Priconne Jewels: Tips To Get Jewels Without Using Cheats or Hacks

Having a hard time figuring out how to get jewels for free in Princess Connect Re Dive? Read on for Priconne Jewels farming without cheats hacks.

Priconne Jewels Cheats Hacks

Priconne Jewels Farming Guide⇓

In the Princess Connect Re Dive A.K.A. Priconne, Jewel is the most premium currency that’s mainly used in summoning new characters through the gacha system. It costs x150 Jewels to draw X1 character and X1.5 K Jewels to draw X10 Characters. There are two types of jewels; the free ones and the premium ones. The premium jewels can only be obtained through top-ups but the free jewels can be obtained by playing the game. In this Princess Connect Re Dive Jewels farming guide, you will learn all the ways to get free jewels without using any cheats or hack codes. So without further ado, let’s get started: Priconne jewels farming guide & tips: –

PvP Arena Mode Is The Main Source Of Jewels⇓

There are two PvP arena modes; battle arena and princess arena. In the beginning, both these game modes are locked; the battle arena unlocks when you complete the 4-6 stage and Princess Arena unlocks at the 8-15 stage. Beat the opponents in the Arena mode -> improve rank -> get more jewels. Based on your current ranking, the game gives you free jewels. 

Daily & Normal Missions Give A Ton Of Jewels⇓

If you are just starting the game, you will have a mission “link the game to Crunchyroll Account” – completing this mission gives 1000s of jewels for free. To link the game to Crunchyroll, go to the menu -> account link -> account link -> link to a Crunchyroll Games Account. 

This is not the only mission that gives jewels – most of the daily missions give X10 jewels, normal missions gives x30-100 Jewels. 

Join A Clan⇓

Once you have joined a clan, CB(Clan Battle) mode will unlock -> this game mode also gives jewels. 

First-Time Clear Reward In The Quests⇓

Princess Connect Re Dive gives you free jewels upon cleaning a quest for the first time; do the normal as well as hard ones to farm free jewels. 

Daily Login⇓

Daily Logins also give you jewels. 

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So this would be all in this post on Princess Connect Re Dive Jewels Farming Guide for beginners; get jewels for free without using any cheats or hacks or cheat codes. 

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