Prison Empire Tycoon Employees Guide: Guard, Builder, Chefs, Janitors

Started playing Prison Empire Tycoon and wondering how employees can help you manage the prison? Read on for Prison Empire Tycoon Employees guide

As per the current version of the game, there are four types of employees that you can hire to manage the prison activities. For starters, we recommend checking the Prison Empire Tycoon tips, cheats. In this post, you will get to know about all the employees featured in the Prison Empire Tycoon game. So let’s not waste any time and check out the main content. 

Prison Empire Tycoon Employees Guide: –

The four employees that you can hire in the game are; builder, guard, chef, and janitors. You can hire more than one employee in each job; guard, chef, builder, chef, and janitor. 


Prison Empire Tycoon EmployeeWithout a guard, you would not be able to add more prisoners in the prison. Also, no existed prisoner would be able to leave if there is no guard. So make sure to hire the guard. In addition to these two things, guard helps you control when a riot breaks out between prisoners. 


Prison Empire Tycoon EmployeeBuilder helps you construct cells, laundry, infirmary, cell modules, bathroom, etc. in prison. Without a builder, you would not be able to build any of these facilities. 


Prison Empire Tycoon EmployeeJanitor helps you keep the prison, cells, prison yard, dining hall, etc. clean. Without him, you would not be able to clean any kind of trash that prisoners made. Also, they do the laundry. 


Prison Empire Tycoon EmployeeChef in Prison Empire Tycoon is responsible for cooking the food for prisoners. Without him, you would not be able to provide food to the prisoners – if they don’t get food, they will get angry and it may cause a riot.


Doctor in Prison Empire Tycoon cures the unwell prisoners in the infirmary. Their stress level will increase if they are low on health. So, make sure to build infirmary and hire doctors. 

Salary of Employees In Prison Empire Tycoon

Employees don’t work for free. You will need to pay them salary because they provide their services in the prison. The salary amount is deducted from your account every hour(in-game time). In the bottom-right corner, tap the employee button and there you will see how much it cost to hire a specific employee. Do not hire the employees recklessly – otherwise, it will burn your profitability. 

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So this would be all in this post on Prison Empire Tycoon employees guide for beginners. 

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