Rangers Of Oblivion guide: tips, cheats and strategies

New to Rangers of Oblivion? Master all of its core mechanics with this Rangers of Oblivion guide available with tips, cheats & strategies

Rangers of Oblivion guide and tips: –

This article covers how to play Rangers of Oblivion, about weapons, exploration, hunting, companions, and other things such as progression, character building, and more. Let’s get straight to the Rangers of Oblivion guide and tips!

Getting Started With The Basics

The four main in-game items are; silver, gold, diamond, and hunting voucher. You can use silver to buy items, in forging, trading, and many more tasks. You get silver by completing the quests, hunts. Gold is the rare in-game item, you can use it to purchase valuable items in mall, trading. You get gold by completing the quests, by trading. Diamond is the premium in-game currency. You can buy precious items at many shops. For diamond, one has to spend the real money. The fourth item is hunting voucher; to hunt or enter the wilderness, you need these vouchers. You get these vouchers free every day.

You have to progress through the quests to unlock all the features in the game. However, there are some things you can do beyond quests to make the journey easy; for example; leveling up the companions/wild souls, gathering items, forging, and more. At the top-left corner, you can check the chapter quests. Tapping the quest will trigger the auto-guide mode and the character will visit the destination automatically. In the most chapter quests, you interact with the NPCs and complete missions.

The Weapon Selection In Rangers Of OblivionRangers Of Oblivion

After creating the character, the first main quest would be choosing the weapon. In Rangers Of Oblivion, there are a number of weapons available to choose and each one offers a unique skill, attack style. In this quest, you interact with the instructor Harken who suggests you choose a weapon out of six available.

  1. Greatsword – Melee weapon, deals massive damage. It’s heavy and hard to master
  2. Lance –  A perfect weapon for offense and defense
  3. Longbow – Long range weapon, easy to master and allows you to target critical part of the behemoth
  4. Twin Blades – Comes with pretty good attack speed and does not let the enemy escape your attacks
  5. Staff – Another long-range weapon, allows you to target the critical part of the behemoth
  6. Armored Gauntlets – It’s pretty fast.

We would recommend you to try each weapon and choose the weapon that suits you. When you interact with Harken, you get the two options after selecting the weapon; free training and skill training. In the skill training, you learn about each skill. While free training lets you crush enemies.

Longbow and Staff would be the best weapon choices as both allow you to target critical parts of behemoths.

The Map Exploration 

In each area of the map, there are loads of things to discover. At the top-right corner, tap the mini-map -> on the left side of the map, you can check the list of NPCs. Tap the NPC name to go there. For example; if you want to hunt the behemoths, then you visit Cassandra, garrison commander. Without her permission, you can not enter the wilderness. Similarly, for weapon forging, enhancing, you visit Brokk, the blacksmith.

On the mini-map, tap the world button at the bottom-right to find out undiscovered areas. Progress through the chapter quests to unlock more locations.

Hunting & Exploration In Rangers of Oblivion

Rangers Of OblivionWilderness is the place where you find precious items for forging, trading and crafting. Along with the exploration, you can hunt the animals, behemoth for wild souls, material, EXP.

To enter the wilderness, you have to take permission of Cassandra. Tap the mini-map and navigate to there. Interact with Cassandra -> hunt or exploration. Choosing the hunt option opens up the campaign mode; story, normal, and elite.

You can play each mode in three different hunt modes; normal, assist, and double. The normal mode costs you hunting voucher. In the assist mode, you spend deposit(gold). You get the deposit back upon completion(win or defeat does not matter). But you don’t get any reward when you choose the assist hunt mode. In the double hunt mode, you need speed expedition order ticket; this ticket grants double reward.

And if you choose to explore, you can embark on the wilderness adventure and obtain juicy resources such as ore, toy, fish, and more.

Rangers Of Oblivion Faction Guide

In the tutorial, the game prompts you to choose a faction badge, for example; Brotherhood of Dawn. When you equip a faction badge, you get faction reputation and honor points from hunting missions(story mode, normal, and elite). You can redeem these points(faction honor, reputation) for other items; for example – dye, soulstone, and more – from reputation shop.

