok game. Head to the store and there you can spend this item for the boosters. In addition to the power-ups, you can use these shiny gems in breaking down the treasures. Go to the treasure tab -> tap a treasure -> confirm. You will get runes.

So these are the top Thor: War of Tapnarok tips and a guide for the beginners. If you have more tips to share with other fellow players, do let us know in the comment section below!

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