Pixel Legends Tips & Tricks: Cheats, Guide & Strategy

Pixel Legends Retro Survival is a new mobile game by Lukas Schneider Apps. Read on for Pixel Legends tips & tricks featured with guide, cheats & strategy

Pixel Legends Retro Survival GameLukas Schneider’s brand new title Pixel Legends is now out. Its full name is Pixel Legends: Retro Survival Game where you will fight the monsters on the map and defeat them for the coins, the basic currency in the game. As of writing this, the game lets you play as five characters – at the beginning, you will get to play as Lukas. Once you have enough gold currency, you will be able to buy/unlock the rest of the characters; Skye, Tom, Shadow, and Leon. If you are just getting started in Pixel Legends, then you are on the right page. This Pixel Legends guide will help you understand the core concepts of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Pixel Legends tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. Also, see – Pixel Legends Codes

Pixel Legends Retro Survival GamePixel Legends Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies⇓

First things first – the main and basic currency in Pixel Legends is the gold coin, which you earn by eliminating the waves of monsters on the game. With coins, you can unlock new characters or upgrade the characters’ attributes. Once you spawn on the map, the waves of monsters will start appearing – they will get attracted to you no matter where you go. As the level of wave increases, you will have to face more monsters at a time. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Pixel Legends tips & tricks featured in this walkthrough guide – 

Build The Character Wisely In Pixel Legends⇓

All the Pixel Legends game characters have four attributes; health, strength, attack-rate, and recoil. The health attribute increases the max health of the character – the more the HP stats of the character, the more damage the character can soak; more durability or survivability.

The second attribute is strength – strength stats determine the damage volume unleashed by the character by fighting the monsters. The more strength stats a character has, the more volume of damage that character can cause to the enemies. The third attribute is attack-rate – it determines how fast the character can attack. Recoil is the last attribute, it determines how much further an attack can push the monster away. Since there are four attributes, you must invest the gold coins wisely. Which one should be prioritized? Let’s check it out.

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Tips To Allocate Gold Coins In Pixel Legends⇓

On the home screen of the game, tap the hero button -> at the top, you will see four attributes. We would recommend you to invest in strength first – the more strength you have, the easier it would be to kill high-level monsters in high-level waves. Then, we consider investing in attack-rate – fast attack-rate will make you cast more attacks in less time. In short, invest more in “strength” and “attack rate”. 

Make Use Of Rage Skill⇓

As you defeat the enemies, you will charge up the rage skill(the skull bar in the lower-right). As it fills up completely, tap it and your character will enjoy; self-healing(recovers HP of the character) and speed. 

Learn To Survive For Long⇓

The more waves you clear, the more score you earn. The best way to clear more waves in a single turn is by playing strategically; the early waves are quite easy to clear – so, that should not be any problem. All you need to do is grab the items from the golden chest that appears after each wave – the chest gives you items. Collect them – but, don’t use them in the early game. Wait for the harder waves and use those items. 

Additionally, don’t make enemies group-attack you. Keep moving – don’t stay at a place because more and more monsters will group at one place and it would be hard to counter them from all the directions. Keep moving in different-different directions and split their groups – divide and conquer. 

Share To Get More Coins⇓

Go to the shop -> tap the share button in the upper-right. Share the game with friends and you will get free coins. 

Pixel Legends Progression Guide For Newbies⇓

Defeat the zombies and earn coins. Keep grinding coins and build the character attributes and make it stronger. The initial waves are easy to clear – the real challenge comes when you encounter the monsters at the higher-level waves. So, make sure to keep building the character’s strength, attack-rate, HP, and recoil attributes. 

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So that’s all in this post on Pixel Legends tips and guide for beginners. If you have more tips or tricks to share, comment below. 

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