Companions – The Starter Guide

Companions in Rangers Of Oblivion game help the player in hunting battles and make it easy to clear the dungeon fast. As you progress through the quests, you will get companions. For example; In the early phase, you get Hendrick, Edith, Hatchet. You can team up with multiple companions for the battle. Tap the menu button near mini-map -> companion -> select a companion -> deploy. If you want to give him/her rest, then tap the rest button.

Companion Level Up Guide

To unlock and promote the companions, you must level up them. Companions need EXP to level up. Deploy them in your party and go for hunting battles. The victory will reward loads of EXP to the deployed companions.

Companions Promotion

The companion would not gain any EXP if he/she has already reached the maximum level. To increase the level cap, you must promote a companion. Go to the companion menu -> select a companion(must be on max level) -> tap the promote button -> pack and gift. You need some material items to promote a companion. Gather these items from hunts.

You will unlock the companion talent once you reach the dragon ranger title(promote to get a new title).

Rangers Of Oblivion Friendliness Guide

As you interact with the characters, you get hearts/friendship points. A certain milestone will increase the friendliness and activate the special effect. For example; Hendrik(Friendship level 1) increases the health of all allies by 20.

To check the friendliness status, tap the character info icon at the top-left corner, just above the quest. Then, on that screen, at the bottom-left, tap the heart icon to check status, friendliness, type, and effect.

Rangers Of Oblivion Weapon Specialization Guide

When you get the victory from the hunts, the weapon you opted in the first quest gains specialization EXP. For example; you opted greatsword, then you will get Greatsword – Weapon Specialization XP. After gaining enough, the weapon master level will increase. At a certain level; 5, 20, 40, 60, and 80, a specialization equipment slot will get unlock in which you can put one of the weapon skills.

Tap the menu button -> skill -> specialization -> there you can check the weapon master level and skills on the right side of the screen. The specialization skill tome book can be obtained from market and trading. You can use it for specialization upgrade.

Rangers Of Oblivion Wild Souls Guide

In one of the quests, you visit rangers hall where you select one of the wild souls type; the five options you get there are;

  1. Nature – Healing
  2. Arcane/Mystic – Buffers
  3. Dark/Shadow – Mage/Weaken
  4. Titan – Attack
  5. Holy/light – Defense

All the wild souls belong to one of these elements. And all the wild souls have different skills. You can choose any one out of 5 available.

You often get wild souls by defeating behemoths. You can use these souls to train the wild soul you opted earlier in that quest.

Tap the menu button -> wild soul -> train -> select the wild souls -> confirm. Keep in mind that you will lose the souls used in training.

For further details, you can check the gallery. Go to wild souls menu -> gallery.

So this would be all for now as Rangers Of Oblivion guide. Let’s take a look at our top Rangers Of Oblivion tips, cheats & strategies!

Attack On The Weak Spots

Rangers Of OblivionWhen you attack the behemoth’s body part several times(specific part), you will discover a weak spot and that spot/body part will turn blue. Hit that part to deal massive damage. If you have opted the long-range weapon like Longbow, it would be easy for you. But not for those who opted greatsword, it would be a little tougher as this weapon is quite heavy and hard to master.

Complete The Side Quests

You don’t get side quests automatically. Zoom in to the minimap and visit blue color (i) symbol. There you will find a character. Tap him/her and accept the quest. These side quests also reward precious items.

Use The Wild Soul Skill Wisely

In the battle, there would be a wild soul button above the combat controls. Hold down it and swipe towards a skill to activate. Almost all the wild souls offer healing skill. So when you are low on health, you can use it. For further information, go to the wild soul menu and check the skill details.

There is also a rage bar(right side of the wild soul icon). You will be able to activate soul chain skill when it reaches the maximum point.

Repeat The Stages For EXP, Items

If you are stuck, then it would be better to max out the companions. To level up companions, you need EXP. For promotion, you need material items. So it would be better to repeat the old stages over and over again to gain EXP, material items.

Dodge, Use Monster Insight

Rangers Of OblivionIf you have opted a melee weapon, then you attack from a close range. That increases the chances of getting a hit. So pay attention to the enemy movements and dodge(tap the roll button near combat controls) at the right time. It costs you stamina. You can check the stamina and HP at the top-left corner.

Additionally, to check the monster’s HP, turn on the monster insight(tap the monster eye button at the bottom).

