Battle Bouncers Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Battle Bouncers is a brand new Brick Breaker game with RPG elements for Android & iOS. Read on for Battle Bouncers guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Battle BouncersGame Hive Corporation, the publisher behind Tap Titans game series has just released a brand new mobile game called Battle Bouncers for Android & iOS. Unlike the classic brick breaker game, In Battle Bouncers, you will be managing the heroes, using their skills, facing the enemies, and there are lots of other things, which are not available in the classic brick breaker games. If you have just started playing it, then you are on the right page. This Battle Bouncers guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Battle Bouncers tips, cheats & strategies that you may love. So without any further ado, let’s head to the main content. 

Battle Bouncers Guide, Tips & Tricks: –

Battle Bouncers game features three game modes; the campaign mode that’s available since the start of the game. Another one is the tower mode, which unlocks at level 10. And, at last, the heroic mode, it unlocks when you gain 100 stars by completing the campaign mode stages. In all these game modes, you will encounter enemies and their boss coming towards you. They can attack the heroes and break the wall. Your goal is to stop them before they pass over the dead point and break the wall, where heroes stand by. All you do is fire the balls and use the heroes’ skills to smash them down. Let’s learn everything in detail and check out all Battle Bouncers tips & tricks: –

Learn About The Heroes

In Battle Bouncers, you can acquire the heroes and their shards by completing the stages or from the chests available in the store. Several heroes’ shards are grindable through the stages, while some of the heroes and their shards can only be obtained from the store. For example – Snowbear shards can be obtained by completing the stage 1-2/heroic. 

Navigate to the hero menu. Tap on any hero; locked or unlocked. Tap the find shards button. We would recommend you to focus on the heroes who can be farmed by playing the game. It would be easy to upgrade them. On the other hand, the heroes who can only be acquired from the store chests, you would need a lot of diamonds for their upgrades. If you are a f2p player, it’s better to focus on the farmable heroes. 

Build The Best Team In Battle Bouncers

In a team, the players can deploy up to five heroes. Battle Bouncers game features three types of heroes; attackers, defenders, and supporters. Attack-type characters are good at dealing damage to the enemies; they possess the skills that you can cast to inflict AoE and single-target damage. 

Defend-type characters have skills like shield, damage reduction, etc. that imrove their survivability. And, at last, the supporter type characters with the abilities to restore the health of allies and buff them. 

Our best team composition guide: –

  • All attackers for more firepower
  • 4 Attackers + 1 Healer – Firepower + assisting
  • 3 attackers + defender with shield-like effects + 1 healer – decent firepower, more survivability + assisting

Head to the hero and check out the heroes’ skill details. 

Use The Heroes’ Skills

All the characters in the game have unqiue skill abilities that cost mana to cast them during the battle. For example; most of the supporters have healing skills that you can use when other heroes are low on health. Attackers’ skills can be used to inflict damage on the enemies attacking you. And, defenders have mixed types of skills; barrier, shield, attacking, etc. Get familiar with their skills and use them at the right time in the battle.

Finish The Daily Quests To Level Up Fast

For faster leveling in Battle Bouncers, make sure to finish all the daily quests; these quests are limited and reset every day. Speaking of rewards, you will get time stones, EXP, diamonds, gold, EXP potions, and much more. 

Use The Time Stones In Battle Bouncers

Time Stone is one of the in-game currencies in the Battle Bouncers world. Players can use the time stones on the past stages cleared with 3-stars. Yeah, you can repeat the past stages and get instant rewards without playing them manually. You can earn time stones by leveling up or complete all the daily quests. 

Join A Clan ASAP

Clan members can request resources like runes. You can donate the resources for clan tokens and use them in the clan shop for hero shards, runes. So make sure to join an active clan. 

Get Stronger In Battle Bouncers

  • Train the heroes
  • Equip the rune
  • Rank-up – when you fill all the rune slots, you will be able to rank up the heroes. Ranking up gives stat boost and also unlocks a new skill
  • Promote heroes with the shards
  • Use scrolls to improve hero skills – you can get the scrolls from the tower mode or the tower shop

Get The Free Chests

In the store, you can grab the video chest and rune chest for free by watching the video ads. 

So this would be all in this post on Battle Bouncers guide, tips & tricks for beginners. If you have more tips to share, comment below.

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