Prison Empire Tycoon cheats: strategy guide, tips & tricks 2021

New to Prison Empire Tycoon? Master all of its core concepts with this handbook version of Prison Empire Tycoon cheats available with a strategy guide, tips & tricks 2021

Prison Empire Tycoon Cheats Tips Guide

Prison Empire Tycoon cheats, guide & tips 2021⇓

This post covers “how to play Prison Empire Tycoon”, tips and tricks to make more money, about the riots, special prisoners, and other aspects such as stress level, symbols, prisoner needs, cheats, and much more. So, let’s not waste any time and get straight to our Prison Empire Tycoon cheats, tips, and guide: – 

Getting Started With The Basic Prison Empire Guide⇓

First things first – your goal is to reform as many prisoners as you can so that you can open a new prison center. You will start from Malamadre Prison – and, as you reform 640 prisoners, you will get to open Williamson Federal Center. The first prison center is a low-security prison with few resources. And, the Williamson federal center is a federal prison with a capacity for medium security prisoners who have been imprisoned because of more serious crimes. On the top-right side, tap the location mark button to see the list of prisons that you can unlock. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Prison Empire Tycoon cheats, tips & tricks featured in this guide – 

Learn How To Make More Money⇓

(1) To make more money in Prison Empire Tycoon, you need to improve the cells where prisoners spend most of their time. In the cell, you can make plenty of upgrades that increase the comfort level of prisoners and keep them happy all the time. For example; bed, WC, Ventilation, Radio, TV, Desk, etc. All these upgrades will increase the cell bonus. On the upper-left side, you can check the earnings and the cash you have in the present moment. 

(2) Another way to increase the earnings in the Prison Empire Tycoon is by adding more prisoners. Build more cells to increase the capacity – the more prisoners you have, the more prisoners grant you get. 

Tap the stats/analytics button on the top-right side to check the income sources; you get money from the state, cells, prisoners grant. Salaries – you pay salaries to the employees for their services. For more information, check the employee guide – 

Tips To Avoid Riots In Prison Empire Tycoon⇓

Prison Empire Tycoon Cheats Tips GuideIf you don’t provide all sorts of facilities such as food, proper hygiene, entertainment, prisoners’ mood level will drop and they might get mad. If that happens, you will see them fighting in the cells. As you can see in the above picture. The best way to avoid riots in Prison Empire Tycoon game is by providing all sorts of facilities: –

  • Food – hire chef so that they can cook food for the prisoners
  • Janitors – hire janitors so that they can keep the prison clean – hygiene is important
  • Cells – add all sorts of entertainment and comforting things to the cell(upgrade them) so that they can spend time happily in the cell
  • Prison Yard – prisoners spend time in the prison yard; you can add plenty of things to increase happiness, comfort, and hygiene level; basketball court, vegetation, weight bench, pull-up bar, etc. 
  • Bathroom – to provide shower facilities

Prison Empire Tycoon Symbols & Icons⇓

In the lower-right corner, tap the prisoner button -> there you will see the stress level – note the Prison Empire Tycoon symbols; the feather symbol – comfort, +/cross symbol – health, green emoji – happiness & entertainment, shower symbol – hygiene, bread symbol – food. Guard symbol – security. If you are low on something, improve it by making upgrades or building facilities. For example – for food, hire chefs, and improve the food facility. 

Prisoners’ Needs & Stress Level⇓

The stress level will increase if you fail to meet the prisoners’ needs. Here’s how to take care of prisoners’ needs and maintain their stress level: –

  • Hunger – hire cooks and make upgrades to the kitchen and dining hall
  • Hygiene – hire janitors and build/upgrade the laundry rooms. Also, build and upgrade the bathrooms
  • Health – hire doctors after building infirmary facility
  • Guard/Security – hire guards and upgrade their equipment and room(guard’s room)
  • Happiness & Entertainment – tap on the prison yard and build a basketball court, bench press, phone facilities, etc. Also, tap on the prisoner’s cells to and buy a TV, bookshelf like facilities
  • Comfort – build the bed in the prisoners’ cells, provide all sorts of facilities; food, hygiene, etc. 

Learn How To Start A Riot⇓

Well, the whole point to play this game is do everything to not to start a riot – but, you might want to know what happens when the riot starts or you might want to see prisoners fighting each other. The best way to start a riot in the Prison Empire Tycoon game is by taking away all sorts of comforting facilities from the prisoners; fire all the chefs so they would not get food, fire all the janitors so they would be living in the trash. Read the guide and tips above to avoid riots. You will lose guards if the riots start in prison. 