Eat Food Before The Battle

You can activate a variety of buffs by eating food before you enter the battle. Tap the bag button at the top to check if you have food items or not. Tap the food item -> use. You can cook food items or get them from quests, random reward or via trading.

So these are the top Rangers Of Oblivion tips & a guide for the beginners. If you have more tips to share with fellow players, comment below!

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  1. How can you target a specific behemoth part? When you’re attacking, sometimes you need a horn instead of a foot? How do you get the target to change?

  2. How exactly to I play with a friend of my choosing? A friend and I just started and well we can’t find each other and there’s no or seemingly no definitive add friend button other than when you see their icon on the world map. Which wouldn’t be an issue if I could find him.

  3. @beth best time to attack the trunk is when its immobile or u can use the soul chain to break it off. Soul chain is always useful for materials you need but cant break off

  4. Um excuse me sorry to bother you but how do u dye armor I can’t seem the find a way to dye my howler set but I have seen someone with a dyed abomination set so I think it can be done?

  5. How do I cut off the Mammoth trunk? So far I have killed it like 6 times and it won’t let me cut it off, just absorb it.

  6. Can the characters weight and height be changed later on in the game or is it just hair color and style that can only be changed

  7. I don’t get it; to get to Hunter Ranger I only have to fully cripple Howler and Centaur – now I have been trying to do so, but I can’t seem to get it right.. what do I do?

  8. Hi, i need urgent help. How can i add my friend? He just started playing. Please tell me how. Also can i give him gifts?

    • @Lance To add a friend, tap the message icon(mail) at the top of the screen. Once you are in the mail menu, look at the bottom of the screen; friends and mail. Tap friends -> tap add a friend -> Enter your friend name or ID.

    • @Spinda You need to complete the achievements to get that high-star titles. You start from a ranger(1-star), then
      2-star – Hunter Ranger
      3-Star – Sentry Ranger
      4-Star – Snowfox Ranger
      5-Star – Dragon Ranger
      6-Star – Traveling Knight
      To check the achievements, tap the menu button -> achievements -> star grades -> complete the requirement(tap it to get more info) to get that title.

  9. how do u know which evolve is better for example twin blades at lvl 15 u can get 34 wep attack 31 poison damage 4 crit or another one that gives 64 wep damage and 15 crit any opinions ?

  10. How do I gain exp other than hunting or doing bounties? I’m now on level 47 and I’ve done all of my maximum bounties in a day and I’m not a very patient person so I’d like to gain exp without hunting behemoths. I’m pretty much stuck on this level and there’s no side quests to do left and I’d have to reach level 50 to continue the story.

  11. How to learn new spells? I have friend the mage girls to learn new spells and it says I need to friend them still.. do I need to be higher level?

  12. How do you collect stuff you buy from the market, like a horse for example. Ivr bought several things but can’t figure out how to collect them

  13. During chapter 4 before you’re supposed to head to the banquet in Dune Outpost it says that you should “try your best to wear something formal” does this even matter or can I just go with my normal armor? Where would I even get formal wear???

    • @Alex You can change the server at login screen. But the game will start from scratch if you switch to a new server. You can always go back to the old server and continue with the old account

  14. Use the closed book icon at the top of the page, it opens to characters, behemoths, etc, it gives info on everyth8ng about them, and one of the pages has a tap icon to send you exactly to where they can be found. Very helpful. However, no where can I find out where I can change my faction badge. Anyone know?

  15. How in the world do I use the brotherhood of dawn information? It feels like I’ve tried everything and yet I still can’t progress!

  16. I’m wondering and this is more than likely a dumb question. If I go on a treasure hunt and go dig stuff up and then leave right after earlier then the timer. Do I keep all the stuff I picked up?

  17. Yes, all my targeting is just big white squares. Very hard to know what I am taptargeting. I am using an iPad Air, anyone know how to overcome this?

  18. Hi! after a certain update, effects started appearing as squares for me and its kinda hard to aim now LOL
    Anyone else with this problem, and if so, found any solutions?

    • You first buy the armor costume and then dye it. The one and only free armor costume is Raging Sea battle. You can unlock it with 250 costume vouchers. You dye the armor costume, not the armor. Other costumes are cool and look great, but one will have to pay real money. That’s what I know 😀

    • @Anonymous It depends on your gameplay style, preference. Choose that suits your style. I am using twin blades because I can handle it smoothly ?. Staff, Gauntlet, Longbow, these three weapons deal low damage as compared to Lance, twin blades, and greatsword.

