Dragon Champions Guide & Tips For Beginners 2020

Dragon Champions is a turn-based RPG for Android and iOS by AppQuantum. Let’s have a look at our Dragon Champions Guide for beginners

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Dragon Champions Guide⇓

In this post, you will learn all the basic aspects of the Dragon Champions game. It features turn-based battles where the player assembles a team of heroes and fight enemies in a wide range of game modes. There are lots of things to unlock and play; challenges, PvP arena, tower mode, tournaments, etc. If you have just started playing the game, then today’s Dragon Champions guide for beginners will help you out. So let’s get started.

Get Started With The Basics

As usual, like all other games, you will find all the intersting game modes locked in the very beginning. And, the only mode that you can play at that stage is the campaign mode. You will progress through the campaign mode stages and grind XP to level; at certain levels, new content or game modes get unlocked. For instance, the tournament unlocks at level 30.

Player Level Up

Dragon ChampionsAt the upper-left of the main screen, the game displays the player name, current level, and a green bar that shows the amount of EXP you need to reach the next level. For instance; to reach level 10 from level 9, you will need to grind 180 EXP. And, in the beginning, you earn EXP or player EXP from the campaign modes.

The best way to level up fast in Dragon Champions is to use the auto-battle function. From the main screen, enter the campaign -> start -> choose the stage that you have already cleared with three-stars -> auto-battle -> to auto-battle, you will need auto-battle ticket + energy.

A particular stage can be repeated with auto-battle function a certain number of times a day. Although, you have the option to reset the limit using Dracoin. We would recommend not to waste Dracoin on this reset.

How To Get Auto-Battle Tickets In Dragon Champions Game?

Dragon ChampionsOne of the best ways to get free auto-battle tickets in Dragon Champions is by completing all the daily quests. Navigate to the lobby/main-screen -> at the bottom-right, ta daily quests -> complete all the daily quests to get 20 auto-battle tickets. Or you can exchange Dracoin for auto-battle tickets anytime.

Also, from the campaign mode quest, there is a chance to get a single auto-battle ticket.

So these are the easiest ways to get auto-battle tickets. If you know any other way, please share it in the comment section below.

Dragon Champions Guide To Combat⇓

Dragon ChampionsA team of up to five heroes can participate in the battle. In the campaign mode stages, you will need to have heroes belong to a certain faction – heroes belong to other than this specific faction would not be able to join the battle. However, in other game modes, you don’t get this type of restriction.

When you hit the battle button for the campaign mode stage, the game displays the faction name – heroes with that faction can join the team. For example – In the Daw of the Order area, Act 3, stage 4th, heroes belong to Order faction can participate in the battle. Other heroes who are not in this faction, i.e. Rantha, will not appear in the heroes list. So keep this thing in mind.

Battle costs energy, energy recovers gradually.

The combat mode offers manual as well as auto-battle functions. You are free to choose anyone. At the top of the characters’ heads, you see two bars; green and blue. The green bar shows the HP of the character. When the HP reaches 0, the hero will die.

To initiate the battle, tap the enemy that you want to attack. And, then choose a skill at the bottom-right corner, that you want to unleash. The blue bar is the turn meter. When it fills out completely, the character gets a turn to attack.

At the top-center of the battle screen, you can check the total number of waves and the current wave number. Pulverize all the waves and get the max rewards. As a first-time clear reward, you get special items.

Dragon Champions Guide To Heroes⇓

How to get heroes?

To unlock or obtain a new hero, you need his/her shards. Shards can be obtained from the event mode, chests(chests can be obtained from the shop/market – in exchnage for Dracoins). Shard(s) – also known as herostones. For example – To unlock Hardorc, you need 50 Hardorc Herostones. Head to the heroes menu and at the bottom of their portraits, you can check the number of shards/herostones required to unlock/obtain him/her.

How to make the heroes powerful?

  • Level them up – from the campaign mode stages or other game modes, you get XP Tomes. XP tomes and gold are used to level up the heroes. However, a hero’s max level depends on the player level. Head to the heroes -> select the hero -> level up.
  • Equip gears to the heroes. Once the hero equips all the gears, you can raise the gear level.
  • Equip them runes
  • Upgrade the hero skills

So these are the simple ways to make heroes more powerful.

In the hero profile, at the upper-left corner, you can check his/her faction; Order, Clans, etc.

Progression Guide For Beginners⇓

  1. Complete all the daily quests
  2. Complete the missions
  3. Repeat the campaign mode stages to grind Auto battle tickets, gold, XP tome, gears, etc.
  4. Make the heroes powerful
  5. Play all the game modes; events, challenges, etc.
  6. Grab the deals in the Shop/market – in exchange for gold coins
  7. Join a guild ASAP
  8. Focus on the best heroes/champions

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So this would be all about Dragon Champions guide for beginners.

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