Rise of the Kings Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies!

Rise of the Kings is a popular MMORTS game for Android and iOS by ONEMT LIMITED. Let’s have a look at our Rise of the Kings guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Rise of the Kings is all about raising the power and utilizing the resources in all the departments such as military, economics/development, and production. In this game, players from all over the world manage their base and try to make it more powerful. The players can attack each other by sending their troops and heroes. So defense is another thing that you need to set up if you don’t want to lose against those mighty attackers. If you have just started playing this game, then our today’s post on Rise of the Kings guide and Rise of the Kings tips, cheats & strategies will help you master it.

Rise of the Kings GuideRise of the Kings

The Basics – Attacking, Defense, Resources, How To Increase Power, And Much More!

Let’s learn the basics first. To attack the players or foes on the world map for the resources or other useful items, you need troops and the heroes. To train the troops or recruit troops, you need resources such as lumber, grain, iron, steel, silver. The more troops you have, the more will be the power. The total power of the castle is determined on the basis of these following factors: –

  • Lord Power – Level up the lord to increase lord power(earn lorn EXP from the PvE battles, quests, events)
  • Troop Power – Train the troops
  • Buildings – Build & upgrade the buildings
  • Technology – Research & upgrade the technologies in the institute building
  • Traps – Build traps in the workshop
  • Equipment Power – Upgrade the lord’s equipment with the help of the blacksmith
  • Heroes – Level up/Upgrade the heroes

So if you want to increase the power of your base, follow the above steps. Let’s learn about everything in details 🙂

Rise of the Kings: – Resources – How to produce fast? 

You can not build the production fields inside the base. Navigate to the outer part of the base and look for the empty slots. Tap on any empty slot -> choose to build farm/lumber mill/iron mine/silver mine. The farm produces grain, lumber mill produces lumber, the iron mine produces iron, the silver mine produces silver.

How long does it take to produce these resources? Once you build the production field, tap it and choose to read the details. On the details page, you will see how long does it take to produce a specific amount of resources. Also, on the details page, you can check the capacity. This capacity amount displays the maximum amount of resources a field can hold. You will need to collect the resources every now and then. After reaching the max capacity, fields will not produce any more resources.

Where are the resources stored?

After you collect the resources from the production fields, the game sends it to the storehouse. Look for the storehouse building in the base and tap it. Then choose the resources option. On the next screen, you will see the total amount of resources, the number of resources which are protected and unprotected. The storehouse has a special function; a small portion of the resources is always reserved and enemies cannot take it away from your base. It would be better to keep it at its maximum level to store the maximum amount of resources.

Produce Fast

There are a number of ways to boost the production of the resources;

  • Assign the heroes
  • Upgrade the production buildings
  • Research the resources technologies in the institute
  • Use the speed-ups

Assign the heroes – Tap on the production field building -> assign -> tap the hero to check the buffs; select the one who can buff the production boost. Note – assign it to the production boost slot.

Upgrade the production buildings – Max out all the production fields and level it as same as the castle level.

Research the RSS techs – Go to institute building -> research -> resources -> tap the perk and read the details -> there are some perks which can increase the production of the resources.

Speed-Ups – Tap the production field building -> spend the gems to speed up the production.

Construction – Speed-Ups, Help, Assign Heroes, Etc. – Rise of the Kings Guide

Every building in this game is important. The very first tip we would like to give is to read the details of every building in the base. All you need to do is tap the building and hit the details button. On the left side of the castle, there are troop training centers, tavern(here you can see the quests). On the right side of the castle, there are alliance related and castle growth related buildings such as storehouse, trade council(trade with alliance members), hall of war(join rally attacks by building this structure), institute(research technologies), workshop(build traps).

And, on the left side of the hall of heroes building, there are two buildings; embassy(unlocks alliance features), blacksmith(upgrade lord’s equipment).


Tap the castle buildings -> details -> life spell -> select the building that you want to move -> select another slot(where you want to place it) -> confirm. Note – It will cost gems. And, that’s insane amount!

Reducing The Construction/Upgrade Time!

There are a number of ways to reduce the construction/upgrade time of a building: –

  • Speed-Ups: – Tap that building -> speed-up -> use the speed-ups(you can obtain speed-ups from the daily quests, from the foes on the world map, from the event center, chapter quests)
  • Join an alliance and ask for the help
  • Development Techs – There are some development techs that you can research in the institute, which increase the construction speed
  • Use gems

Rise of the Kings Heroes Guide!

⇒How to get the heroes?