      But you can handle them easily. Additionally, you can craft the opted gear(staff) in all the elements: fire, frost, posion, lighting. So that’s not a problem. All you need to do is pick the right element (see the behemoth journal to find out element weakness) before the battle.


      Your second question was how to get rid of useless material items.

      Go to blacksmith and interact with him. Choose blacksmith shop -> at the bottom, go to the second tab; sell.
      Here you can sell the material for Silver coins. That’s it. But don’t sell the rare material items. I remember I sold Mantid Feeler material for a bunch of coins and later I regret. Lol.

  19. What elements most of the behemoths at volume 7 onwards?

    What armor should i make, I am lv 50 atm.
    I heard it’s highly recommended to craft armor with fire resistance.

    • @Jiji You can craft the armor with good fire resistance stats at the blacksmith shop. Visit Brokk(NPC) on the map -> forge -> at the bottom, choose armor > there you can check all types of armor sets. Select any set and on the right side it will show you the element stats; fire, lightning, poison, frost. Opt the best one with godd fire resistance stats. Additionally, make sure to check the behemoth journal. Hey @Yatin can you please post the ss ??

  20. how to know the element weakness of behemoth? i think this is so important for choose the element of weapon before we craft a weapon for hunt the next behemoth.
    thanks for anyone answer my question.

    • @Ryan In the normal hunts or challenge, before you start the combat, you can check the weak or breakable parts of the behemoth. Visit Cassandra -> hunt -> normal or select anyone with a behemoth challenge ->on the right side page, tap the magnifying glass to check behemoth breakable parts, elemental stats. Head to the meat quality tab to check the attack effect with different weapons. After that, hit solo button.

  21. Is there a way to bank items? Inventory gets pretty full pretty fast.

    Also anyone know what items are good for friendliness?


    • @Dan You can expand inventory slots with storage expansion voucher.
      Visit Spurs Tavern in Night’s Hold location. There you will find a character named Melker -> interact with him and choose the mysterious option. He will reveal the best gift items for the NPC Cedric, Nadia, Brokk, and Edith. For example; Nadia likes Clownfish, shusui Koi. Cedric likes golden catfish, sturgeon. Pineapple for Brokk. For Edith, Pennant Coralfish and Coral beauties. I don’t know about others. Will post it here if I find something. Have a nice day!

        • @Sophia You can get aquamarine from mineral exchange shop or leather exchange shop or from the stage hunts;
          Mineral Exchange Shop – Visit Brokk, interact with him and choose mineral exchange shop -> non-metalic minerals -> aquamarine. It will cost you 9 Non-Metalic Mineral Core. On the same screen, at the bottom, head to the mineral recycling tab -> recycle minerals to get the non-metalic mineral core. Minerals such as mercury, perlite, quartz, and more can be mined in the wilderness.

          Leather Exchange Shop -> Visit King’s Port location and head to the fishing spot(marked on the mini-map) -> there you will meet a shop merchant named Wesley Hart. Interact with him and choose leather exchange shop option -> boot exchange -> get aquamarine. You can get the leather boot by fishing.

          Stage Hunts -> King’s Port -> Cassandra -> Golem – Elite, Challenge.

  22. Uhm i kept rejecting the Silver Keep documents quest and i ended up quadrupling the original price..
    I was wondering if theyre usefull?????? thank you!!

    • @tipha I did it and submit that item(lord silver keep document) in one of the quests. It was a quest item so I just submitted it. Nothing more! ;(?

  23. I used to give Tea Leaves to Nadia, but a few days ago something happened and those items have disappeared from her gift list. Does anyone else have the same issue?

    • @Briant You can obtain new companions by reaching a certain friendliness level. Tap on any locked companion in the companions menu and it will show you a message displaying the name of npc that you can befriend.

      @babs You simply interact with the character and choose send gift option to check the items you can gift to that character. Some items grant more hearts while some items provide a few hearts.

  24. Just wondering why other than in the store I cant find any awakening fruit? It cost so much gold in the store, is it not an item I can farm, I can send my companions out but they never come back with any!?!