Reform Prisoners In Prison Empire Tycoon⇓

How do you reform a prisoner? All you need to do is hire the guard. Guard is one of the main employees in the prison who let the prisoners in and out. Right after the entrance, on the reception, you will see prisoners in the queue(if you have space for them in the prisoner). The guard guides all the prisoners to the cell or enters the prison. After entering the prison, the prisoners will spend some time in the game and the guard will show them exit. 

In the top-left side, tap the (i) symbol and you can check the timeline or activities or schedule. They will leave when the exit schedule comes into the play. 

You need to reform prisoners to open a new prison center. Tap the location button in the top-right to check all the prisons. 

Getting More Energy In Prison Empire⇓

Energy is one of the main resources in the game that you will need to run cells and services such as the dining room, prison yard, kitchen, laundry, barracks, maintenance room, reception, showers. etc. At the top-center of the game screen, you can check the total energy you have. To get more energy in Prison Empire Tycoon, you need to get more batteries or upgrade the unlocked batteries. Tap the (+) button next to the energy status at the top – this will take you to the electric generator where you can upgrade it or upgrade batteries to get more energy. 

Getting More Water In Prison Empire⇓

Water is another resource in the Prison Empire Tycoon that you need to run cells(for WC), services such as showers, laundry, kitchen, dining room, etc. You can get more water supply from the water pump. Tap the (+) button next to water status – this will take you the water pump area where you can upgrade the pipe or unlock the water tank for more water. 

Getting More Prisoners In Prison Empire⇓

In the upper-right corner, you can check the total number of slots for prisoners. To increase the prison capacity, you need to build cells or cell modules to build more cells. Building a cell requires water and energy. Also, the green bucks. Check the activities; during the entrance time, the prisoner van will bring more prisoners. Make sure to have a guard so that you can let newcomers/prisoners in. 

Maintaining The Profit⇓

In the upper-left corner, the game displays whether you are in profit(+) or have a negative balance(-). If it’s in the negative, check the stats by tapping the stat button – most of the time, it only happens when you have more employees hired than you required. The more employees you have, the more amount you are gonna pay as their salaries. Fire them if needed. 

Boosting The Earnings In Prison Empire Tycoon⇓

X2 Booster option at the bottom-center -> tap it and watch the video ads to increase earnings. Penitentiary Loan – another ad offer that pops out now and then. Watch the video ad and get free bucks.

Prison Empire Tycoon Gems⇓

You can get gems from the shop – costs real money. You can use gems in speeding up the construction or buy cards. 

Character Cards In Prison Empire Tycoon⇓

There are three types of cards in the Prison Empire Tycoon game; common cards, epic cards, and legendary cards. These character cards provide additional buffs/bonuses to the player – for example; introducing acts of violence from medium-security prisoners, increasing all prison guards’ health points, increasing earnings from products made in the carpentry workshop. 

As a player, you can get these cards from the shop -> buy chests using the gems. 

Hire Doctors To Recover Health⇓

After building the infirmary facility in the prison, players must hire the doctor from the employee tab. In the infirmary, doctors cure the prisoners and help them recover their health. 

Special Prisoners Vs Normal Prisoners⇓

Special Prisoners cause more trouble than normal prisoners. They bring negative/debuff effects to the prison. For example – Paccio Colony applies a negative effect on the prisoners’ hunger level. Sandstorm Jack(Special Prisoner) applies a negative effect on hygiene level. In the lower-right corner, tap the prisoner button -> tap the red color skull button -> there you can check the special prisoners and their negative effects; check the symbol/icon. The state sends these special prisoners randomly. Maintaining the basic things in prison would be enough; comfort, security, health, happiness, hygiene, and food. 

Participate In Events⇓

Prison Empire Tycoon Events: – Events are time-limited. In the events, you will travel to a new prison and play as a prison manager. It plays like the normal game – but, it’s time-limited. After the event ends, you will not be able to access the event prison. Why should you participate in events? Because the event gives you premium currency gem + legendary character cards + event chest containing master key; tap on the event banner in the top-left corner and you will see the goals and rewards. The more progress you do in the event prison, the more rewards you get. Activate the master key to progress faster in events. 

Master Key Use In Prison Empire Tycoon⇓

Master Key is the premium item that you can use in the events to increase the income, increase the value of reformed prisoners multiplied, unlimited offline benefits, etc. You can get a master key from the event chests. 

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So this would be all in this post on Prison Empire Tycoon guide and Prison Empire Tycoon cheats, tips & tricks. If you have more cheats, tips, or tricks to share, comment below. 

Update – Prison Empire Tycoon is now available globally on Android & iOS platforms. This article was first published in April 2020 when the game was in the soft launch phase. Updated with more tips & tricks. 

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