Rise of the KingsThe main method to obtain the heroes is through recruitment in the hall of heroes building. But, you can also obtain heroes in the events. In the hall of heroes building, there are two options to recruit the heroes; regular summon and the advanced summon. The rewards from both these summons are pretty different. Tap the magnifying glass icon to check the drop rate of these rewards.

You can obtain speed-ups, hero shards, knowledge potion, resources, etc. from here. You get free regular summon scrolls every day, while the advanced summon option has a cooldown of 48 hours.

⇒How do you use the heroes? Who are the best heroes? 

You have to use the heroes on the basis of their strength. There are three types of heroes; assist, development, and battle. The battle-type heroes are usually used in the attacks. Development – these heroes can help you with their buffs such as collecting speed buff, production boost buff, etc. You can assign these heroes on the basis of their skills. Assist – These heroes provide massive buffs.Rise of the Kings

The very first tip to use the heroes effectively in Rise of the Kings is to get familiar with their skills. Navigate to the heroes menu -> tap the hero -> at the bottom, In the prestige section, long press the skill buttons to read skill. Or tap the buffs button for more details.

After reading the skill, you will be able to use the heroes wisely. For example, if a hero has the skill to boost the resources production, assign him/her to the production field. If a hero can buff the troops in the battle, send him/her along with the army.

It’s up to you to use the heroes effectively. Read the stats, skill details, buff details, etc. If you have multiple heroes with the same skill, compare their stats and put the best one on the main slot.

Upgrade & Promote

To upgrade the heroes, you need knowledge potions. You can obtain it from the quests, events, hero summons.

Promote – To promote the heroes, you need hero shards. Hero shards are obtained from the summons.

Skills Guide

As you level up the heroes and reach these milestone levels; 20, 60, 100 – new skills will get unlocked. You need skill books to upgrade these skills. Go to hall of heroes -> skill shop -> here you can buy/exchange/dismantle skill books.

Here are some more things that you need to know: –

  • Upgrade the drill grounds to send more troops in a march
  • Collect the resources from the map every now and then
  • Attack foes(go to world map -> tap the find button -> beasts -> choose level – go)
  • Join an alliance
  • Complete daily quests
  • Always keep training the soldiers
  • Keep researching the techs in the institute
  • Upgrade the buildings
  • Participate in the events
  • Claim the reward from the port workers(near the watchtower)
  • Complete the dragon’s challenges
  • Claim free summons daily

So that would be all in our Rise of the Kingdoms guide, tips, cheats & strategies. If you have any query, ask in the comment section below!

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  1. Hi, I’m fairly new to the game. I did what you suggested and I did advance quickly, however the alliances in my kingdoms are terrible. I’ve been playing for 33 days, I haven’t spent any money on the game, My castle and all other buildings are at level 17, I have all purple level heroes and all orange level heroes, I only have 3 gold heroes. Any of my heroes that have hero bonds are 4⭐, level 100-110, with the exception of my gold heroes who have bonds, I have 3 2 of them are 3⭐, level 63-74, and 1 is a 2⭐ level 44.

    Anyway, I’ll get to the point, in the upper right hand corner of your heroes screen is a tiny shard. When you click on the shard it brings you to a screen showing you all the heroes and the shards you own. When you dismantle a hero shard it gives you points, CAN YOU PLEASE EXPLAIN WHAT YOU CAN GET IF YOU DISMANTLE YOUR HERO SHARDS? I HAVE DISMANTLED ONE HERO SHARD ANND GOT 495 POINTS/CRYSTALS IDK? WHAT CAN I DO WITH THEM, HOW DO I USE THEM.


  2. I keep getting shards of heroes I already have whilst I don’t mind that too much what irritates me is the fact that I am getting no new hero shards I have all the purple ones and two orange ones

  3. How do I remove / replace skill books to other heros? I placed skill books on heros that do not match.. ie: faster marching speed hero has faster trap making skill book. Please help. Thank you.

  4. hero point placement… the BATTLE components (BATTLE, DEVELOPMENT, ASSIST) in the BATTLE section.. the choice is for infantry DEFENCE or infantry HIT POINTS?.. what’s more important to battles…which one is better to apply for attacking?

  5. Mostafa ,
    you’ll need to work on you’re military and defence research , gems , heroes and skills all of these add to your attack and defence stats

  6. hey sup man
    thanks for the guide
    i need to ask about some thing how can u increase the precentage of ur attack like .
    when u attack and c the report i find some people has 100 % attack or deff may be 200 % may be 150 % may be 89 % how can u increase this precentage ty vm