  25. Is there anyway else you can get rid of corruption instead of meditating?
    Also my Cassandra in Dune Outpost says I still have 2 stories locked from Chapter 4… How do I unlock them?

  26. @Anonymous,
    Your excess materials are sent to mail.

    And now, another question about one of the side quest: The Grey Lord.
    I’ve tried every option, but I couldn’t find a way to get both chests of gold back. The best I could get was to confront him in The Valley of Dawn, he still escaped.
    Did anyone managed to capture him and take all the gold back?

  27. I had lots of material including hunting vouchers. But it doesn’t appear now because of the limited slot in material section. I have expanded slots now …but still not able to see old material. Is islt gone forever?

  28. This is my new FAVORITE site! You break this down to a tee and I have learned so much from it already. I want to thank you so very much for creating this page and goI’m into the very good details during your teaching of this and now that I’m a member, I’ll be he daily to see if there are new things that I can possibly learn.

    • @MIK Tap the menu(three horizontal lines near the mini map) – then the settings button – on the settings screen, at the bottom, tap the secure your account button – Bind.

  29. How can you unslot a wild soul that is already slotted on a piece of armor…want to unslot my gabriel from a level 30 piece to a new level 40 piece

    • @Robert Tap the menu -> wild souls -> select the wild soul you want to deploy -> after selecting, tap the deploy button on the right side.

    • @Robert Tap the bag button at the top –> tap on the equiped armor –> choose socket option –> select the wild soul which is already slotted and hit unequip button. After that, select the wild soul you want to slot for the armor and hit socket button.

  30. so there’s a buff appeared on my character called god of destruction I, it doesn’t show whats it’s effect but only show if it can be dispelled, can anyone tell me what that buff do and how to get rid of it (if it bad) ?

    • It could be a wild soul skill, for example mine is power of destruction and it increases damage to the body parts. Read your wild souls skill details(menu – wild soul – details).

      Or can you elaborate more about it like when it appears: when you use a weapon skill or wild soul skill.

  31. How do you change the longbow skills. I am supposed to find a DIANA character and increase the character bond but I cannot find her anywhere.

    • @Scott You can meditate if the character’s corruption points are more than 0. If the corruption is 0, you can not meditate. To increase corruption, kill some Behemoths in the hunts. At the top-left corner, tap the profile badge icon(above the quests). There you can see the corruption points.

      To meditate, tap the arrow icon at the bottom-left corner, then tap the emote with ? symbol -> tap the meditate button. It will cost you an item called soothing Incense. Visit alchemy(for example; Leia), interact with her -> choose alchemy shop -> Incense -> buy Soothing Incense. You can also craft this item.

      Rangers Of Oblivion

    • @Mark There are some costumes you can unlock with these costume vouchers. Tap the menu button, then costume -> search for the costume that costs these vouchers. Most of these costumes are rare and to unlock them, you need diamond or costume fragment. You can recycle duplicate costumes for these fragments.

    • @Scott If you have already learned “Hunter” Profession, then you will see a mammoth button near the wild soul option in the hunt(s). The game will give you a few seconds to activate the art of hunting skill, so tap it as soon as possible. Then confirm it by tapping the use art button on the screen. It will cost you Vigor(Vigor regenerates over time). Here’s the visual guide: –

      Rangers Of Oblivion
      Rangers Of Oblivion

  32. You can meditate by pressing arrow in bottom left corner and choosing the guy with questionmark. More incense can be made in Leia’s alchemy shop.

    • @Andy after activating the soulchain ability, the character will deal bonus damage to the beast. And just after activation, rapidly tap the attack button to tug on. Equip the armor or weapon having soulchain skill to accumulate soulchain energy fast.

    • If you want to start over, then create a new account and login with it. Tap the menu button -> settings -> change account(log out) -> use a new Facebook/Twitter account or GameCenter(if you are on iOS). This is the only way to start over because as of now there is no option to delete the character.

    • @Cosmo Visit blacksmith Brokk -> Interact with him and choose forge -> select a weapon you want to use in combat; Lance, Staff, Twin Blades and more -> forge weapon -> forge(forging material items can be obtained from the hunts, tapping the item will show you the stage). Once forged, go back to the game screen -> at the top, tap bag icon -> tap the weapon you just receive and equip.